8 Useful Travel Hacks For Holidaymakers

Wherever you’re going and no matter how long you’re going for, these useful travel hacks from can save you both space and money. Try them out, and if you know them already, share your own travel hacks in the comments.
8 Useful Travel Hacks For Holidaymakersseks
Be an online ninja
Travel sites tend to monitor your visits and where you click and will increase prices if it looks like you're interested. Before you book your flight or hotel, be a ninja and clear your browser history, cookies and cache to cheat the system.
Pack an empty bottle
You may not be allowed to take liquids through security, but you can take an empty bottle. Fill it up from a water fountain once you're through airport security to avoid having to dish out those extra dollars.
Roll your clothes
Folding your clothes can take an awfully long time and they normally end up creased anyway. It's quicker, easier and a bit of a space saver to roll your clothes instead.
Fill your boots
Space is premium when it comes to filling your suitcase, and shoes and boots take up some incredibly valuable real estate. Stuff your underwear and socks into them and you'll win some space back.
Refill old travel size toiletries
Travel sized toiletries are little lifesavers. They fit the regulations and take up less space, but they're a little pricey too. Don't buy new ones each time you go on holiday; instead just refill the bottles using what you have at home already.
Make your luggage unique
There's nothing like that awkward moment when all the bags on the arrivals belt look the exact same. Why not add a sticker or colorful tag to your bag so you can easily spot it?
Use the hotel TV as a charger
Instead of fighting with your partner or family for that one plug adapter, use the USB port in the back of your hotel room television to charge your gadgets. If you decide to pack a laptop, remember you can use the USB ports on this too.
Keep your money safe
Clean out a sun cream bottle and use it to store your cash in. Rolling up notes into an empty lip balm is another handy trick.

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