Travel Management Services

One of our core values is Customer First, and we apply this in how we design the right service configuration for your business. We will discuss your needs in detail, give you options and assist you in choosing the option that is right for you. As NusaPedia partners, you will be eligible to get a wide-range of corporate travel services:

Airline Tickets

Whilst flying seems simpler today than ever before, booking and issuing tickets require ever more technology and know-how by the agents, as content is increasingly fragmented across multiple sources. In that sense, with a large domestic airline industry sitting outside the traditional GDS systems (Global Distribution Systems), Indonesia is one of the most challenging environments to perform a consistent travel service. 

Our systems include solutions that were developed specifically for NusaPedia in partnership with third party providers. They allow us to handle this complexity and capture all the data that is critical to your Management Information, whether International flights or Domestic flights.

Our expert ticketing staff will provide your travelers and travel bookers with all the information they need to know to choose the right flight that meets their schedule and budget needs.

We will also work with you to make available to your company the corporate fares that airlines provides top agents, saving you from the hassle of renewing annual procurement contracts with all airlines. 

Hotel vouchers

More and more companies rely on their Travel Management provider nowadays to offer competitive hotel content to their travelers, providing them the advice they need for their hotel needs and the convenience of holding discounted hotel vouchers before they fly.

NusaPedia  is a prominent hotel buyer in Indonesia and therefore offers attractive discounts to over 500 hotels across the country. In addition, NusaPedia launched in April 2013 an in-house online hotel portal linked to several strategically selected global consolidators via an XML connection, giving our travel consultants real-time access to over 100,000 properties worldwide at discounted rates. 

Travel Documents

Visa procedures can be a daunting task for Indonesian citizens, especially business travelers who are pressed for time and whose travel plans are subject to change. Our specialist Document team provides you with a hassle-free service to arrange your visa applications or passport renewals, and will give you up-to-date, relevant information on your country of destination.

Leisure products

Being part of NusaPedia, the largest travel agency in the country, we can provide your company staff with a range of Leisure products to make the most of their travel provider. Our range of international and domestic tours and packages can be suited to everyone's needs, from employees up to your VVIPs, with the convenience of working with a travel company you know and trust.

Visit our leisure website for our latest holiday promotions.

Payment and Processes

Each company has its own specific process related to procuring travel for its employees. Our thousands of customers have given us unmatched experience to work with you on crafting the right process that suits your needs. 

We have advised many companies of all sizes on deploying new solutions to optimize their process, such as implementing a corporate credit card or formalizing an effective travel policy.

Emergency assistance

Nowadays, business is open 24/7 and so is NusaPedia Corporate Travel. We will always be ready to help and assist your travelers when they require help. 

And when a major disruption happens, NusaPedia Corporate Travel can help quickly identify who is on the road and work with you to locate and contact the employee to offer assistance. Our Customer Contact Center is also equipped to cope with business disruption, as regularly demonstrated when the occasional natural disaster hits Indonesia. Our size, staff and systems are assets that you can trust in time of need. 

Data Reporting

One of the critical needs of companies today is accurate, timely data on their travel spend. After all, travel is often in the top three controllable expenses of a company. NusaPedia Corporate Travel  has invested resources to build a reliable data management system, capturing data at the Point of Sale as well as from our Mid Office software, to report robust reports. 

Your Account Manager

We believe that all companies who spend more than 1 billion Rupiah (US$ 100,000) on travel annually will benefit from the direct support of a professional Travel Account Manager. Your NusaPedia Corporate Travel, Account Manager is a seasoned industry professional who will work with you over the years to ensure your travel program is properly implemented, and will help you identify how to optimize it. 

Every year you will be able to see areas where your company has saved money or has gotten value from its relationship with us.

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