Solo International Performing Arts 2013

Bringing a range of performances from all over the globe, the annual Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) will be held once again from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Fort Vastenberg, Solo, in  Central Java.

Entering its 5th edition this year, SIPA 2013 carries the theme “The Legend”.  SIPA will feature  art performances both from Indonesia and other parts of the world namely:  the Ludens Dance Company from Japan, Sabah University cultural troupe from Malaysia, Padnecwara (Jakarta), Nan Jombang (West Sumatra), Moncari Iswara (Solo), Medan University (North Sumatera), and Ajen Wooden Puppets (West Java). There will be 4 performances each day during the 3 days' event.
Solo International Performing Arts is an international scale cultural event which emphasizes specifically on performing arts. The scope presented ranges from dance, music, theater, to other forms of art performance.
 The event continuously explores the ideal form to present performing art to the audience. By upholding the city's tagline "the Spirit of Solo", the Solo International Performing Arts truly manifests the spirit of the city of Solo as the hub of cultural interaction.

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