Indonesia Independence Festival 2013

Commemorating Indonesia's Independence Day on 17th August, the Indonesia Independence Festival 2013 (IDFest 13) will be held at the Tribeca Park, in Central Park, Jakarta from 12th to 18th August 2013. The festival is an expression of how Indonesia's young generation honors and wishes to contribute to the commemoration of Independence Day in their own unique ways.

The festival will act as media to showcase the creativity of today's young generation, as well as be a gathering place for creative communities in Jakarta and other parts of the country. The festival will feature music, dances, various art performances, competitions, a carnival, and other thrilling programs. Aside from the many colorful events, the occasion also urges the audience to give in-depth meaning to the word "Independence" through the phrase "Merdeka itu..." or "Independence is..." campaign. Through this campaign, each individual will be given the opportunity to express the meaning of true independence by lending a hand to those in need.

The festival will also highlight an Art & Photography Exhibition which will take place from 12th to 18th August 2013. The pinnacle of the festival will be on 17th August 2013 - Indonesia's Independence Day - with the performance of the "Each One for All" Project (EFA Project), the Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP), Saykoji, and more. Performers will not only showcase their skills during the festival but each individual will express his or her vision of a better Indonesia of the future. They will also share their understanding of what Independence means for each one and how we all should go about continue building on it. 

The 17th August festivities will come to a close with a grtner organizers aim to bring a different touch to the Independence Day commemorations from routine celebrations.
Through this event, Independence Day is viewed not only as a moment to be commemorated but moreover as momentum to inspire and galvanand firework display.
The Crew and Klovr as the associate parize the nation to keep on building for the future.

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