5 best dive sites in Komodo National Park

Choosing the best dive site in Komodo National Park is not easy, as a dive site's beauty is truly in the eye of the diver.

Some divers love to see colorful soft coral, some like to take macro photography and others just love the feeling of being surrounded by undersea giants.

Thankfully, The Komodo National Park has all of these features.
There are at least 42 dive sites across Komodo. The Jakarta Post Travel names five that best represent the appetites of most divers.

1. Castle Rock
This site is famous for its pelagic creatures, with schools of barracuda and giant trevallies often spotted.
Even at a depth of 20 meters you can still see far, as the visibility is as clear as daylight.
Numerous sea fans and pygmy seahorses are found at this depth. One thing you should be aware of is the strong current, especially on the surface, which attracts the big fish.

2. Crystal Rock
The site is located next to Castle Rock on the northern tip of Komodo Island.
The current is also strong here but it attracts a lot of schooling fish.
Clouds of anthias and schools of yellow ribbon sweetlips are commonly seen here.
The site is also rich in soft colorful coral. The top of the site is exposed at low tide. It’s best to dive during slack tide.

3. Batu Bolong
One would not expect any magic inside this unique form of rock in the middle of the sea.
The site itself got its name from a hole in the middle of the rock.
Once you dive into the clear waters, you will see thousands of brilliant reef fish swimming near the colorful coral.
Blacktip sharks, napoleon wrasses, sea turtles and large schools of rainbow runners can be observed almost every occasion.

4. Manta Point
Located in the eastern part of Komodo Island, not far from Batu Bolong, this site is around 20 meters deep with a very strong current.
You just have to drift and hold on to the rock at the bottom of the sea and wait until the action starts.
The last time I dived here, I saw 12 giant manta rays that seemed to be a big family.
While there are no colorful reefs here and the visibility is average, watching these giants of the sea swimming near you certainly takes your breath away.

5. Wainilu
Located at the exit of Loh Buaya bay on Rinca Island, with the lack of color, sandy slopes, lines of mangroves and some broken coral, this dive site may seem below average at first. But, when you explore carefully, at around 15 meters deep, you will find a unique collection of sights that cannot be found in other sites in Komodo.
There are lots of small sea creatures here, including nudibranches, frogfishes, ghost pipefishes and pigmy seahorses.
The site is strange and different, but it is the real paradise for macro photographers.

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