Indonesia National Children's Day 2013

Indonesia National Children's Day 2013 - The Indonesia National Children's Day is held on every Ceremony July 23 in Indonesia. At first anniversary of National Children's Day 2013 in Indonesia emerged from the idea of ​​the welfare for the child. 

The warning itself in accordance with the Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 Year 1984. survived the 

Indonesia National Children's Day 2013

 itself falls on this day, which is Tuesday (07/23/2013). 

Momentum through the course all Indonesian citizens are expected to raise awareness for the protection and fulfillment of children's rights Indonesia, in order to grow and develop optimally, and thus will appear the next generation a strong, qualified, creative, healthy, intelligent, accomplished, and also noble. 

Through the Indonesia National Children's Day also serves as the momentum to bring all parts of Indonesia in order to carry out the duties and responsibilities in accordance with what is set forth and established by Act No. 23 of 2002, namely on the Protection of Children, and seeking the protection of the welfare of the child at the same time to provide a guarantee of the fulfillment of their rights and treatment without discrimination.

In addition, through the Indonesia National Children's Day 2013 can also be used as an important momentum to inspire awareness and participation of the entire nation of Indonesia in honor, respect, and guarantee the rights of children without distinction or discrimination, to provide the best for children, ensuring the maximum extent possible the survival life and growth. 

 As of the peak, it is expected that all elements of the community, especially the parents are always working to improve children's awareness of the rights, obligations, and responsibilities to parents, the community, and to the nation. The theme of Indonesia National Children's Day 2013 as it is written in Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation website (YKAI) is "The Friendly Indonesia And Child Care In The Beginning Of Care", as well as the sub-theme of "Strengthen the identity of Indonesian children through the planting of noble cultural values nation; Fill identity rights of children through birth certificates; 

Develop children's potential early on the interests and talents; Create a safe and comfortable environment for children; Listen to and respect the voices and opinions of children; Increase awareness to prevent violence against children; Achieve a healthy Indonesian children , smart, tough and independent; science and technology as a medium for the development of a healthy innovation and creativity. 

" Momentum through the Indonesia National Children's Day 2013, YLKI also makes a pretty evocative slogan of "Stop violence against children; participation and independence of children determine the future of the nation; Support the family in building a child's self-reliance and endurance; intelligent child healthy Internet use; Together we achieve Indonesia Eligible Children. " Because of the importance commemorate National Children's Day, so today Google as the premier site on the World also looks helped merayakakan this organization. Seen that Google has kindly presented a special design for the Indonesia National Children's Day 2013. The design clearly displayed on the search page with a picture of two uniformed Scouts and elementary school. Indonesia National Children's Day 2013

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