Tangsi Beach: Beauty Pink Beach Lombok

Tangsi Beach - Pink Beach - brownish yellow sandy beach may be used. The white sandy beach is certainly very menjejukkan eyes. And what about the pink sand beaches? Fly to the island of Lombok, then your eyes are pampered with pink sand that is still very clean.

Pink beaches or Tangsi Beach

is one of the attractions of Lombok beaches are busy talking now because of the uniqueness of sand color pink or pink. Shore barracks, is not actually a new discovery, but because of the location and inadequate road infrastructure makes less exposed Tangsi Beach by tourists and the media. In fact, anyone who came to visit the Tangsi Beach will be amazed by its natural beauty.

Local people call it Beach barracks, although the name is increasingly buried by the name Pink Beach. Called pink because white sand mixed with fragments of red coral. If exposed to sea water, and the afternoon or morning sun, sand grains subtly changes color to pink. Reportedly, there are seven beaches in the world are pink sand as in the Bahamas, as there are also dangkan in Indonesia on the island of Komodo.

The name of the region surrounding the barracks because, like Tanjung Ringgit Indonesian-face with the ocean, or 1 kilometer southeast Coastal Pink-made ​​Japanese army headquarters during World War II.

The existence of a cannon at Tanjung Ringgit about 1 kilometer from the Pink Beach, or cave with penetrating abdominal corridor along the hill about 50 meters opposite the Pink Beach,

is evidence that reinforces that around the area as a military barracks Dai ​​Nippon army.

Meaning traveled to the Beach Pink coastal scenery than witnessing the "look different" and conduct historical tours.

Why I Should That's where?

Stretch of pink sand beach is one of the characteristics that are not owned by Indonesia's coastal attractions, except the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is one island in Indonesia that offers pink sand beaches. As a sand beach with a unique color, Tangsi Beach quite interesting to visit as yet available adequate facilities. However, its natural beauty admirable.

Under Indonesian dictionary Language, means dormitories or barracks. Somehow history pink sandy beach is named barracks, but in reality there was the former headquarters of the Japanese army here, in the form of artificial caves and cannons Dutch colonial heritage. However, as the Tangsi Beach known as pink sandy beaches, over time more and more people are calling it Pink beach.

Taking a closer, Tangsi Beach sand color is actually white. However, because it is mixed with crushed coral pink and procession along with natural, coral reef fragments fused with white sand white sand making visible changes color to pink. Pinknyapun color will be more clear if exposed to seawater and sunlight exposure. In addition to the unique color of its sand, beach barracks still have something that deserves to be proud of, is its location which is surrounded by cliffs high enough makes it look so awesome. To satisfy the desire of visitors witnessed the remarkable scenery, above the cliffs there Berugak or marquee that is intentionally provided for the wisatawa who want to enjoy the vast panoramic expanse of sand and sea.

The existence of a cannon at Tanjung Ringgit about 1 kilometer from the Pink Beach, or cave with penetrating abdominal corridor along the hill about 50 meters opposite the Pink Beach, is evidence which substantiates that the area around it as Dai ​​Nippon army barracks. Meaning traveled to the Beach Pink coastal scenery than witnessing the "look different" and conduct historical tours.

Pink beach in East Lombok is next door to some of the beaches on either side, such as the Coastal and Beach Temeak colong are also white sand. They are separated by a cliff so to visit these two pretty beaches and walk it up the hill. However, some coastal areas that just have "controlled" the owners of capital.

From the top of the cliff, watching the panorama of nature tourists generally high seas, degradation of marine water colors, plus scattered clumps of clouds, making the atmosphere was very romantic deserted beaches.

Landscape is flat suitable for camping. Clear seawater desire for a shower invite. "In fact it was not lawful to Pink Beach if you do not shower," said Iswan Rahmadi, Head of Public Relations of the Government of East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, promoted.

Beaches were pretty wide footprint with a length from east end to west about 500 meters. When basking in the soft sand like sleeping on a soft mattress. As long as the weather is sunny, you can see Mount Rinjani is located in the northern coast.

How Do I get there?

To get to the beach Pink is located in the small village Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok takes about two hours from the city of Mataram. Quite a long time, but everything will be paid off after arriving at the beach Pink. In addition, the waves are pretty quiet menjadikanPantai Pink as safe beach to play and swim. Besides swimming, visitors can also try to enjoy the beauty of the underwater snorkeling. Although not very well known, Pink Beach deserves to be visited.

Not enough to enjoy the natural beauty of Pink Beach, we also can hire a local fishing boat. You can walk around in a small cluster of islands located about 2 kilometers from the lips of Pink Beach. The fee was only Rp 10,000 per person and the boat can accommodate 8-10 people.

To reach the location of Tangsi Beach / Coast Pink takes two hours from the city of Mataram, a decent distance away. The route is exactly the same with the Routes to Tanjung Ringgit, because it is the location of two adjacent. Only Tangsi Beach entrance is on the left, approximately 1 KM before Tanjung Ringgit. Well at the entrance there are instructions / small signs to the left of the road that read "PINK Beach 50 meters"

How In The accommodations?

Because facilities and public transport to the Beach Pink not available they should rent a car or motorbike from Mataram. Pink Beach Mataram-trip taken 2.5 hours. Accommodation facilities was still minimal, although if you want to stay there a few financiers managed bungalow, located about 4 kilometers from the beach, with rates 185 U.S. dollars (IDR 1.7 million) per night.

Better also bring their own lunch because there was no stall. If you just want to drink, there are local residents providing mineral water drinks, or coffee sachets, and instant noodles.

Head of Tourism Department of East Lombok, Gufran said, East Lombok regency budgeted funds for the procurement of facilities, road improvements to facilitate access for tourists who travel to Pink Beach.

Lack of transport also supported by poor road along 14 km from the main road to the beach. Asphalt roads peeling, revealing "authenticity": dirt roads, potholes, bumpy, with some climbs. A road through the protected forest area is dusty when dry Sekaroh. When the rainy season, the clay is in some places a "porridge", tub monster crushing wheels of the vehicle so that the "going nowhere".

However, all tired on the way will be paid by the phenomenon of the exotic beach-inspired Pink. Let me believe, please see for yourself.

When should I get there?

Having a beach barracks-type Monsoon Climate is influenced by dry easterly winds. Rainfall ranges from 900-1600 mm / year and the air temperature is between 27 ° - 30 ° C dry months per year with an average of 9 months. Between August and December wind was blowing pretty hard from the south.

The rainy season in November-April, while the dry season months of April to October with the highest rainfall in December-January.

But in fact, these estimates are often changed in accordance with the conditions of the global best mempengaruhi.Saat to visit the Tangsi Beach This is from April to October

Know Before You Go

  • It is wise if you always provide safe water to drink in a portable package.
  • Protective cream or sunscreen should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot while the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Wear shoes or sandals when walking the streets of coastal beaches to avoid sea urchins are sometimes unpredictable trampled.
  • Make sure you bring equipment for maritime activity in disni nonetheless available equipment can be hired. It will also greatly help to reduce the expenditure of money on location.
  • Regional plans dilengakapi various support facilities: toilet facilities, multi-purpose hall, ball field volli and outbound facilities. Can not wait feels like to see more sparkling barracks Coast prepare to welcome tourists at the end of this year. Are you one of them?
  • Arm yourself with food. Ranging from snacks for trips up a lot of mineral water. A little difficult to find the stalls on the beach mekaki
  • Each visitor is forbidden to interfere with, damage, take, or hunting flora, fauna and ecosystems.
  • Due to the minimal lighting without electricity, do not forget to bring a flashlight. Also bring personal medicines including antiseptic. Because clean water is rather difficult, to bring also antiseptic hand gel and wet wipes.
  • For the camera, you should take an underwater camera and telephoto cameras to capture dolphins. Bring waterproof plastic to put things in order not to get wet. Repellents also do not harm brought. As well as moisturizing sunscreen.
So how Companions TravelEsia Are you interested in Exploring all unique Tangsi Beach.Beach The unique Panorama Pink, If you are visiting the island of Lombok, Maked For Visiting Tangsi Beach and Mekaki Mekaki  as a your tourist destination anda.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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