Korowai Tree Houses: Stepping on the Other Side of the Beauty of Nature Indonesia

Korowai Tree House - Korowai Tree House - Indonesia was remarkable, Si Elegant Affairs, Foreign Myriad Who Owns Only Beauty That Always Attract The Explore.especially province in this one. Not only famous for its rich flora and fauna, Papua has the aboriginal tribes that have interesting and unique life. One of them is a native Papuan tribal living and live in a tree house up to 50 meters high, known by the name of Tribe Korowai.

Tribe Korowai

Kaibar inhabit, Mappi District, Papua. Tribe Korowai recently discovered by a Dutch missionary in 1974. Previously, they did not really get to know people outside of the group. Unlike other tribes who built the house as a shelter Honai, they actually live in a tree house.

Tribe Korowai is one that does not use the mainland Papua do not use a Koteka. It also includes a unique tribal tribes like relocation or nomadic. They usually take up residence near the river, close to the sago forest, and not within the jurisdiction of another tribe. To build the house, they use materials that come from the forest around them. But do not be mistaken, they never cut trees indiscriminately. They just cut down trees for moderation purposes. So do not be surprised if the forests in Papua is still maintained its sustainability.

Tribe Korowai live in tree houses ranging as high as 15 to 50 meters. They built a house on a tree to avoid wild animals and evil spirits disorders. Tribe Korowai believe that, the higher their homes, getting away from the interference of evil spirits.

Tribe Korowai just down from the house to look for food, such as fruits and meats. Interestingly, they are only hunt when hungry. In addition, they also never cut down any trees. They cut down trees just for taste purposes. So no wonder, if it had been for hundreds of years settled in Tribe Korowai of Papua's forests, but the forest is still dense and preservation of flora and fauna awake.

Sometimes we have to reflect on the life of Tribe Korowai about the balance of nature. Visit to the Korowai Tree House, will add richness to you about science and nature-loving consciousness.

Why I Should That's where?

When you climb the tree was in the house, 'sea' of green forest and blue clouds will make you want a longer stay in the tree house. From a height of tens of meters above the ground, you can clearly see the dense forests of Papua and beautiful. Perhaps, you could say you're looking at most of 'lungs' of Indonesia.

Materials used to make the tree house come from forest and swamp around them, such as wood, rattan, roots and branches of trees. Korowai Tree House is very natural. All made ​​from natural materials, frame made ​​of small logs and the floor covered with bark. Wall and roof using bark or woven sago leaves. To bind, all using a rope. All the manufacturing process is done by hand. Metal goods only that there was a machete or ax which they used to hunt.

In 2011, Tribe Korowai never appeared in the BBC documentary Human Planet. In the film, Tribe Korowai show how they make a tree house. Even one of their ambitious efforts to build a tree house show as high as 114 feet in 2 weeks!

The tree house was built not only to protect families from mosquitoes but also the spirit of disorder jahat.Untuk build tree house and Tribe Korowai selected using the banyan tree. Trunks and large branches are used as the main mast while the twigs are used as flooring. To be more comfortable, the floor is covered with sago tree house on the top.

The floor is made strong enough so that occupants can sustain average home contains a dozen people.

While the roof and walls are made using the leaves and branches of the banyan tree which is then tied using rattan.

For up to the Tree House, was made using dry wood staircase. This ladder can vibrate as an early warning system if there is an alias as a marker that was rising to the top of the house.

In the modern world it hard to believe that there are still isolated tribal. But in reality, though almost extinct, where they still exist

There are several reasons why the Tribe Korowai make it home in a very tall tree. Arbitrary reasons are:
  • Avoid interference beasts,
  •  As a hunting strategy, because of the trees they can freely control the deer and wild boar that crossed under her,
  • Their customs that have been handed down,
  • Natural factors that make them feel more secure.
  • Their belief that live in trees can be protected from evil spirits disorders.
Besides eating prey animals such as cassowaries, snakes, lizards, deer, or wild boar, Tribe Korowai people also fulfill their nutrition by eating beetle larvae. Tribe Korowai are hunter community on a daily basis just to wear clothes from the foliage has a variety of forms adapted to the weapons that catch. Suppose a special spear to kill a wild boar, sago cutting, or to kill a human.

For the Tribe Korowai people, killing and eating human flesh is part of their criminal justice system. After they eat up tubuhkhuakhua, they will beat their high walls with wood while singing all night. For people outside the modern world, cannibalism is probably the thing absurd and horrible.

Korowai Tree House style is the result of a unique culture and needs to be preserved. Tribe Korowai are very caring and loving nature Papua amazing. If you are a true adventurer and very interested in the inland tribes in Indonesia, visited the Korowai tribe you will be a very valuable experience. Where you will do trekking terrain is not easy, as well as challenging wild and thick forests of Papua.

Nature is spearheading the Korowai tribe of survival. To get carbs, but they do not cultivate rice processing sago and tubers are widely available around the forest. Although the Korowai tribe is above tree, also spent much of their day below. In the morning the children will Korowai was carried down to be taught how to cultivate corn and hunting. Dusk the whole family one by one going up to the tree house to rest and plan for tomorrow's hunt.

So how Companions TravelEsia Are you interested in Stepping on the Other Side of the Beauty of Nature Indonesia.If you been to Papua,Make To Visit Korowai Tree House, Raja Ampat, Cendrawasi Bay National Park, Lorentz National Park ,Mount Jaya Wijaya As a your tourist destination.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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