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Rujak Indonesia Variety - Culinary - Culinary this one is unique because in almost every region in Indonesia this comestible appeared with a variety of shapes and flavors. Is a salad which is a traditional food which is usually made from a mixture of different kinds of vegetables or fruit and laced with spices or sauce.

Rujak Indonesian Variety

Salad is easy to find and sold anywhere in the Indonesian region. Even salad wandered up in Malaysia, and Singapore. In the two countries salad called "Rojak". GoIndonesia below summarizes some kind of salad in Indonesia.

Rujak Soto

Soup salad including specialties from Banyuwangi, East Java. The cuisine is more of a unique blend of Rojak Cingur with Soto Tripe.Usually the salad is served first, then doused with the following soto babatnya. Was also typical, there are elements of soup at once a sense of salad with terasi teste.The question that arises is what this food? Soto? Or Rojak? Two distinctly different types of cuisine and seems strange if combined. But let's look at combinated, first prepared seasoning rujak : brown sugar, roasted peanuts, salt and cayenne pepper, and a corresponding "custom" East Java salad, spice pastes would be the main ingredient of this salad, all pulverized into one. Then rice cake, cucumber, tofu, tempeh, kale and bean sprouts in a bowl and put in salad seasoning earlier. Done? Certainly not, if you finish up here called simply "salad"

Cup was then "dibanjur" was with a fairly light broth soup with chunks of tripe is quite crowded as complementary. Prawn crackers comes as a complement this dish. It feels? turns out delicious alloys, paste the salad flavors kick in "fine" with the right soft soto.

Rujak Petis

Rujak Petis is one of the traditional foods that are easily found in the area east of the island of Java. Petis salad usually consists of slices of cucumber, jicama, mango young, kedondong, know, sprouts / bean sprouts, and kale. All material was presented with a splash of sauce or seasoning recipe made ​​of processed shrimp paste, chili, fried peanuts, fried onions, salt, brown sugar, light banana, and water.

In the area of ​​East Java, in addition to the usual paste used for seasoning Petis Rojak, there is also a reddish paste Madura. Paste salad usually served with crackers added, and the "alas pincuk" (banana leaves) or plate.

One of the highlights of the paste is spicy taste. Everyone who ate rujak Petis, would want a spicy paste. It feels so good when we spiciness. There is a special thrill when we spiciness. But, even though we eat spicy paste, all is not sour. Actually makes us curious to enjoy and enjoy again. Moreover, if the seasoning is made ​​by the seller salad has its own privileges.

As we know, every rojak paste that we consume have a different taste. There are sellers that characterizes rujaknya with a rather savory seasoning, but there are sweet, and spicy. For these conditions, every seller needs to make a special recipe in order to lure consumers to the fullest.

Rujak Gobet

Gobet salad is one of the traditional foods of Java (Malang). This salad is usually present at the event Tingkepan Telonan or women who are pregnant. The salad consists of variegated fruits, such as bengkowang, pineapple, pencit, Blimbing, guava, Babal (young jackfruit), tamarind and many more others. So, think salad is nano-nano Gobet, because in the mix and blended into one. Rojak treats Gobet be interesting, good, because it brings together a variety of different fruit flavor, color, and origin.

Traditionally, only Gobet salad served at the event or telonan Tingkepan. But, the reality is now prevalent everywhere, it has become a traditional food society (Malang). Indeed, the name is at hearing.salad. Almost all walks of life to know, and never felt this salad. However, not all people understand the meaning of the philosophy contained in the Gobet salad.

According to many Javanese literature. Purpose of making Rojak Gobet when a woman is entering three months or seven months of pregnancy IALA has a high philosophy. It looks a fruit assortment blended into one. The hope, in order that children who were conceived has the character and nature can beragaul with anyone, without any distinction. Mother hopes, do not let the child who was conceived apparently has a temper arrogant, ignorant, and arrogant and could not get along with people.

It's high in value filsafat Gobet salad. Bind diverse society, it is expected that children born to gather with farmers, fishermen, teachers, professors, soldiers, merchants, and a variety of jobs. Therefore, every person has different characteristics, only with wisdom and fused with all levels of society. This philosophy is embodied in the salad Gobet. This is not law, but a tradition, if asked their argument, then it will not be found until whenever

Rujak Kuah Pindang

Pindang Kuah Rojak is a traditional Balinese cuisine has a unique taste. Spicy, sour, savory and slightly fishy. Fry salad is served with fruit stuffing, like young mango, papaya, pomelo, and kedondong. In the presentation, the fruit should be cut into thin in order to meresap.Kuah rojak sauce is made from fish head stew. So, do not be surprised if it smells a bit fishy. Although it sounded fishy and smelly, boiled salad dressing has a different flavor.

Sweet salad and cingur may already friendly to the tongue. However, have you ever tried boiled salad dressing? Balinese cuisine has a unique taste. Spicy, sour, savory and slightly fishy.Fry salad is served with fruit stuffing, like young mango, papaya, pomelo, and kedondong. In the presentation, the fruit should be cut into thin sauce that can be absorbed. This salad dressing is made from boiled fish heads. So, do not be surprised if it smells a bit fishy. Although it sounded fishy and smelly, boiled salad dressing has a different flavor. Believe it or not, once you try it out for sure instantly hooked. Instead of wondering, let's try the salad dressing recipe boiled!

Rujak Ice Cream

Ice Cream salad is a salad with a blend of fresh fruits, ice cream and doused with salad seasoning paste that level of spiciness can be adjusted to our tastes. Anyway taste sweet, sour, spicy flavors all combine to

Presented in an attractive clear glass, in which there are fruits like young mango, guava, pineapple, kedondong, and Bangkuang in cut into squares, topped with a scope on ice play and then lubricated rojak sauce of brown sugar (brown sugar) and sprinkled hotcakes.

How to eat it there are two ways, the first can eat one by one before, or can advance stirring to mix everything and then ready to eat, both ways are equally tasty and delicious. To inform you, the one that made ​​a special salad seasoning it feels different from the others, because this salad seasoning made ​​from native palm sugar and carefully selected ingredients that have a taste for much more legit and savory than regular brown sugar that had been circulating in the market.

Rujak Bulung

Almost the same with boiled salad dressing. The difference is just that the bulung salad, mango replaced with bulung / seaweed and added a little grated coconut and galangal and lemon Lemo. There are 2 types of seaweed that is commonly used for this salad is a white and green.

bulung salad also came from Bali. This salad made ​​from seaweed mixed with salt, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, kencur, grated coconut and boiled sauce. Bulung salad can be found at one of the shops around Jalan Blambangan

Bulung salad lovers is not only among the lower middle class. 40 percent of the number of visitors is, rich people who are used to eating spaghetti or hotdogs. That means, even though international food started being offered, salad and tipat santok bulung still inviting appeal. Because, no doubt, everyone still miss the food back home.

Rujak Mata Sapi

Heard the name alone may in part be sick and dubious taste that will diberikanSebagaimana salad, condiments and composition of cow eye salad ingredients together with another salad. There pulverized peanut sauce with chili sauce, rice cake, sprouts, long beans and steamed kale.

If there is a buyer who likes fruit, Marinten will add sliced ​​yam, cashew, cucumber and ripe pineapple. And one last ingredient that should never miss the cow eye balls that are the hallmark and attraction.

Salad of this type may only be found in the area Bangkalan Madura alone. Because, Rojak famous bulls-eye there thanks to the small shop on the street KH Mohammad Kholil, Demangan Village,. Marinten point is, a simple shop that has been open since the early 80's - decades ago that still remains crowded with shoppers. Marinten shop customers also come from all classes, from the brother rickshaw to officials in the bureaucracy Bangkalan Madura Marinten point is the only seller of a cow salad and the unique culinary Bangkalan known to come out.

Rujak Bubur

Madura is still on the ground, there is one more variation of the Rojak salad Porridge. Rojak Madurese used to call this porridge as Tajun jack. This snack is a dinner menu, after iftar and tarawih prayers after.

One of the stalls were selling rojak stall Liana species is located at the corner of road jingga and  road Purba, which is located sufficiently close to the Lancor Arek Park, the heart of Pamekasan. Liana rojak stall is owned by well-known citizens Pamekasan, Madura.

This porridge salad was first created by mengulek salad seasoning blend is a mixture of chili, paste, roasted peanuts, and raw banana slices on a large mortar. Once smooth, add sliced ​​boiled cingur, sprouts, sliced ​​green beans, and sliced ​​seaweed. Not forgetting also added chopped cucumbers and cassava chips. After mengulek salad, pour pureed onions advance up the container. Can be a plate, can also be the banana leaf platter. Above this is the onion puree, then diburkan salad.

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