Rambu Solo: Second Life Celebration Ceremony in The Land Of Toraja

Rambu Solo - Toraja - Indonesia diversity Cultural exoticism Always Attract Only be discussed.moreover diversity Indonesia's Culture Indonesia has made the nation a world tourist destination you want to know more about the customs and culture that symbolizes hospitality and the beauty of a country

Rambu Solo Ceremony

An Indigenous ceremony Unique.every regions have different traditions to honor the dead. If in Bali we are familiar with the term Ngaben, in North Sumatra, Sarimatua, then in The Land Of Toraja ceremony known as 'Rambu Solo'. Equations of the three: the ritual ceremonies of death and burial.

In The Land Of Toraja itself has two major traditional ceremonies are Rambu Solo 'and Rambu Tuka. Rambu Solo 'is a ritual burial, while the Rambu Tuka, ceremonial salvation is a new custom home, or a newly refurbished.

Toraja traditional belief system is polytheistic belief called aluk QR £ £ N, or "the way" (sometimes translated as "law"). In the Toraja myth, the ancestors of the Toraja came from heaven using stairs are then used by the Toraja as a way of dealing with Puang Matua, god of the universe, according to aluk, divided into upper world (heaven) the human world (earth), and the world bottom.

At first, heaven and earth to marry and produce darkness, separation, and then comes the light. Animals live in the underworld is represented by rectangular space bounded by four pillars, the earth is a place for human beings, and heaven is located on top, covered with a gable roof shaped. Other Toraja gods is Pong Banggai in Rante (god of the earth), Indo 'Ongon-Ongon (goddess of earthquakes), Pong Lalondong (god of death), Indo' Belo tumbles (goddess of medicine), and others.

Why I Should That's where?

Toraja people believe that after dead, a ghost will journey to Puya. Puya itself is the name of a village in the southern region of The Land Of Toraja. It was there where the spirit world is, and then at a later time to be transformed back to the level of a god who dwells in heaven, where people set up for the first time. Toraja call to Mebali Puang.

Because someone who recently died will be completely dead after the whole procession in this ceremony fulfilled. Fulfilled before the procession, the dead were simply considered "sick" or "weak", so that his body was still lying in his bed with him always was served food & beverages, betel nut or cigarettes, even though still invited to dialog is certainly not going to vote . Those Who Already dead continue to be treated like a person who is not dead.

Rambu Solo 'is an event very festive tradition in The Land Of Toraja, because it takes days to celebrate. The ceremony is usually held in the afternoon, when the sun began to gravitate to the west and usually takes 2-3 days. Even up to two weeks for the nobility.

Grave itself is made in the top of the cliff at the height according to the trust stone.Because Aluk To Dolo (The Land Of Toraja people's confidence first, before the advent of Christianity and Islam) among the people of The Land Of Toraja, the higher the body where it is placed, then the sooner spirit get to nirvana.

The ceremony is for each community group course vary. When the nobleman who died, the number of buffalo that will be cut for the purpose of the event is far more than for those who are not royal. For the royal family, the number of buffalo may range from 24 to 100 buffaloes. While middle-class citizens are required to slaughter buffaloes 8 plus 50 pigs, and about 3 days long ceremony.

But, before the number was insufficient, the body should not be buried in the cliffs or high places. Hence, the body often kept for years in Tongkonan (Toraja traditional house) until finally the family of the deceased / deceased can prepare sacrificial animals. But for adherents of Christianity and Islam today, the bodies can be buried in the ground first, then dug up again after the family is ready to perform the ceremony.

For the people of The Land Of Toraja, the dead are not in themselves the title of the dead. For them before the ceremony Rambu Solo 'then the person who died was regarded as a sick person. Because the status is still 'sick', then the dead person had to be taken care of and treated like people who are still alive, like with her, providing food, beverages and tobacco or betel. The things that are usually done by a ghost, must continue to run as usual.

How Do I get there?

     Land trip.

 Road trip can be started from the Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi. The journey taken by bus between provinces, and to be able to sign up to the land transport terminal in Power '. Bus from the first has been serving transit passengers are Fa Litha (currently the largest transit bus fleet) and Liman and several other large and small buses. The current bus fare ranges from Rp 75.000, -. The transit buses are very comfortable with the availability of toilets in the bus and refrigerated temperatures and a comfortable chair. The bus set off by a certain date.
  • Another alternative for those who want a more convenient is to hire a car, the car rental typically ranges 800rb - 1 million dollars for one trip, the price is negotiable.
  •  Journey from Makassar to Toraja trip ranges between 6-8 hours.
  •  Land route will be down a few districts in South Sulawesi, Makassar us from going through the cities of Maros, Pangkep, Barru (usually bus will stop here to rest first) after the Pare-Pare (Pare-pare city usually considered mid-way from Makassar to Toraja), then the city Sidendreng, Enrekang (in the district Enrekang bus will stop at the last second and dareah "Peak") after it entered the The Land Of Toraja regency. Traveling in areas close Enrekang will Toraja-kelok.Perbatasan meandering between Enrekang and The Land Of Toraja is marked with a gate on the bridge through which reads Welcome to The Land Of Toraja.
  • This road trip will be very enjoyable if taken during the day, where the scenery is very indah.mulai of offshore beautiful scenery ranging from Pangkep until near Pare-Pare. Then the beautiful mountain scenery in the district when Enrekang after the rice fields and the mountains in The Land Of Toraja regency.

Air Travel.

  • Through Hasanuddin airport in Makassar using DAS aircraft (Aerospace Air Service) air travel is only applied for about 45 minutes to the airport in Rantetayo Pongtiku.
  • Likely to be built larger Airport in Mengkendek to meet the needs of air transport is increasing. So that the passengers can fly from Bali or other cities in Indonesia to The Land Of Toraja.
  • Ticket prices range from 200's of thousands, to determine the current flight schedule can contact DAS office at Hasanuddin Airport Makassar

How In The accommodations?

If you Originating From Outer Toraja land, do not worry in because at this location for accommodation and lodging never mind complete, ranging from the merely perfunctory rooms to 4-star hotels are also already available at the site ini.Jadi please choose according to your needs of course

When should I get there?

To View The Toraja in the possible burial ground throughout the year, but for ceremonial Show Rambu Solo there you should contact the parties further determine the condition in sini.Dikarenakan Ceremony Rambu Requires costs and relatively much time so usually if Ceremony Rambu Solo is done, then it became a tourist destination in announcing that attract tourists to see and visit

Know Before You Go

If you Been to Toraja Land Do not Forget To Visit Grave Stone Lemo is located in the Village, District Sanggalange. Why so-called grave stone? As simple as his body was buried in the rock cliffs. Besides buried there, also made of wood man replica complete with their traditional clothes.Some graves there still look new. 

There is also a new sculptures created in preparation as a funeral last ones died."He might look small, it is actually a huge hole in it. Could accommodate some of the bodies,"Each side of a cliff in the hills was filled graves with human replicas. 

 I was around the cliff to the different sides and have always found the graves stones others., The back and hidden, meaning caste or lower levels of the person.Around the cemetery stones, many local people who sell handicrafts typical Toraja. 

In addition to its distinctive shape, the price is also not too expensive. Gorgeous fabrics handcrafted 2-meter long cherished example only 60-80 thousand. Typical statues atoraja with pairs of parents range Rp 25-60 

thousand depending on size.In the village of Kete Kesu Bonoran in the District, the location of custom homes Tongkonan. There are twelve typical Toraja houses neatly lined up on both sides. Traditional house roof Tongkonan glance like a buffalo horn, buffalo horn, but it's not a boat but represents aAccording to history, the ancestors of the Toraja always been sailors.  

When they reached the mainland, they make house by utilizing their boats.This cave burial sites in the area Londa, Rantepao south. To look into the cave, we had to hire a kerosene lamp for Rp 25.000. Entrance to this cave should be extra careful, the streets were a bit steep, narrow, and slippery. One-one could slip.


  • 1. Respect each place visited. Do not speak carelessly or excessive joking.
  • 2. Occasionally pull over on the roadside Rantepao to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while Toraja.
  • 3. Do not throw litter or doodling. This message is AMAZING, but a lot of people who are not responsible for doing this.
  • 4. If you want to buy handicrafts such as statues or wall hangings, artisans in the village near Grave Stone Lemo could be an option. And a great selection of cheap goods

Estimated Travel Costs

Aircraft Jakarta - Makassar Round Trip: 950,000 (average 400-500k each way)
Exclusive Bus Makassar - Toraja Round Trip: 220,000 (Price varies 100-120rb way. All buses are very comfortable because the average is Air Suspension)
Rent a bike: 65,000 (minus petrol)
Specialty: 150,000 (Double Bed, can be air-4)
Rental Guide: 150,000 (normal price 200-250 thousand)
Login to Travel Location: 5000-10000
Petromak Rent in Goa Londa: 25,000

How TravelEsia Friend, Are You Interested To Learn the
Rambu Solo or customs The Land Of Toraja in South Sulawesi ini.If you been to South Sulawesi was a time to enjoy the beauty and diversity of land customs Toraja.Lets Go We Support Indonesia Becomes The World Travel Destinations

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