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NusaPedia Priority™  Is of conventions, and exhibitions in the intensive trip tourism industry. What is a MICE? Technically, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and exhibition) classified in the tourism industry.

In Indonesia MICE interpreted as convention tourism, with limitation: business convention services, intensive trip, and exhibits an attempt to Give Activities services for a meeting a group of people (statesmen, businessmen, intellectuals, and etc.) to discuss issues relating to common interest.

In general convention activities related to other tourism business activities, such as transportation, accommodation, entertainment, pre-trip and post-conference (pre-and post-conference tours).


Meeting is the English term that means meetings, meetings or persidangan.adalah is a common thing that meetings, meetings or The hearing was organized by a group of people who are members of an association, club or association.


Term incentive, by the Indonesian government as noted in Law No. 9 of 1990 on tourism, defined as an incentive trip. The next incentive trip business activities specified in decree number MENPARPOSTEL KM.108/HM.703/MPPT-91, Chapter 1 Article 1, paragraph b, which formulates trip incentive travel is an activity organized by the a company for its employees and business partners in return awards for their achievements in relation to the convention to discuss the progress of the company concerned.

We are the organizers of MICE Professionals - specializing in event management and MICE in Medan – North Sumatra - Indonesia. Our expertise covers events internationally, regionally and locally, from conferences and seminars, to incentive travel and special events.

Working with clients from various Multi National Company in Indonesia we have been designing and managing all types of programs - from marketing and launch of a special banquet, to incentive trips and major international conferences.

All you need for MICE activities. NusaPedia Priority™ - MICE Division provide the creativity, expertise and commitment to make your event exciting and unique, while bringing the project on time and within budget. Have a look around our website to see how we can help you make the event memorable. If you want to carry on a conversation without beginning or obligation free quote, please contact us at any time.

The term translated conference with a conference or conferences in Indonesian containing the same sense.In association with MICE, tourism minister decree, postal and telecommunication numbers: KM.108/HM.703/MPPT-91 mention that conference, congress or convention is an activity in the form of meeting a group of people (statesman, businessman, and so on) to discuss issues relating to the common interest.


Exhibition means exhibition. In relation to the tourism industry, exhibits included in convention tourism business. It was set in RI MENPARPOSTEL decree KM.108/HM.703/MPPT-91 numbers, chapter 1 section 1c, which reads: the exhibition is an activity for disseminate information and promotion that has to do with the convention or in connection with tourism


MICE can be held in a variety of 4 or 5 star hotel in the city of Medan. In general, almost all hotels in the city of Medan is located in the heart of Medan's prestigious commercial district, it is just a few kilometers or 10 to 15 minutes journey by car from Polonia International Airport.


Currently the city of Medan has a lot of International-class hotels such as JW Marriot, Dyandra Santika Hotel & Convention, Aryaduta Hotel, Grand Angkasa Hotel, Grand Aston Hotel.


We can provide all kinds of transport required by all participants , ranging from cars, mini-van with a driver or you want to drive yourself, until the shuttle bus from and to the airport, city tour and pre & post tours.


If required we can help to provide professional staffs to pick up your guests at the airport. Provide an experienced secretary, friendly and flexible escort.

MEETING equipment

Various equipment or tools needed for  Meeting / Conference activities are available, such as Laptop, LCD, Computers, Photo Copy Machines as well as  professional secretaries, translators and liaison officer.

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