Mount Rinjani: Reaching Peak Adventure Goddess Anjani

Mount Rinjani - Discuss Natural Ecosystem diversity and beauty that served in the archipelago Indonesia Indeed Nothing endless.Landscape Beautiful Natural Wealth And therein Become One attraction for Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani

is a representative mountain rain forest ecosystem types, low to high mountains and savannah in East Nusa.

Mount Rinjani is Indonesia's third highest mountain (3720 m. Asl), save the mysteries of one of them, namely the existence of Goddess Enjeni.

According to the beliefs surrounding communities, the Goddess is the Queen genie Enjeni ruler of Mount Rinjani. They believe that the Goddess was born from the marriage human Enjeni Sasak with jinn, flawless and still descendants of King Selaparang.

To honor the Goddess Enjeni, people often hold religious ceremonies on Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake, by releasing small fish made ​​of thin gold to Lake Segara Anak.

Sightseeing climbing Mount Rinjani is one of the leading tourist destinations of North Lombok regency after tourist Gili Trawangan. Sightseeing was visited by thousands of tourists every year, especially special interest tourists.

The climb to Mount Rinjani there Segara Anak Lake also be through official channels ie two Senaru route and takes about 7-10 hours on foot because the distance is less than eight miles, and track and takes Sembalun flat at 8-10 hours.

Climbers who had been in the lake Segara Anak still takes 4-5 hours to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani through the specified route.

Why should I get there?

At the peak of Rinjani caldera you will see a very large (about 50 km2) with a lake (Segara Anak) and a small mountain (Mount New) in the middle. The view at the top is beautiful, enough to pay for your travel weary during a hike. If you enough time to try to get down into the crater and fishing.

In the lake Segara Anak Mas abundant fish & Mujair. There are also hot tubs, try a dip in this pool may be the hot tubs highest in Indonesia. The air temperature at the peak of Rinjani is very cold, can reach 4 degrees Celsius

The Show In Natural Ecosystem Diversity, is the main attraction You Want To Reach For The Top.Potention plants located in Mount Rinjani National Park among others jelutung (Laportea stimulant), dedurenan (Aglaia argentea), bayur (Pterospermum javanicum),

Banyan (Ficus benjamina), cashew-jambuan (Syzygium sp.), keruing (Dipterocarpus hasseltii), rerau (D. imbricatus), Eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica), and 2 species of orchid endemic to the Perisstylus rintjaniensis and P. lombokensis.

In addition there is an endemic species of mammals are weasels rinjani (Paradoxurus hemaproditus rinjanicus), there are also deer (Muntiacus muntjak nainggolani), ebony leaf monkey (Trachypithecus auratus kohlbruggei), pangolin (Manis javanica), horn cikukua bird (Philemon buceroides neglectus), forest Dawah (Ducula lacernulata sasakensis), black nape kepudang (Oriolus broderipii chinensis), and several species of reptile.

In the valley to the west of Mount Rinjani there Segara Anak Lake (2008 m. Asl) where the water smelled of sulfur, the temperature is different from one place to another.

Vast lake approximately 1,100 acres, the depth between 160-230 meters.

In the middle of this lake appears a new volcanic mountain that is still active and growing and always remove smoke adds to the beauty of the volcanic lake.

How Do I get there?

Lombok International Airport is a new airport was inaugurated in 2012, is located in the south of Lombok near the city of Praya. The airport is replacing the old airport that Selaparang. Praya town located about 40 km south of the town of Mataram, and 55 km southeast from the Senggigi.

You can go from Lombok International Airport to Mataram or Senggigi by bus. The cost from the airport to the bus terminal in Mataram Mandalika Rp 15,000 and Rp 25,000 to Senggigi. Bus services run every 1.5 hours.

There are regular domestic flight connections from Jakarta, Denpasar and Surabaya. International flight connections are available from Singapore, operated by Silk Air.

Lombok can be reached from the sea by ferry that departs from Padang Bai - Bali every 2 hours, the trip takes 4 hours and costs 25.000 for passengers standing on the deck.
Alternative luxury is Mabua Express from Port Benoa - Bali. A trip takes only 2.5 hours, at a cost of approximately Rp. 300,000.

Mataram - Selong - Sambelia - Sembalun Lawang (140 km) of about 4.5 hours by car. When you walk to the lake takes 9 hours (25 km). Mataram - Bayan - Senaru (82 km) by 2.5 hours, walking distance to the lake for 9 hours (25 km). Mataram - Bayan - Torean (85 km) by 2.5 hours, walking distance to the lake for 7.5 hours. Mataram - Masbagik - Kutaraja - Tetebatu (60 km) of about 1.5 hours, walking into Otakkokoq for 30 minutes.

How The Ascent route?

Line Senaru

Accessibility: public transport from Mataram-Newer-Bayan Senaru.

Senaru route is climbing west door. Senaru route than as a travel lane is also often used as trekking route by indigenous Sasak who will perform traditional rituals or Hindu communities who will perform religious rites in Top Rinjani Mulam Pakelem or Lake Segara Anak.

Route is trapped gawah (Mount Rinjani National Park entrance, 3 km walk from RTC postal / zip admission) Km 0 - Pos I (Km 1) - Post Between Mondokan Bonjeruk Km 2.4 - Pos II Montong Satas Km 3.5 - postal III Mondokan Malokaq Km 6-Pos Fir Five Km 7 - Ce m fig Lima Km 7 - Lake Segara Anak Km 11, a short walk takes 10-12 hours through the tourist trail in prime forest.

Along the last post provided a place to rest and if lucky available water resources in the Post II and III. Characteristic path is te rjal Senaru, you will be "forced" to come up with Plawangan steep terrain. Luckily you are in the primary forests still maintained the integrity of the ecosystem so that conditions would rugged little relieved by cool and pure mountain air. You will feel the difference after heading III coolness to get Plawangan going through savannah with views of the stunning landscape.

From Lake Segara Anak if you want to continue the journey to the summit of Mount Rinjani you need to to pelawangan Sembalun with the distance ± 4 hours, from the top of Rinjani pelawangan takes 4-5 hours.

The climb to the peak is generally done at 02 o'clock AM, this meant that in the morning hikers can enjoy the sunrise (Sunrise) from the top of Rinjani and can enjoy the view over the island of Lombok island even when the weather is sunny.

Line Sembalun

Accessibility: public transport from Mataram - Aikmel - Sembalun Lawang (public transport from Aikmel-Sembalun Lawang only morning - noon).

Line Sembalun popular among climbers who want to go straight to the summit of Rinjani. Route is the post I Monitoring - P os II Tengengean - Postal III Padabalong - Plawangan Km 10.5 - The Top Rinjani take 9-10 hours.

Retreat facility in each post, the availability of water in the post II and III.Characteristics Sembalun path not seterjal Senaru path, but because it is dominated by savanna III made the trip to the post you drenched in sweat by the stinging hot sun. Conditions will be relieved when you've been away at the top, a stunning view of the landscape is more open than the path Senaru.

Will look strait and island of Sumbawa in the distance, it would be treated when he arrived at Puncak Rinjani, the third highest peak Carstensz and Kerinci.

Line Timbanuh

Accessibility: Mataram - Masbagik - Timbanuh village ambush (public transport only from Mataram - Masbagik)

Timbanuh route is the route that young newly opened facilities and management have not been as complete lines or Sembalun Senaru. Climbing through the Timbanuh only recommended to Plawangan Fir Rompes, trips to the lake is not recommended due to the extreme conditions of the path and there is no arrangement for the safety of visitors.

Timbanuh Line has the characteristics of a landscape, natural scenery, the challenge may be recommended only for climbers who are not beginners, as compared to Senaru pathway or pathways Sembalun more berberbobot but presents the uniqueness and distinctiveness of flora, fauna, ecosystems and trekking trailnya.

Route is the gateway village of Jati - Heading I Kokok Blimbing - Pos II Pancor Tayib - Postal III Momot Yamin - Heading IV Fir Rompes take 8-10 hours. Excess line is the availability of adequate water resources and many rivers throughout the year.

Line Torean

Accessibility: Mataram - Newer - Torean Loloan village (public transport only from Mataram - Newer).

Torean route known only to the local climbers who want to perform religious rituals or Lake Segara Anak. Compared to the other path, the path actually has characteristics that no other path. Climbing through the Torean is climbing through the valley and back to Lake Segara Anak.

Compared to the other lane is not too steep paths, just right or left of the trail is a gap that needs to be extra careful.

Objects that can be observed throughout the course as Penimbungan Falls, Niagara Pancor Mas, Milk Grotto with the warm pool, Waterfall Hot-Cold and cross the river crowing Putiq an interesting experience in itself.

Route is trapped gawah (TNGR area boundary) - Post I Birisan Jackfruit Greneng - Paok Tampol Mondokan Rei - Plawangan Penimbungan - Plawangan Propok - Joplo the range - River crowing Putiq - Pancor Mas - Cave Milk - Lake Segara Anak take 9-10 hours .

How In The accommodations?

Accommodation for tourists is scarce, but only a few custom home residents are provided for mountaineers who stay overnight
For Climbers please try and Homestay And Track.Maybe feel is the best choice here.Beside saving travel costs you can also study the lives of people in rural areas of Mount Rinjani

When should I get there?

The best visiting season to Mount Rinjani is: In August s / d in December every years.Because Conditions Weather On Month Such Category Good To Perform At Ascent

Some locations / attractions to be visited:

The peak of Mount Rinjani. Hiking, camping and enjoying the scenery of Lombok Island.

Segara Anak Lake, and Mount New Sebau. Research, enjoy the natural phenomenon / phenomena of nature, hot springs, baths, wildlife observation and explore the woods. In Maulud, Segara Anak Lake is often used as a cultural attraction Pakelem (bathe the keris).

Otakkokoq and Yellow Flower. Hot water bath that smells of sulfur for the treatment of (a skin) and waterfalls.

Cultural attractions outside the national park; War Topat Ciwaratri in December and January in Mataram.

Know Before You Go

  • For Maintaining And Improving Ecosystem Mountains To Climb To Semnetara Rinjani.Unruk Activities in Close Starting January 1, 2013 And Will Go Back On 1 April 2013
  • Different types of birds also inhabit the forest in the national park is the most famous and also the icon of this park is a very difficult bird parrot found in the western part of the island. Different types of animals, insects, birds, and monkeys have a way of life survive against attacks from wild boar.
  • Not recommended for participants to climb the money has Breath disease, Coronary Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Blood Pressure, Vertigo Indications and other dangerous diseases
  • Lombok can be reached from the sea by ferry that departs from Padang Bai - Bali every 2 hours, the trip takes 4 hours and costs 25.000 for passengers standing on the deck.
  • Alternative luxury is Mabua Express from Port Benoa - Bali. A trip takes only 2.5 hours, at a cost of approximately Rp. 300,000.
  • Keep in mind the area of ​​Mount Rinjani is an endemic malaria it helps you anticipate carrying malaria drugs in addition to other important drug medications.
  • To the summit of Mount Rinjani can be taken from two places, namely Senaru door with an altitude of 600 M above sea level and the door Sembalun (Sembalun Lawang) with a height of 1150 M above sea level. Doors Sembalun were chosen because it is closer to the top so they can save energy.
Land area: 41,330 hectares
Layout: Kab. West Lombok, East Lombok and East Lombok, Prop. Lombok
Average rainfall: 2,000 mm / year
Elevation: 550-3726 m asl
Geographical location: 8 ° 18 '- 8 ° 33' S, 116 ° 18 '- 116 ° 32' E

How TravelEsia Friends, Are you interested to visit the Reach Peak of the Goddess Anjani.If You Been to nusa southeast.Incomplete It When You Do Not Been to Senggigi Beach, Mount Rinjani.Lets We We Support Indonesia As The World Travel Destinations

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