Mount Krakatau: Most Powerful Eruption History Probe

Mount Krakatau - Who Do not Know The Name Mount Which One is The power explosion and eruption induce dark ages of the earth and the end of the ancient Persian civilization, the reformation of the Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire, the end of civilization of South Arabia, the extinction of the Mayan city, Tikal civilization , as well as the Nazca civilization in South America.

Mount Krakatau

Just do not make a very terrible disaster occurred in the 5th or 6th century AD and resulted in the Dark Ages all over the world. Ice Cores in Antarctica and Greenland also noted traces of volcanic sulfate ions from 535-540 AD and estimated delivery catastrophic Full Mount Krakatau

And Last But Not Least Of It, Sounds eruption was heard up in Alice Springs, Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa, 4653 miles. Yield is estimated at 30,000 times the atomic bomb that was detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Ancient Mount Krakatau experts estimated lasted 10 days with mass vomit speeds reaching 1 million tons per second. The explosion has formed a thick atmosphere shields 20-150 meters. This disaster also lowers the temperature of the earth by 5-10 degrees in the past 10 to 20 years and cause bubonic plague (Bubonic plague) because the temperature of the earth is cooling. Pestilence even this also significantly reduces the number of people on the earth at that time.

Eruption in the Sunda Strait ever recorded in an ancient Javanese text titled "Pustaka Raja Parwa" in 416 AD. This statement reinforced the statement two geologists from the Netherlands that Verbeek (1885) and Berend George Escher (1919, 1948). Both long worked in Indonesia and the investigation of the history of the eruption of Mount Krakatau. B.G. Escher agrees that Java is an ancient text that is a mountain that became known as the Ancient Krakatoa erupted.

Ancient Javanese text "Pustaka Raja Parwa" tells how powerful this ancient volcanic eruption.
 There was a voice blaring thunder from Mount Batuwara. There is also a frightening shock earth, total darkness, thunder and lightning. Then came the wind and rain storms were terrible and the whole storm darkens the whole world. A great flood came from Mount Batuwara and flows east towards Mount Kamula. When the water drowning, Java split into two, creating the island of Sumatra.
As a result of a great explosion that destroyed three-quarters of Ancient Krakatoa and leaving a caldera (large crater) in the Sunda Strait. The sides of the crater became known as Rakata Island, Long Island, and the Island Sertung.

After 200 years of sleep, then a small eruption of Krakatoa. That's the early signs of impending continued a massive eruption in the Sunda Strait. The small explosion was followed by small warnings peak occurred on 26-27 August 1883 and will not be forgotten residents of the island of Java and Sumatra, and even the Earth's inhabitants.

The official death toll recorded Dutch government is 36,417 people, although some sources estimate that more than 120,000 people. The dead came from 295 villages in coastal areas ranging from Serang to Cilamaya in Karawang, West Coast Banten to Tanjung Screen Panaitan Island and South Sumatra. In Ujung Kulon, tsunami go up to 15 miles to the west. Tsunami waves also propagate down to Hawaii, the west coast of Central America, and the Arabian Peninsula 7 thousand miles away. There are documented reports where a human skull floating on a raft in the Indian Ocean until one year after the eruption.

Why I Should That's where?

Child beauty of Mount Krakatau inevitably invited many local and foreign tourists to visit, although still considered active and dangerous.

Mount Krakatau is one of the volcanoes that are still active to this day. But the tourism potential of Mount Krakatoa have quite interesting. Like what the beauty of Mount Krakatau, located in the Sunda strait, defenition following:

What comes to your mind when hearing of Mount Krakatoa?. Of course that is still an active volcano that never erupted with a vengeance in 1883 ago. It turns out that behind the historic event, the beauty of Mount Krakatau has a remarkable charm. Taken approximately two hours from the port of Lampung Bakauheni, you will be presented natural wonders located in the Sunda Strait.

Tourism potential of Mount Krakatoa indeed attract enough foreign and domestic tourists. Blue sea and green mountain into an unforgettable sight. We can see the traditional sailing ships around the area of ​​Mount Krakatau. This region has become a mainstay for the Lampung provincial government to attract tourists. This was said by the head of department of culture and tourism south Lampung regency, Erlan Mardiyanto. Mount Krakatau offer besides its natural tourism potential of marine tourism.

If you enjoys nature and nautical adventure, there's no harm in you trying traveled to the area of ​​Mount Krakatau. Who knew you were lucky to see the child of Krakatoa was issued hot lava.

Besides Rakata, this eruption also created two small islands around it, the Long Island and the island of Sergeant. But the 2nd island and does not form harmful. Generally tourists witness the beauty of Mount Anak Krakatau at night. Seluet and flickering light in the distance that comes from ships or lightning is very intriguing. Breeze and chirping of little birds that fly adds to wonder at the richness of nature.

Witnessed seemed natural surroundings make me not want to move, including five foreign tourists were with me when it was. In an atmosphere of awe I thought, "what a merciful God for Indonesia". Natural resources shall be maintained, Krakatau Beautiful, beautiful Indonesia.

How Do I get there?

To reach the island of Rakata, pretty far distance. From Jakarta,, takes about 4-5 hours to the hotel where to stay transit by car, before traveling to the location.

To rent a speedboat you need to pay Rp. 3,000,000. This fee includes lunch, snacks, drinks and tickets go to Krakatau Nature Reserve. The maximum number of passengers in the speedboat is 6 people. Cost does not include insurance and also tips to guide. This trip definitely make you satisfied.

Speedboat is not only equipped with adequate safety equipment but also very clean. long trip from Jakarta to Carita little relieved to see a nice speedboat and high-speed

Guide and Speedboat already waiting for you in front of Lippo Carita crossing on to Krakatau. Before departing guide provides direction on matters what will you do there: hiking and snorkeling. In addition, you also reminded to stay together to facilitate coordination and helped maintain the cleanliness there.

How In The accommodations?

Towards the lodging accommodations for Krakatau very limited. Who has a nearby island lodging accommodations are Sabesi Island. Lodging is very simple, there are a few rooms in it as barracks. One room can accommodate 8 people. Clean water is available.

Food eaten is the food provided by the inn at a cost Rp.12.500, -/makan per person.

Other costs - Admission
There is no charge other than rent ranger at Krakatoa at 50.000, -

When should I get there?

To enjoy the beauty of Mount Krakatau is possible throughout the year, but during the rainy season (April-September), water tends to muddy, sandy beaches and the hiking trail will become more slippery, however, be careful when treading the beach, especially when the rainy season. The entrance to the beach made of rocks are very slippery

Know Before You Go

  • 1. Rent a boat to see the beauty of Mount Krakatau and around quite expensive, it is advisable to look for group members to share the cost of the boat.
  • 2. The ideal itenary (when of Jakarta and not stay on the island Sabesi):
  • a. Depart from Jakarta at 21:00.
  • b. Crossing from Cape Bomb during sunrise, go directly to the island of Krakatau (4 hours from Cape Bomb)
  • c. Krakatau cruising to the top two while obeying Ranger. Sometimes Krakatau as 'cough' spewing lava, so it is not possible to move closer to the island of Krakatoa.
  • d. If time allows, try snorkeling or diving in the area of ​​Krakatoa, the crew certainly know a good spot.
  • e. Strive has left Krakatau and its surroundings before 15.00 hours, sometimes the waves in the afternoon or evening to reach up to 3 meters, so it is quite dangerous.
  • Swim gear, sunblock, sandals or shoes for mountain climbing Mount Krakatau (uphill and sandy terrain).

- Bring food that brought as much as in any seller no Krakatoa (especially for not staying in Sabesi, must carry her own food)
  • - If the mental preparation to face the surging sea.
  • - If concerned, always use a life vest jacket for travel.
  • - When you want to rent a boat, ask about our rescue equipment (life vest)
So how TravelEsia Friend Are You Interested To Mount Krakatau.Enjoy tranquility that will make you feel like traveling in private beach.Let us Indonesia support a world tourism destination

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