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Hombo Batu - South Nias - Tradition Hombo Batu Or A More is known by tradition Loncat Batu Cultural Relics is Indonesia.Hombo Batu Is Megalith Stone is a tradition of South Nias regency (Teluk Dalam), which is one of the districts in North Sumatra which is located on the island of Nias .

Tradition Lompat Batu

or Hombo Batu carried by a man wearing traditional clothes and skip the local Nias stacked stone structure that is more than 2 (two) meter.Be Based local folklore, the event was created as a physical and mental test for the young men at the age of Nias adults.

Every adult male that was at war, shall pass ritual Loncat Batu. Stones to be skipped is like building a monument pyramid with a flat top surface. Height of approximately 2 m (two feet) in width 90 cm and length 60 cm. The jumper must not only traverse the rock pile, but he also must have a technique such as when landing, because if he landed the wrong position can cause muscle injury or broken bones.

In addition to the physical and mental test for youth would be eligible for war, Fahombo tradition is also considered as a requirement for those who are ready to get married, because for those who do not successfully jump over the stone deemed not worthy to woo a girl. So famous jumping tradition this stone makes this tradition been immortalized on a thousand rupiah denominations in the early 1990s with the image of a man who was jumping Nias stone monument.

Why I Should That's where?

Looking at the ability of a young man who can jump the rock perfectly, then he is considered an adult and mature physically. Because of the social rights and obligations as an adult can be executed. For example: marriage, defending his village or join the enemy raided the village and so on. One way to measure the maturity and the maturity of a man is by looking at the motor skills on the rock stacking as high as 2 meters.

Previously, Loncat Batu and preparation is the need to defend ourselves and defend the name of the village. Many of the causes of conflict and war between villages. For example: the land border issue, women and other disputes. It invites one village to another village attack, so that the soldiers who participated in the attack, should have the agility to jump to save themselves. But first, when the human head hunting tradition is still carried on, the battle between villages are also very common.

When the human head hunters chased or escape, then they should be able to jump a fence or fortress target villages have been built from stone or bamboo or from trees that are not trapped in enemy territory.

Dexterity is needed because the first jump every village had fenced off or have made ​​a fortress made ​​of stone, bamboo or other materials that are difficult bypassed by the enemy. The lads are back with the success of the campaigns in other villages, will be a hero in his village.

Right now, the rest of the old traditions, has become a spectacular tourist attraction, is second to none in the world. Various actions and style of the jumper when you're on the air. No one dared draw sword, and there is also pinning his sword with teeth

Loncat Batu tradition that has become a spectacular tourism attraction and is able to make Nias known by other tribes

How Do I get there?

Towards Access What It Sure Is Nias Island City Sibolga.Ada two public transport options to the Nias, using land and air. For there are two air lines airline towards Nias, namely Merpati and Wings Air.

Both departing from Polonia Airport (Medan) to Gunungsitoli (Nias). Both set off almost at the same time, around 7:00 am every day. Schedule of the airlines Gunungsitoli home about 8:20 o'clock.

Cost airline flying both around Rp. 700.000, - for the first time penerbangan.Sementara When You Want Using Ground Transport Modes There Fleet Transport Travel and Inter-City Bus In The Province Served By PT Antar Lintas Sumatera, PT Makmur And PO Buntang Utara Every Day, Then At proceed Using the Motor Vessel At 21:00 hrs Depart On And Will Arrive In Nias Island the next day 07:30 o'clock

Cheap transport could use a ship or ferry. But a little time consuming because it requires 11 hours to cross to the island of Nias from Sibolga (North Sumatra). Ferry schedule at 8.00 pm every day, except Sunday no ships are sailing.

Economy ticket prices Rp69.000, - while the cabin ticket Rp103.000, -. Ticket purchase and reservations can be on your way ODOT Gunungsitoli or dipelabuhan Sibolga (North Sumatra). There is an alternative ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday purpose Sibolga (North Sumatra) - Teluk Dalam (Southern Nias). Ticket purchase and reservations can be through the Port of Sibolga. Ticket prices Rp80.000 economy, -.

If you are from Jakarta, Nias In order to achieve, there is weekly ship from Jakarta to Gunung Sitoli, there is a ferry from Sibolga to Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam, or Lahewa every day Or Can Also riding the bus PT Antar Lintas Sumatera From Lebak Bulus Sibolga And Then Go On proceed Using the Motor Vessel Departure at 21:00 BST On And Will Arrive In Nias Island the next day 07:30 o'clock

How In The accommodations?

Prior to the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh and Simeulue, Nias is a Favorite Travel Destinations In North Sumatra after Lake Toba For Foreign Tourists who want Surfing.Nias is part of the famous Hippie trail of the 1960s, especially traveling with surfers, which led to Bali.

Some claim that the waves on the south coast Sorake better than that on Maui. It has become a place of international surfing competitions in the past, particularly prior to the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh and Simeulue

Although the storied history of surfing in Nias, international surfing at Nias has slowed mainly (but not specifically) because of earthquakes recently. The situation is slowly changing.

Picking up toys is now Nias It Back And Ready echoing period Glory.many inns in South Nias Lagundi / Sorake, with a price range around 50,000 - to the most expensive Rp. 650.000.Mulai From Potluck facilities, luxuriously furnished bungalows Until You Can Meet There

When should I get there?

To enjoy the beauty of the island of Nias In general Can In Do Throughout the Year, but Should Do in Month from January to August in because of the topography of North Sumatera To Conditions In a Dry Season in that sea water and weather conditions Good And Towards Nias In a friendly situation

But The Show  Hombo Batu To Dance Fataele and preferably on Saturday and Sunday.

Because many Travelers Who Come And Visits To Seeing Hombo Batu,

so that the dancer can allow to dance once they are in because of the crowds of visitors,

of course the more visitors the more they collect purses to preserve the customs Fataele Dance

Know Before You Go

  • Nias tribe is people who live in the environment and indigenous cultures are still high. Nias customary law is generally referred fondrako that governs all facets of life from birth to death.
  • Nias people living in the ancient megalithic culture evidenced by historical legacies in the form of engravings on boulders are still found in the interior of this island until now.
  • Nias is an internationally famous surfing destination. Best known surfing area is Sorake Bay, near the town of Teluk Dalam, on the south end.
  • When you are waiting for waves, surfers can often see sea turtles swimming beneath you As your Following Surfing.
  • It's for the Surfing Locations In The World And In Prove Admit It's Always Only Location In The Competition surfers make waves in the world is the nearby Hinako Islands, Asu and Bawa., Where high quality surf travelers wait to try out the high surf there.
  • For tourists who bring children under five, do not forget to bring the equipment to play sand. Fine sand beaches makes the skin feel comfortable when coming into contact with it.
So how TravelEsia Friend Are You Interested To See Beauty island of Nias In General And Especially Hombo Batu, Lagundi And Sorake Beach, Dance Fataele, North Sumatra Becomes If you Travel Destinations, then Pay a visit to the island of Nias, Indonesia let us support a world tourism destination

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