Mount Leuser : Reaching the Highest Peak Land Of Rencong

Mount Leuser Is Mountain High In Aceh Darussalam Nangroe Sign It Into conservation The Mount Leuser National Park. Mount Leuser National Park Being Myself In Two Different Province, stretches from Aceh province (Southeast Aceh, South Aceh, Central Aceh, East Aceh and Aceh Singkil) Up North Sumatra (Langkat and Karo district) with an area of ​​80,000 hectares

Mount Leuser

In Administrative occupies three-quarters of the national park. Specifically Leuser Mountain region consists of Wildlife (SM) Kluit 20,000 ha, 416,500 ha Mount Leuser SM, SM KAPPI 142 800 ha, SM South Langkat 82,985 ha, 60,000 ha sikundur SM, Park Holidays Lawe Gura 9200 ha, 18,500 ha Sikundur TW, and protected forest and limited production forest area of ​​292,707 ha.

Ekosistem Leuser located at 3-4 º N and 97-98 º E, which covers 100 miles along the Bukit Barisan Mountains and stretches to the limit the level of a 0 - 3455m from sea couloir. Thus this makes the Leuser National Park is the largest national park in Indonesia.

Mount Leuser National Park itself takes its name from Mount Leuser (3404 M above sea level) in Aceh. National park includes native ecosystems from the coast to the high mountains covered with dense forest typical of tropical rain. This national park is managed by the zoning system for the purpose of research, science, education, support aquaculture, tourism and recreation.

Why should I get there?

Mount Leuser and the surrounding area known as the Leuser Ecosystem which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are approximately 130 species can be identified in the Gunung Leuser National Park, namely: Sumatran tigers, elephants, rhinos, gibbons, monkeys, leopards, reptiles, fish, and 325 species of birds.

Mount Leuser has the highest peak 3381 m and is one of the largest national parks in Indonesia and most diverse area of ​​7927 km ² in the northern tip of Sumatra. While crossing the incredible scenery, the true adventurer like you will not be disappointed when you browse this park.

Not only that you can Seeing orangutans conservation impressive. Find primates softness when you try to interact with them. Mount Leuser forest also has a wealth of tropical fruits such as mango, rambutan, durian, avocado, oranges, papaya, and guava.

Landscape Mount Leuser is very broad, including mangroves, swamp forest, lowland rain forest, moss, and up to subalpine forest. Listen to a variety of ecosystems, Mount Leuser is actually a group of many nature reserves and forests, namely Mount Leuser Nature Reserve, KAPPI Nature Reserve, Nature Reserve Kluet, Sikundur-Langkat Wildlife Reserve, Ketambe Research Station, West Singkil and Dolok Sembilin.

Adventure to Mount Leuser more than just a great adventure to a real zoo. Come and visit to a small village where Ketambe the friendly local people naturally have knowledge of the flora and fauna here.

Explore each way when you go to this park. See orangutans in the wild they are one of the best experiences of your life. So, prepare your equipment to study the lives of orangutans in this conservation Region

Other activities you might try is to visit the bat caves, hiking along the paddy fields and rubber plantations, visiting social projects such as free English schools, children's homes and clinics, and the Friday market excited. You can also hang out with some locals and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the local diner.

For a more challenging trip, you can hike to the summit of Mount Leuser, which takes about 10-14 days. The small village is the starting point of climbing Angakasan best.

Highly recommended when you go into the woods with a couple of local guides. All the guides here trusted and licensed, and therefore you will not only secure but also comfortable.

How Do I get there?

Although the peak was in Aceh Leuser but climbing the closest access is from Medan-North Sumatra, instead of Banda Aceh.

This Time there are two routes to the summit ascent Leuser first is from the north rather than the village of Kedah,

This is the normal route climbers often used, from the village to the top of the Leuser Kedah takes 7 days fastest ascent,

while climbing another route from the south, this route is rarely used because it is quite far and the terrain is more difficult.


From the terminal Pinang Baris - Medan, climbers can take a bus sized like Garuda, Pinem or Selian towards Kutacene within 233 km, with take approximately 10-12 hours. In the course of the climbers will pass Brastagi and Kaban ginger. Kutacane is the capital of Aceh Tenggara. This area stretches between the highway connecting Banda Aceh with Bakingan, which stretches 508 km.

Than through Medan, Kutacane can also be reached by driving through Banda Aceh Colt L-300. Next of Kutacane ride local transport (Loser, Marmas) Subject to the village Blangkajeren Angusan, or be chartered directly to the village of Kedah Penosan.

How The Ascent route?


From the point of Southeast Aceh Kedah, mountain peaks invisible target different from other mountains in Java. Green Sinebuk is the last post in the form of bungalows are located at an altitude of 1555 masl. Vegetation in the surrounding area is an area of ​​forest plantations herogen the community and the state of nature in the form of hills plateau. Arriving in this area will be overrun by climbers who put the guide rates between Rp. 800,000 s / d 1,000,000 per climb.

Around this area there are 7 ethnic populations inhabiting Leuser ecosystem surrounding the Gayo, Aceh, Malay, Alas, Singkil, Karo and Pakpak. To get to the top of the mountain during the Leuser takes 9-10 days depending on the weather and physical conditions climbers. Thus the total return - left, climb takes approximately 14-16 days. to reach the top of Mount Leuser pendai must pass through seven mountain again as requirements.

Forest first encountered conditions are still quite lush and mossy trails leading to very slippery road. because the forest cover in this area, not Shammai mataharipu beam to the ground so the humidity becomes immortal.

According to the setmpat, the area around it are "crossroads demon" which is an intersection toward illegal plantations "leaf plantations paradise" which is managed by the elements - certain elements. Allegedly Sumatran tigers still berkelian around this area. and along the way will be presented a view of animals - animals are rare.

Towards Simpang Angkasan normal ascent takes 9-10 hours, and even then if the support mild weather.


There Angkasan intersection disebuah mountains at an altitude of 1525 masl. Vegetation in the surrounding forest is heterogeneous and fired.Many charred forest birds and plants are prey animals (semar bag). Climbers are required to be aware of this area because there are branching paths quite confusing. It required orientation and navigation are accurate and precise so that climbers can continue the journey to Jambur. Running towards Jambur start To Climb and heavy with thick vegetation is dominated by trees overhung rattan. It takes 2-3 hours to Jambur.


Jambur is a climbing post in the form of open land and there is a puddle of water around that can be used for cooking for the climbers. To reach the summit Angkasan takes 3-4 hours with a fixed path uphill.


Angkasan peak at an altitude of 2891 masl. Here hikers can find several types of fauna. Easy there traveling along a heavily wooded ridge. Journey takes approximately 2-2.5 hours with path length 3.4 km.

JI'IT intersection commonly known as junction 21. After the area is still sloping trajectory. About 1 km later climbers will enter the forest area of ​​cinnamon. Furthermore, climbers must be completely re-determine the exact orientation of the field as many tracks covered by bushes. For climbers need to track rhino covered it for 3.5 - 4 hours with lintasa uphill.


Running Rhino camp area is located near Perpanji Hill. Usually climbers are here if you have entered the fifth day. After that trajectory toward Blangbeke very long climb takes 8-10 hours. For that climbers are encouraged stockpiling of logistics as a backup food when down later.

Blangbeke towards more open terrain and many vegetation bush shrubs.


After Blangbeke area terrain began to enter the forested area and the trees covered with thick moss. Vegatasi along the trajectory is very diverse ranging from hard and thick-trunked trees to shrubs and trees parasites that attach apada big. But along this path can not be found edelweiss. Area after three hikers will cross a small river and a very clear and cold, and a fairly large river reaches 10m cross-sectional area, named the river Alas 2. about 3 hours later, climbers will arrive at Camp Swimming Rhinos.


Named with the rhino for this place often used by Rhino-dwelling Sumatran rhino. Panorama around with rhino is very beautiful when the weather is sunny. Because of its location is very open to allow climbers to watch in the area below. other than that in this place there is also a pool of water that resembles a lake.

A fairly open place with enough sunlight is taking the climbers can hang all the wet gear climb.

After the pool area rhino terrain to be traversed climber back uphill and occasional decreases with beautiful views. to reach Camp Bipak takes 5.5-6 hours.


Bipak cans is a post which is derived from the bivoak or bivouac. This place is a small hilltop in nameless, usually on day 7 climbers will be here. Peak Leuser not yet reveal himself. To get to bipak can take as long as 5-6 hours climbing the terrain is almost the same as before, ie, up and down through the hills and valleys.


Named bipak cans because there are diarea cans scraps dropped from a helicopter to the group that ran out of supplies. to get to the rock bipak only takes 30-45 minutes.


Named bipak rock because in this place there are many scattered stones surrounded by scrub vegetation and there are almost no trees. From the summit of Mount Leuser area is still not visible. After the track area and not so uphill ramps. Amid climbing can encounter a small river that runs, water is clear. To achieve savannas takes 4-4.5 hours.


Grassland savannas is a very spacious and beautiful. This area can be used as a summit climber attack for the next day to the summit Loser. Race to the top of the loser is not so uphill and it only takes 1.5 hours.

Loser is the highest peak of the peak Leuser. This peak has a height of 3404 meters above sea level and just adjacent to the top of the mountain which is a series of Leuser Bukit Barisan that extends along the island of Sumatra.

Then the journey can be continued to the summit of the climb Leuser takes 5-6 hours, with multiple passes ridge. Arriving at the summit climbers can see the wonderful Leuser Gunung Leuser National Park is hilly undulating area of ​​950,000 ha and decorated by waves in far south side of the pass between a light mist, which realize how little mankind than God's creation.

How In The accommodations?

Mount Leuser located in rural areas, so the facilities and accommodation for tourists is scarce,

but only a few traditional houses available for residents to stay overnight hikers.

For Climbers please try Homestay And The Track.Maybe feel is the best choice here.

You Can saving travel costs you can also study the lives of people in rural areas Mount Leuser

When should I get there?

The best time to visit the Mount Leuser is from March until August, Due In Month To North Sumatra and Aceh Darussalam province Sign Into Dry Season, So the weather condition Very Friendly For You To Perform Ascent

Terms of What Should I Do Before there?


In addition to the dangerous terrain, as well as the security situation in Aceh has not fully stabilized the climber is expected to take care of all licensing ranging from kindergarten Government I, Kadit STIR, Southeast Aceh police chief, Basarnas in KKR Polonia Medan, Aceh Tenggara TNGL, Letter from climbing organizations and also medical certificate.

Know Before You Go

  • Despite being on the summit of Mount Leuser NAD but climbing the closest access is from Medan-North Sumatra, instead of Banda Aceh
  • The climb takes about 15 Days So Prepare Physical, Bekal Pula Eating And Arm Yourself With Drug That Adequate Climbing Over There
  • Smart Think Managing Calories And Food Anda.Untuk Avoiding Endless Gifts Food Was In The good Bekal Your Food Cans piled in bivouac area, It Also In doing By All Climber Disana.Hal It Works For Backup Or Just Relieve Food That You Bring During Travel A Journey to the Top Round Nor Perjalan Later
  • Gunung Leuser Conservation is the Very Awake Many Blooded Animals are Crossing Over Between you towards climax Other namely: Sumatran tigers, elephants, rhinos, gibbons, monkeys, leopards, reptil.Jadi Please Use The Guide to Good Understanding Natural Conditions
  • Ascent It Just Takes A Long Time And Not Only That, You Also Must Have Foods Enough To Below there, So Bring Forter (Bearer Goods).
  • Vegetation cover is Gunung Leuser mangrove swamp forest, lowland rain forest, moss, and through subalpine forest, then Fari was Prevention of Malaria important but you should contact your doctor about preventive measures or treatment in case of infection.
  • You also need to make sure your life insurance from an insurance provider, they will bear the risk of trekking in the forest, especially in the dense forests Leuser.
  • Not recommended for novice climbers climb Doing Here, Due to Natural Conditions and duration of Ascent Being Admitted At your expense Peak Climbing

    • sunblock cream.
    • Anti-diarrhea medicine.
    • Malaria Pills.
    • insect exterminator.
    • Dehydration Salts.
    • Anti Flu.
    • Antibiotics.
    • You must have a valid vaccination Tetanus.

So How TravelEsia Friends, Are you interested to climb and peddle your feet on Mount Leuser.If You Visited To Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Maked Mount Leuser For Visiting as a tourist destination.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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