Laut Tawar Lake : Beauty And Wisdom Natural In the Land Rencong

Laut Tawar Lake - Natural Beauty Indonesia Always Just Being pride and cluster Story Points For Those Who Love And Beauty Hospitality Of Out Country .Indonesia Is A State Of The Rich Culture And Customs that houses the Daily Life Indonesia.countries with diverse cultures Tribe It has historical and cultural origins are quite different between the sub-ethnic with other ethnic sub-cultures that enrich repertoire in Indonesia.

The beauty and richness Customs of the Various However Becoming Unity Will Become An benchmarks Greatness Of A Country That Will Introduce Indonesia.It TravelEsia Coolness Beauty And Elegance In A Lake in Earth stoep of Mecca, which has Charm And Beautiful Landscape, definitely Make You pleasant To linger There

Laut Tawar Lake

is a lake and tourist areas are located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh District, Aceh.

West side of the lake there is a county town is the city of Takengon, which is also the capital of the Central Aceh Regency. Gayo tribe called this lake as Lake Lut Bargaining.

The extent of approximately 5472 acres with a length of 17 km and a width of 3.219 km. The volume of water is approximately 2,537,483,884 m³ (2.5 billion liters). Laut Tawar Lake has 25 stream Krueng the total water discharge of approximately 10 043 liters per second, with an average depth of 51.13 meters is the highest and second highest brightness , 92 meters in the middle of the lake. the higher the brightness the more clear.

The existence of a Laut Tawar Lake community pride Aceh. He is a natural tourist attraction visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. The lake is a source of water is used not only by people in Central Aceh District, but also by people in other districts.

Why should I get there?

There are some animals that live in this lake that, 3 types of mollusk, one type of annelids, 37 species of fish and 49 species of insects, while for the animals that live around the lake found 20 species of mammals, consisting of 13 families, including some of which are protected animals, including Binturong, cunt, tringgiling, porcupines, deer, Napu, gibbons, siamang, tanado, tiger, bobcat, deer, and antelope.

Not Only That, This lake also has a fish endemic, such as fish or Rasbora depik leptasoma. Depik small fish such as anchovies and shaped like fish bilih Maninjau Lake, West Sumatra. Although now, depik endangered fish populations due to large-scale arrests that did not offset the effort to save the environment.

On the outskirts of the crystal clear lake is also growing very large tree trunk, lots of fruit and lush leaves. The place where all kinds of animals living in the forest for shelter from the scorching sun and pouring rain while taking a break after melalang globe in search of food, and a place to relieve thirst because the pool water is very clear and its presence flanked by Hill That Adds Beauty And The Wisdom Such lakes

Two hills that flank the lake, the more shows the beauty of the lake. Unification of plain water and give plenty of sources of livelihood for the community, especially around the Gayo highlands.

Designation because of the vast ocean as marine and freshwater designation because the water is not salty. The lake is storing wealth of flora and fauna, one of the most famous being depik fish which is the only species of fish in Laut Tawar Lake.

At this location visitors can see people farming and fishing. An activity that has become part of everyday life in the communities around the lake. Commodities grown in the Gayo highlands, among others, is the Gayo coffee (Coffee arabica) is very famous in Japan, potatoes, passion fruit, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and vegetables. The results are quite famous plantation commodities is Gayo tangerines and avocados.

How Do I get there?

Shady lake is located to the east of town Takengon, in the Gayo highlands (1,250 meters above sea level), District Lot Tawar, Aceh province. It is the largest lake in the province of Aceh, with an area of ​​5472 hectares, approximately 17 km long and 5.5 km wide.

Despite Being In Aceh Province, But Access Heading Into What Is a Laut Tawar Lake From City Medan.For Towards location is good from the Banda Aceh-Medan or Lhokseumawe heading west, we can approximately 100km overland by road in a beautiful mountainous complete with huge gaps in the green lure passing Bireun district and highlands.

From the west, we can reach this area by land also through West Aceh district. Apart from land, can also through the air with a small plane.

The tourists who wish to travel to this lake, could be so easy to go through the City Bireun, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The tourists can find a small terminal that can take you directly to the Laut Tawar Lake. It spent about 5 hours. Another alternative route, tourists can get through Blang Kejeren and Kutacane. As a favorite spot for many travelers

But do not dally while enjoying the charm of the Laut Tawar Lake. If it's your first time to visit this lake, so be careful, especially when driving a vehicle.

Here is still minimal curb the abyss. So it can be very dangerous.

But You Do not Worry, because Laut Tawar Lake has incredibly indulgent eye.

As far as the eye could see, a lake covering approximately 5,000 hectares will give all its perfection.

How In The accommodations?

Around the lake there is a lodging place for travelers who want to stay overnight at the Lake .Not only lodging, travelers can find several restaurants. 

In this restaurant, you can find some special menus to your desire .Sure Fit Your Message With A Relatively Cheap Price

Dissatisfied Will It Also Available In This lake boat used to carry passengers around the beauty and wisdom of the lake's Fresh Seafood

When should I get there?

For visiting the lake is possible Laut Tawar Lake Marine of the Year, But In September As of December is There.Because Rainy Season Road Condition Good and The Will and the Lake is still minimal guardrail and Confined to gorge on the right and left. So it can be very dangerous On When cross.

Know Before You Go

  • The tourists who wish to travel to this lake, could be so easy to go through the City Bireun, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
  • Another alternative route, tourists can get through Blang Kejeren and Kutacane
  • Takengon is the area of ​​Islamic law and quite cold. You better wear closed.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera because a lot of beautiful and interesting objects for your capture.
  • Transportation of the fields you can go directly to the street of Gajah Mada in Medan, where gather all kinds of buses bound aceh included Takengon.
  • You can use the faster car travel are picked and delivered directly to the destination though usually more expensive fare
  • Buses to depart Takengon Midnight In order to get there early morning
  • If you come with more than five people, better rent a car from Medan.Sure Saves Your Travel Costs
  • All kinds of attractions in this area you can ask directly with the innkeeper who was very friendly. You can also rent bikes for the day around the lake and small town
  • Do not forget your culinary tasting fish in Takengon with a delicious and distinctive deupik Marine Laut Tawar Lake
  • Although not many lodging options, but generally cheap and clean

So how TravelEsia Are you interested Companions For Visiting The beauty and peacefulness of your visit to This Lake .If You Visit To Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Go To The Laut Tawar Lake, Mount Leuser as a tourist your destination.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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