Gulf Kiluan: Seeing Things Dolphins Hundreds Were Lucid Marine

Gulf Kiluan - Companion seems TravelEsia We can not deny that Indonesia is the Best Marine Tourism Destinations in the World, Why Not, Indonesia has Shorelines So Exotic As The Aft From Sabang Marauke.Not Just That, Indonesia Also In The Beautiful Nature Landscape Provide Being Heaven for Those Who Want to Get beauty And Hospitality of An Other Country.No Other And No It's Not That We "INDONESIA"

At this time the opportunity TravelEsia Friend Wants To Introduce You A attraction Natural And Unique dance, Maybe If We See A group of People Doing Ordinary It's possible to dance, But When There attractied Hundreds Dolphins Jumping And Dancing And Welcomes you waddle Like A mannequin ready Made you amazed.

Gulf Kiluan

A place that is secluded but full of charm, not an obstacle for tourists visiting there. So was the case in the Gulf Kiluan, Tanggamus District, Lampung province. Although it is 67 km from the city of Bandar Lampung through winding roads and at some point was not smooth, but it is not an obstacle for some among tourists visiting there.

Gulf Kiluan is located in Lampung Province, which is famous for its many dolphins, whales around the bay Kiluan. The area is also famous for its natural beauty and a haven for anglers reliable. Fishing competition held annually in the Gulf Kiluan followed by a master-master angler throughout Indonesia.

Kiluan famous nautical and tourist destinations will be developed into a tourist village. Object superior in the area Pekon Kiluan State (Rural Affairs Kiluan), District Lulumbayan, Tanggamus District this very much. Starting from the Gulf Coast Kiluan, Kiluan island with white sand beaches, snorkeling, saw a herd of Dolphins swimming, fishing, and many more Activities You Can Do Here

Why Should I Get There ?

Hearing the Gulf Kiluan the mind is an attraction of hundreds of dolphins at sea, dancing and walking on - sway Ready to greet the visitor on the boat. Gulf Kiluan became known as marine ecotourism destination at the southern tip of the island of Sumatra. It is said that this place is the biggest dolphin habitat in Asia, even the world. It is no wonder more and more domestic and foreign tourists visiting in a small bay.

Not Just For you lovers of seafood here is paradise. Anytime can enjoy fresh fish bought directly from fishermen or fishing at sea. In particular season can enjoy the delicious shrimp or squid. If you love a challenge more, speared crab or octopus with a local fisherman, see the reef on the seabed. Or want to enjoy lobster instant way. Local fishermen provide a five-star hotel-style menu. Fresh lobster hunted in the deep sea are usually collected in cages prior to shipping. And for the price would have been more friendly.

Complete no taste in the Gulf Kiluan not plunged into the blue sea. Seeing the beauty of colorful marine life with snorkling gear. Various sizes and species of fish swim among the coral and soft coral. Many beautiful snorkeling spots scattered in the Gulf region Kiluan.Just Only walk a few steps from the beach can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. If you are a diver, will be more choice spot. At a depth of 20-30 meters of marine species diversity more. If lucky enough to find a green or hawksbill turtle swimming freely.

Once satisfied seafood barbecues usually visitors relaxing on a wooden pier. Enjoy the beautiful night on the beach, looking at the moon or stars in the sky greeting.

Tonight On When Companions TravelEsia Been Slightly overcast weather indeed, no visible flickering light in the sky. But the lights of fishing boats fishing beautiful twinkle, not be missed. The more nights flickering lights of the ship more and more concentrated at night. local residents - to explain that now the jellyfish. The fishermen hunt animals without spinal cord of the afternoon until the early hours.

foreign tourists usually prefer to live in a tent than in Live At home residents Or The Familiar On Call homestay. The sound of the waves and the wind will be more sound, completely at one with nature. Shade trees in the yard homestay reminded Friend TravelEsia tropical forests in the Bukit Barisan. A tree house with branches and twigs hung interlocked add exotica atmosphere. From behind the twigs squirrel ran shy hiding behind foliage. The faint sound of gibbons blaring from behind the hill. By evening, the sound of crickets chime in with the wind at night. When dawn birdsong greet the sun at bay Kiluan.

First time visit in the Gulf Kiluan , Friend TravelEsia de ja vu will feel like on the island of Gods, Bali. Some temples look at houses on the waterfront datu This is one unique Kiluan Bay, when the multi-ethnic coexistence. Residents Kiluan Bay consists of several ethnic groups including: Bugis, Lampung Coastal, Sunda and Bali. They work hand in hand and work together to build bridges and roads damaged by abrasion independently. The charm of the local indigenous people.

Ever imagined bobbing in the ocean off only by a small boat. Jukung designation of local traditional boats, long slender shape with an acute angle on both sides. Very aerodynamic, not surprisingly can go faster in the ocean tide. Balanced with rangakain says bamboo on each side that are not easily overturned. This is the means of transportation to get to see the dolphins.

Because marine mammals are more convenient than the traditional boats meet the ship. A boats can carry 4 people including interpreters wheel. Heart palpitations TravelEsia Companions may not feel much different when riding jetcoaster. Waves as high as two meters lie ahead, but with agile boats up the highest peak waves. Next back to its lowest, and so on. Biggest test to see dolphins in the open sea

When the Friends of Coconut Island photo shows TravelEsia to some of your colleagues. They think that you are out on holiday to Phi-Phi, Thailand. Who would have thought a white sand beach with ocean blue shades of the three colors is in Lampung. Accents colorful boats on the beach reinforce the impression of traditional ethnic.

Coconut Island offers many charms of an island. The northern part of the island is directly adjacent to the mainland and is the confluence of two currents. Not surprisingly in this area of marine life thrives, right place for bersnorkling. The west and south directly overlooking the open ocean. The waves are quite large but beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset. A steep rocky lagoon located in the western part. The east side is a white sand beach visitor favorite place to swim. Facing directly to the mainland with wavelength is not too large.

How Do I Get There ?

Lempasing began entering the area, the road is narrow, winding and up and down. We have to be extra careful in driving a car when it's through if you do not want to fall into the abyss. However, we are offered a view of a green forest located on the right side of the road in a soothing eye. Occasionally nan will see the vast ocean blue is visible from the left side of the cliffs road that we've been through. Shrimp farms are also widely seen on the left side of the road directly facing the ocean.

Before entering the last village streets are passable by car, a typical village house Lampung stage the main attraction on the way to the Gulf Kiluan. After that we entered the village Onion, where we went through the streets turned into a bumpy dirt roads and rocky.

Then the journey continued to ride motorcycles because cars could not pass again. The car that we brought was forced to be deposited in the village hall to be safe for us to go to the Gulf turns out not hard to find a motorcycle in this area, because they are ready at any time to take guests to Kiluan.

To rent a car Avanza, Xenia, APV with a driver in the price range of Rp 400,000 to Rp 600,000 per day, inclusive of petrol. However, make sure the return costs are included in the rental car, whether it includes petrol, parking and driver meal allowance.

Public transportation from Jakarta to the Gulf Kiluan:

1. Kalideres - Merak (economic) Rp.15.000, -, about 1.5 hours

2. Merak ferry crossing - Bakahueni (economic) Rp.15.000, - (conditioning Rp.30.000, -), about 2 hours

3. Bakahueni - Bandar Lampung (economic) Rp.15.000, - about 2 hours

4. Travel Bandar Lampung (time blocks) - Kiluan (AC) Rp.45.000, -, about 3-4 hours

5. Crossing (jungkung small boat) from the Gulf Kiluan Kiluan the island, 15,000, - / org about 15 minutes.

6. Jungkung to 'hunt' Dolphins: Rp.250.000/boat, can be filled with 3 people, all the old hunts around 2-3 hours.

How In The Accommodations ?

Accommodation rentals in Gulf Kiluan very limited. On the island there is only 1 house Kiluan stage is used as a homestay, which has 4 rooms for rent. Overnight rental price Rp.150.000, - perroom, which can be filled up to 5-6 people. Very very minimal facilities, electricity used is a simple generator that lit very limited (110V). Another alternative is to stay at a homestay in the Gulf Kiluannya (mainland), with the condition that it should be better. I prefer to stay on the island Kiluan with consideration so early in the morning can simply climb aboard jungkung 'hunt' dolphins.

Food eaten is the food provided by the homestay owner costs Rp.15.000, -/eat/person a potluck side dish of fresh fish.

Most are free, except for the beach that has been commercialized as the beach Klara 5,000 -, 5,000 Mutun beach, -.

When Should I Get There ?

The best time to visit Gulf Kiluan from May to August, when the rainy season because it is feared, will make its way to the Gulf Kiluan damaged will be more severe and the more difficult journey.

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Wear shoes or sandals when walking the streets of coastal shores to avoid the sea urchins are sometimes unpredictable trampled.
  • Make sure you bring equipment for maritime activity in there nonetheless available equipment can be hired. It will also help to reduce spending money on the site.
  • The plan area equipped various support facilities: toilet facilities, multi-purpose hall, a tennis ball volli and outbound facilities. Can not wait to see the Gulf Kiluan feels more lustrous prepare to welcome travelers at the end of this year. Are you one of them?
  • Arm yourself with food. Ranging from snacks for on the go to a lot of mineral water. Somewhat difficult to find in the Gulf stalls Kiluan.
  • Voyage through the waters of the Gulf of Kiluan typically use boats, a traditional local fishing boats that have been motorized. The shape is sleek and long.
  • Jukung contains only three people, plus the driver of the total passengers on board only four people. Rental rate per boat is $ 250,000. Usually, the trips offered are seeing dolphins stopped at the island continued Kiluan.
  • Because dolphins appeared in the morning, you should start the journey early in the morning, about six o'clock in the morning. While in Coconut Island to remember there is a visitor entry fee of Rp 5,000 per person.
  • Providers also rents boats life vest. However, you have to rent it at a price of Rp 15,000 per jacket.
  • Due to the low lighting without electricity, do not forget to bring a flashlight. Similarly Bring personal medicines including antiseptic. Because the water is rather hard, take too antiseptic hand gels and wipes.
  • For the camera, you should take an underwater camera and a telephoto camera for capturing dolphins. Bring waterproof plastic to put things so as not to get wet. Anti mosquito lotion also no harm taken. As well as moisturizing sunscreen.

So how Friend TravelEsia Are you interested Seeing Things Dolphins Hundreds Marine lucid Dance And waddle Like Pragawati.If you been to Province Lampung.Coming For Visiting Gulf Kiluan as a tourist you Own destination .We Support Indonesia To Be World Travel Destinations

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