Mount Bromo : Land Paradise In Central Java

Mount Bromo - Friend TravelEsia visited Indonesia Natural Beauty Is a Dream Destination For Those Who loves beauty Of Our Country A.Friend TravelEsia It will Introduce To You About Beauty A Mountain In East Java

Mount Bromo

Actually Sign In areas of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has a sub-montane ecosystems, montane and sub​​-Alphin with large trees and hundreds year.old saying you been to East Java if not set foot in the beautiful volcano this. 

Mount Bromo Being In The Tengger Semeru National Park is unique with sea sand area of ​​5250 hectares at an altitude of 2392 m above sea level. You can ride and climb Mount Bromo through the steps and see the sun rise. Look at how the captivating charm of the sun at sunrise and sunset would be a deep personal experience when you see it in person.

Mount Bromo is derived from the word Brahma (one of the Hindu Gods). Bromo is a volcano is still active and well known as a tourist icon in East Java. The mountain is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but has spectacular scenery and dramatic. Exceptional beauty makes tourists who visit will be amazed.

Mount Bromo Tengger tribe inhabited by people who believe that Mount Bromo is a place where a prince to sacrifice life for his family. 

People here do Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo festival once a year with the dedication of vegetables, chicken, and the money thrown into the crater of the volcano to sacrifice to the gods.

Doing so Procession Ceremony Community Giving Thanks To The God In Central Java

Why Should I Get There ?

From the summit of Mount Penanjakan at 2770 m altitude, tourists from around the world come to see the sunrise of Mount Bromo. The scenery is amazing and you will hear only the sound of camera shots that capture the moment when travelers can not be obtained elsewhere. At sunrise very unusual where you'll see the foreground of Mount Semeru that emit smoke in the distance and the sun shone brightly up into the sky.

Enjoy the vast expanse of sea sand, watching the towering majesty of Mount Semeru reaching for the sky, and look beautiful sun went out of the dusk or otherwise enjoying the twilight of the ridge Bromo is Takan unforgettable experience when visited Bromo.

Witnessed a spectacular sunrise from the peak of
Mount Bromo tour.Come in Kasada / tenth (usually in September-November) and see Kasada annual festival which came to the Bromo Tengger throwing offerings of vegetables, chicken, and money into the crater of the volcano.
Riding on a sea of ​​sand which only national park is an experience second to none compared. Sand sea is so wide and with a height of 2392 meters, the uniqueness of this nature exist only in Indonesia. Ocean sand looks awesome when the sun rays kejinggaan sweep in the morning, it is clear from Cemorolawang, one entrance to the park.The climbers of Mount Semeru, selalunya did detour into some cold lake is always foggy, namely Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and Ranu Kumbolo. This is a shifting focus of a memorable trip.

Not Only That, some plant species are found in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, among others jamuju (Dacrycarpus imbricatus), mountain pine (Casuarina sp.), Eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica), various types of orchids and rare species of grass (Styphelia pungieus).

There are about 137 species of birds, 22 species of mammals and 4 species of reptile in this national park

Endangered and protected contained in this park include mongoose (Pardofelis marmorata), deer (Cervus timorensis), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), deer (Muntiacus muntjak), red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus), leopard (Panthera pardus), ajag (Cuon alpinus), and various species of birds such as the kestrel bird (Accipiter virgatus), hornbills (Buceros rhinoceros silvestris), eagle snake bido (Spilornis cheela bido), black Srigunting (Dicrurus macrocercus), Scaly-breasted falcon (Haliastur indus), and grouse that live in Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and Ranu Kumbolo.
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is the only conservation area in Indonesia which has a unique form of sand sea covering an area of ​​5250 acres, which is located at an altitude of ± 2100 meters above sea level. 

How Do I Get There ?

To get to Mount Bromo, you can fly from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. Sriwijaya Air flies twice daily from Jakarta to Malang. there, you can continue the journey to Mount Bromo to the travel agent to book or driving a car with-Pasuruan-Surabaya route Wonokitri-Mount Bromo. This journey spend 2 to 3 hours.
There are three entrances other than the path above, the Village Cemorolawang when you pass through Probolinggo, Village Ngadas when you pass through Malaysia, and Burno village when the passing lane of Lumajang. 

All of this pathway can be reached comfortably on a four-wheel vehicle.Usually routes or paths used is:
1. Pasuruan - Warung Dowo - Tosari - Wonokitri - Mount Bromo, located 71 km.

2. Malang - Overlapping - Shack Klakah - Jemplang - Mount Bromo, located 53 km.

3. Malang - Purwodadi - Nongkojajar - Tosari - Wonokitri - Penanjakan, within 83 miles.

In order to arrive on time to see the sunrise, you should go with a little computation time, or it can stay in one of the hotels in Prigen, Tretes to ensure you are on the slopes of the crater before sunrise.

When in Bromo, when you are not using a personal vehicle 4X4 vehicles available to take you to the rental commonplace enough to get another experience like this. It is a bit pricey if you go and bear all the costs themselves. When clustered, the cost burden will be light.

How In The accommodations ?

There are many simple guesthouse and hotel in the vicinity of Mount Bromo. Guesthouse Bromo is located in Ngadisari is 3 km from the crater slopes or you can choose another in Cemorolawang located on the slopes of the crater.

You can also stay in Tretes, Pasuruan, or Malang. This is the closest towns to Bromo with cool shades mountain resort. 

There are also many nice hotels that offer a spectacular view of Mount Semeru and Mount Arjuna.

When Should I Get There ?

The best time to visit Mount Bromo is June s / d in October and December of s / d in January.

Some locations / attractions to be visited:
Cemorolawang. One entrance to the national park which is visited to see from a distance the ocean expanse of sand and crater of Bromo, and camping.
Sand Sea and Mount Bromo Tengger. Bromo riding and hiking through the steps and see the sunrise.
Pananjakan. Viewing scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.
Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and the summit of Mount Semeru. The lakes are very cold and always foggy (± 2200 m. Asl) is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru (3676 m. Asl).
Ranu Darungan. Camping, observing animals / plants and the charming natural scenery.

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Temperatures on Mount Bromo range from 3 ° -20 ° Celsius, but can be a few degrees below zero during the dry season
  • f you are not strong with the cold air, you should bring a jacket, gloves, and a hat or other head covering. After sunrise the weather quickly became quite hot here.
  • Do not forget to bring a camera or camcorder so you can capture these stunning natural beauty.
  • From Penanjakan to Ocean Sand, the route is very steep, so that the ordinary four-wheel vehicles are not recommended. Riding, hiking, or rent a 4X4 vehicle of a tour guide can be an alternative.
So how Friend TravelEsia Are you excited for Visiting Natural Beauty can not be described Here.If your visit to East Java Please Visit To Mount Bromo For Youre tourist destination We Go Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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