Our Technology : Technology doesn’t replace expert people. It makes them even better.

At NusaPediaCorporate Travel we have long believed that our expert people are our strongest asset. However we have invested in technology to ensure their expertise is put to best use, and to give you an edge in handling your travel program to the next level. 

Service Configuration

One of our core values is Customer First, and we apply this in how we design the right service configuration for your business. We will discuss your needs in detail, give you options and assist you in choosing the option that is right for you.

We have invested significant resources in the launch of our new Customer Care Centre (CCC) in 2012. Based at our NusaPedia Headquarters in Medan - North Sumatera - Indonesia , our CCC boasts leading-edge contact centre technology to ensure we service our corporate clients as efficiently as possible while retaining the NusaPedia touch that we have become famous for. Our TV wallboard reports in real time our call performance, ensuring that we consistently exceed our Service Level, which is more than 80% of day-time calls answered within 20 seconds and more than 80% of after-hours calls answered within 40 seconds.

More and more companies now appreciate the value and effectiveness of remote service through our CCC, freeing up valuable office space in their premises and ensuring better ability to handle peaks in internal demand.

We continue to service over 40 locations on an implant set up, where a small team of NusaPedia Corporate Travel consultants are located inside the premises of the corporation, privileging close personal relationships over the resilience of a centralized remote service. 

Reservation technology

TravelEsia Corporate Travel operates a traditional GDS-powered reservation system for international air bookings. For domestic air content, NusaPedia has co-developed a specific web-based transaction platform that accesses all major domestic airlines through one single reservation system. This vastly enhances the service quality offered to domestic travelers, as flights options can be offered instantly across multiple carriers, and all the data required for Management Information collection can be entered straight away at the time of reservation.

For Hotel content NusaPedia has developed a hotel booking portal that aggregates into one single tool all the direct hotel contracts negotiated by us with hoteliers in Indonesia, as well as attractive net rate content from global hotel wholesalers, ensuring your travelers and booker can quickly find the hotel they need at the most competitive rate.

Online booking

Online booking faces significant headwind in Indonesia, from multiple directions: content (domestic content not available on traditional systems), cost (relatively high technology cost in a country of relatively low labor cost), mode of payment, and company administrative processes which often require multiple offline touches. This is why most travel programs still consider Online Booking an opportunity for the mid/long term future rather than the present.

For companies willing to trade off some of the downsides of online booking, NusaPedia can assist you in deploying your solution of choice in Indonesia.

Data processing

Management Information Systems (MIS) are critical to corporations today to capture, process and deliver the data and analysis necessary to manage a business. Vayatour’s mid office systems allow us to capture all critical data at the time of reservation or issuance, so that your company gets complete, clean data on a frequent basis. Our team of MI experts reviews the data capture process frequently to make sure you get the most solid data from your Travel Management partner.