Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy support the development of 21 botanical gardens

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu said Kemenparekraf support the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) to build 21 new botanical gardens all over the country, as an alternative tourist destination and flora conservation. 

"I appreciate the effort and will support the construction of 21 new botanical garden, so it can be a destination for tourists as well as the conservation of flora," said Mari Elka Pangestu in Bogor on Friday, when reviewing the readiness manager Bogor Botanical Gardens in the face of the Eid holiday travelers. 

On that occasion, the Head of the Bogor Botanical Gardens Plant Conservation Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Mustaid Siregar, said that it is seeking to build on LIPI 21 new botanical garden in the entire country. A total of 21 such botanic gardens will add to the list of botanical gardens that are currently new numbered four in Indonesia. 

According to Mari Elka, but can as a tourist destination flora, botanical gardens where in essence would be a land for the conservation of rare plant species in Indonesia. So as to maintain the diversity of plants in Indonesia. "Indonesia has a range of plant species. Everywhere in the world, would want to have a botanical garden and variety of flora are known in the world," he said. Meanwhile, Head of Plant Conservation Center LIPI Bogor Botanical Gardens Mustaid Siregar said as the country with a variety of flora, Indonesia is far behind other countries in terms of number of botanical gardens. 

"We are number four in the garden rayanya just the last 45 years, it was built by the son of Indonesia is only one that is in Bali. Botanical garden in America there are 300, in Brazil there are 40 pieces. We are far behind," he said. He said the building 21 new botanical garden, LIPI will focus on Indonesian territory of West first, because in many cases the area of ​​deforestation or deforestation. According Mustaid, botanical gardens need to support the development of local governments and communities, especially related to land acquisition issues, for reforestation and to maintain the continuity of flora.

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