Jember Fashion Carnaval

Jember Fashion Carnaval - Jember Fashion Carnaval - When you hear the word carnival, what do you think? Big party, parade or parade with lots of spectators, colorful clothes carnival participants, or perhaps Jember Fashion Carnaval? Whatever is on your mind, be prepared to witness one of the most magnificent and largest carnival in Indonesia, namely Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) 2013. This event will take place on 23-25 ​​August 2013 in Jember, East Java.
Jember Fashion Carnaval
The carnival was originally just a simple fashion week held in Jember town square. However, then the idea of ​​Dynand Fariz mucullah a designer in the field of fashion as well as educators who live in Jember fashion week to change this into a huge carnival and now known as the

Jember Fashion Carnaval

Implementation of the JFC was first paired to enliven HUT Jember. With trend-oriented fashion world charm wrapped in Indonesian culture, JFC implementation a success each year. Since it was first held in 2003, Jember Fashion Carnaval continues under the spotlight of the international media in each event. 

How not, this carnival is the fourth largest in the world after the Mardi Grass in New Orleans in the United States, Rio De Janeiro Carnaval in Brazil, and Fastnatch Koln in Germany.

As one of the biggest carnivals in the world, Jember Fashion Carnival certainly does not serve the mediocre. The carnival will make a highway in the city as a catwalk along the 3.6 km. is among the longest in the world where a window of life of hundreds of masterpieces in the form of a spectacular haute couture designs are rooted in Indonesian culture.Jember Fashion Carnaval this year with the theme "ArTechsion" will be divided into ten sub-themes, namely: Tribe, Tibet, Betawi, Octpus, Bamboo, Art Deco, Canvas, Beetle, Spider, and Venice. The process of preparation for this event spektauler takes approximately one year.

 JFC participants coming from various backgrounds and ages from all over the archipelago, they generally are artists, designers, fashion observer of the world, lovers of fashion, models, up to the student. Using the concept of 4 E ie Education, Entertainment, Exhibition and Benefit Economy, JFC will bring more than 650 participants who will be walking the catwalk along 3.6 miles from Central Park to the Sport Hall Jember.

Participants design, build and demonstrate their own costumes as well as make up and hair styling. Therefore participants will receive in-house training fashion design, fashion run way, dance, presenter, singer, makeup, and hair style at no charge. On the day, participants will be placed in each sub theme they've chosen. Carnival is also more festive with the presence of a Defile Opening Live Performing Art of JFC Marching Band. will also be the theme of fashion Defile Archipelago regions of each province in Indonesia, among others, from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and others. In addition to pre-determined sub-themes, participants can display their imaginative works in the form of clothing from a country, certain groups, movie, event or occurrence, animation and others.

All clothing is presented in the JFC will certainly competed for the award for the category of JFC Award, Special Award, Best Performance, Best Costume, Unique Costume, and Other Costume. It can be ascertained this carnival will be attended by thousands of people who come from different places.

They will pack the outskirts of Jember city roads that will be catwalk JFC. Photographer and media from different countries will also be present to capture and broadcast the beauty, grandeur,tremendous, and uniqueness of Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013. So, prepare your time and book accommodation well in advance as the previous month will certainly have a lot booked.Jember Fashion Carnaval

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