Gebyar Batik Muda Nusantara Festival 2013: The Cultural Style of Youth

Gebyar Batik Muda Nusantara 2013 - As expression of appreciation of the young generation towards Indonesia’s authentic Batik fashion trends, an elaborate youth batik festival called “Gebyar Batik Muda Nusantara 2013” will be held from 23rd to 25th August 2013 at the brand new Kota Kasablanka Mall in Jakarta.

Carrying the theme “Muda, Gaya, Berbudaya” or “Young, Stylish and Culturally aware”, the annual event is presented by the Nusantara Batik Youth (PPBN) in cooperation with the Nusantara Batik Lovers Association (IPBN).

Gebyar Batik Muda Nusantara

 2013 will feature a wide range of interesting programs including touted to be the first and biggest ever Batik Bazaar in Indonesia, Seminars, Batik Workshops, Contemporary and Traditional Batik, Themed Dance Competition, Young Batik Designers Competition, Kids’ Batik Fashion Show Competition, PPBN Youth Batik Fashion Show, Musical performances, and Marching Band Show from MBRASS 68.

The event form parts of the Batik Nusantara Youth Pageant which will get underway from September to October 2013. Through GBMN 2013, it is expected that the awareness and appreciation of  Indonesia’s youth towards Batik will be amplified, thus expanding the creativity and innovation of Batik products.

Batik is not only an important cultural heritage of Indonesia but it is also the fashion icon of the country. The art of Batik has also been declared as ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’ by UNESCO in 2009, thus making it a heritage of the whole world. Nowadays, batik has transcended its traditional barriers and has entered the world of modern fashion.Gebyar Batik Muda Nusantara 2013

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