Mount Pusuk Buhit : Explore the Track Record Civilizations The King Of Batak

Mount Pusuk Buhit - Pusuk Buhit - North Sumatra Keeps Many Religious Tourism And Travel The culture Termaksur Up To Abroad, Starting From the beauty of nature is, History and Heritage history into North Sumatra Worthy Proof That Made the Best Travel Destinations In Indonesia.For This Opportunity TravelEsia Will Introduce one Of Wisdom Natural and Cultural There In North Sumatra.

Mount Pusuk Buhit

is a high mountain remainder of the eruption of Mount Toba Ancient terrifying. The explosion was recorded as the greatest in the history of the world. There were at least 4 times Ancient Mount Toba erupted for a large enough capacity.

Each occurred in 800,000, 300,000, 75,000 and 45,000 years ago. Each time he broke out, led to caldera-new caldera. The first eruption created a caldera in the south of the caldera Porsea-Balige. Second birth caldera eruption in the north, the Caldera Haranggaol. Third rise caldera eruption Sibandang with Samosir Island. The last eruption led to Caldera Dnipro with a hole magmanya Simamora Island.

Most people believe that The King Of Batak derived directly in Mount Pusuk Buhit, a former volcanic mountain near Pangururan (Samosir regency capital). The King Of Batak then build villages in one of the valleys of the mountain by the name of Sianjur Mula-mula.Sianjur At Tompa which can still be visited today as a model of the first settlement. The layout of the township is in the perimeter of Mount Pusuk Buhit,. Sagala valley and Limbong Mulana. There is a two-way road to Mount Pusuk Buhit mainland. One of the directions Tomok (eastern part) and another from the highlands Tele.

No wonder, the Batak respected figure a rewarding experience to hear, see and had never set foot in Dolon Na Timbo Mount Pusuk Buhit about Raja Batak history begins at the summit of Mount Pusuk Buhit.

expected life of the King of Batak in the year 1200 (early 13th century) King Sisingamangaraja keXII estimated 19th-generation descendant of The King Of Batak who died in 1907 and his son is the King Pufferfish generation 20.Dari above findings it can be concluded that the most likely ancestor of the Batak Siraja is an official or a warrior kingdom of Srivijaya gentlewoman in Barus

As a result of this attack the Cole royal ancestors Siraja estimated Batak and rombonganya Portibi pushed up to the area south of Lake Toba and thus, the possibility that called The King Of Batak began holding the reins of leadership perang.The King Of Batak turf war to expand study covers the area around Lake Toba, Simelungun , Tanah Karo, Dairi up partly Aceh and move the center of its power in the region to the south of Lake Toba Portibi.

Why I Should That's where?

Mount Pusuk Buhit mystical power, a sacred mountain in Samosir regency with a height of approximately 1,900 meters above sea level, has become a legend to the entire world. It is said that at the foot of this mountain, precisely in skelter Sabungan, Rihit Sariman Village, District Sianjur Mulamula, the first Batak encamped and bred.

Current religions, especially religions sky such as Christianity and Islam , it may be very difficult to accept the existence Mulajadi Nabolon and "prophet" of his in Batak, The King Uti. However, on the contrary, the earth religions such as Hinduism, Taoism, Zoroasterisme, and Parmalim seems to be more easily "is true", because religion is more open-defenition religious figure of the divine.

samosir calls it can not escape from Mount Pusuk Buhit. How not, Mount Mount Pusuk Buhit located in the area of ​​Samosir regency government was believed to have a sacred value for the local population. This mountain has a height ranging from 1,800 above sea level (asl) and Mount Pusuk Buhit is believed to be the sacred area of ​​Batak culture. It is not just a legend, but the Si Raja Batak ancestors has become a whole person depicted in the Tree Batak.Batak (Batak pedigree which was now the grip sequence Si Raja Batak descent to the current generation).

This sequence ata guide the customary rites and Batak culture on the move. Generally, people believe that if Si Raja Batak Batak derived directly in Mount Pusuk Buhit and then build the first settlement "Sianjur At first, Sianjur Mula Tompa".

The village lies on the perimeter are Pusuk Buhit, in the valley Sagala and Limbong Mulana.

When entering the area Limbong, we can stop for a moment in Attractions: Aek Sipitu Dai (Seven wells Sense) is located in the village of Dai District Aek Sipitu Sianjur At mula.Uniknya, this water has a different taste and has its own designation.

Springs were first called Aek Poso (water baby), two springs called Aek Ni Naho (elderly woman / barren), third spring, Aek Boru Na Gabe (fertile women), four springs, Aek Sibaso (TBA / female physician), fifth springs, Aek Pangulu (men who are old), six springs, Aek Doli (youth). And, spring is the seventh Aek HeLa (son-in law).

Hobon stones, stones that can not Repture

Satisfied with the water in Aek Sipitu Dai, trips can we proceed towards the Batu Hobon. This stone is a relic Si Raja Batak, and is said to be the location of the treasure safe Si Raja Batak.

Across Stone Hobon, or rather on the slopes of Mount Pusuk Buhit, there Sopo (home) Teacher Tatea Month, as well as Si Raja Batak villages. Form his own design with unique features, typical of Batak house. If we want to get into, we are required to remove footwear.

While from the higher hills, there are township Si Raja Batak "Sigulanti".

In the village there is a cultural heritage in the form of miniature Si Raja Batak house. Semi-traditional Batak houses. This house is a stilt houses made ​​of wood and without nails are furnished roof and stairs. The village location approximately 500 meters from the highway (Stone Hobon). And, for the construction of Toba Geopark, have been selected as a showcase location (information center).

Finished looking at Si Raja Batak village, followed by a trip to the slopes of Mount Pusuk Buhit down to the Village Early Sianjur. Along the way, the eyes will be pampered with outstanding natural beauty such as green rice fields and hills and rows of blue water of Lake Toba.

Hot soak in Aek Rangat

Of Rural Early Sianjur, the trip can proceed to Aek Rangat. Along the way will be seen clearly Tulas island located between hills and rows of Samosir Island. A small, uninhabited island is just overgrown trees and shrubs.

Aek Rangat located at the foot of Mount Pusuk Buhit, Siogung Sub-District Ogung Pangururan. In Aek Rangat we can pamper yourself with a hot bath. Aek Rangat is sulfur water according to a story supposedly able to cure skin diseases such as scabies, ringworm. The hot springs are also able to be used to cook eggs without the help of fire. You do this simply by dipping into the sulfur water. Nah ..! Decide now to immediately visit the beautiful nature full of history Samosir regency. (*)

Each way, and the mention of it is based on function and ketokohannya in Batak society spirituality.

Water Shower : 7 Sense 7 Name

Aek Sipitu Dai village, Limbong, who were on foot Pusuk Buhit became so famous because here there are springs that are quite unique. 7 springs form the shower, comes from watersheds in the foot Pusuk Buhit filtered by a Hariara (banyan).

Although the source of the spring, but he has 7 flavors, which came out with the heavy showers of 7. 7th sense is that, wry, dark, salty, fresh, brown, rough, bitter. Not only was the course. Pancur each also has a name that has a certain sense. 7th name it is; Pansuran dakdanak ni baby showers are still no teeth. Shower baths ni sibaso the mothers who have older, that do not give birth anymore. Ina-ina ni Pansuran ie bathing mothers can still give birth. Pansur ni namarbaju the girls showers. Pansur ni pangulu the showers of the kings. Pansur ni doli men are bathing. HeLa Pansur ie bathing the son-in which all clans were married daughter Limbong clan.

7 Sacred Stones

In Pusuk Buhit well at least there are 7 sacred stone. Sacralization it actually is not on the rocks, but the story behind it. 7th stone, is still associated with the tales of King Uti, it's a supremely sacred.

The seven stones, among others;

Stone cup.

The cup-shaped stone diameter of approximately 4 meters. This stone is located on one side of Pusuk Buhit. This stone contains water gushing from it. Looks like a lake.

The unique taste of the water in the rock, very sour, like lime juice. The surface water was oily and yellow-green.

It is said that the stone is a bathroom cup The King Uti. This stone is among the most sacred stone among other sites in Pusuk Buhit.

stone Losung

This stone was created by King Tatea Moon, the father of King Uti. Losung stone is pounding rice is done daily by Boru Sipasu Bolon, wife of King Oppung Tatea month, for food The King Uti.

It includes stone rocks in keramatkan the Batak tribe batak.Masyarakat often visit this site to see and know more about the origins of the king batak.Tidak only local people, foreign tourists often make a visit to this area

Sondi stone.

Liang also called The King Uti. Here is where King Uti stared because his body does not have legs, and hands. It is said that when King Uti birth, forms a lump of flesh. But then refined thanks to prayer and meditation that he did over the years.This Just a Piece of History of the Batak save uniqueness and diversity of different clans but has ties Dalihan Natolu equality and brotherhood which describes people who make the nation batak.This vagabond so strong in Culture, when the Batak people meet, it only took 5 minutes for each "speak" and mutual Understanding

Rock hole at Tala-tala

Is a stone with a hole which is where The King Uti spent some time to pray for the perfection of the Creator. The stone was located in one corner in the Tala-tala. Tala-tala itself is an open area, approximately 600 meters before the summit. A wide area, overgrown shrubs. This place used to be inundated by water, so it resembles a lake. There was also called Tala-tala is one of the oldest remnant crater eruption Pusuk Buhit (Mount Toba Purba). Loose soil texture that collapsed. Often heard there are climbers and livestock lost in it, probably due to lapse into the ground.

stone Partonggoan

The King Uti special place of meditation and prayer to Mulajadi Nabolon (Creator). This place is very well respected by the Batak people, so rarely visited.

stone Hobon

Is a stone-covered hole, shaped coffin. The location is at the foot of Mount Pusuk Buhit. It is said that in this stone heirlooms Si Raja Batak are. This heritage is not passed down to their children, due to a dispute between them.

In recent years, a particular clan community held a party regular cultural-spiritual in this place. The goal is that these rocks open. Believed, this stone will be open if all Batak society representing clans from around the world gathered and held a party at the stone, for 7 times in a row, at least annually.

stone Parhusipan

Is a pair of twin rocks near Batu Hobon. It is said that this stone has a pair of stories that menyakut story Pareme Si Boru, the most beloved sister of King Uti.

Not only that, 7 layers of the hill - 7 Hours Journey

To get to the top Pusuk Buhit, especially if Limbong through the village, we will pass the 7 hills.

Buhit Pusuk mountain is composed of multiple layers of hills. Over the hill one by one, sometimes further away we are from the actual summit. This is due to the breadth of the diameter of this mountain, and climb the circular route, so at one point we move away from the peak.

Often because they feel desperate climbers have reached the top. Though the actual summit it is still very far. No wonder, if there are many groups of climbers were lost either because of the fog that dropped suddenly and fatigue. The amateur climbers, usually spend about 7 hours to get to the top.

7 face The King Uti

In cosmology Batak (Toba) The King Uti, the grandson of Si Raja Batak, a place of spiritual cornerstone of the Batak people. He is a man with Mulajadi Nabolon mediator (the Creator).

The King Uti regarded as the foundation stone of the laws and rules of the Batak people. He is known for powerful and eternal life. The King Uti became the spiritual center for the people of Batak.

That said I-XII Sisangamangaraja obtain it from his supernatural powers.

How Do I get there?

The mountain is not visible from Tomok or Ambarita because it was blocked by the hills of the island. However, from the west such as Tele or Pangururan, Mount Pusuk Buhit is seen very clearly. The best place to observe the Mount Pusuk Buhit clearly in tower view Tele. Travelers can conduct tourist activities in this mountain because the mountain is popular as a climbing destination.

For those of you who are not interested in doing the climb, they can visit some historical sights are believed related to the origin of the Batak tribe like Stone Sawan (Waterfall lime flavor with a large cup-shaped stone), Aek Sipitu Dai (shower with seven kinds of flavored water) , Hobon Stone (Stone diameter of 1 meter and the bottom hollow), and Sopo Teacher Tatea Month (the residence of Guru Tatea Month, children The King Of Batak).

This Buhit Pusuk mountain is an active volcano which is the remnants of the eruption of Mount Toba supervolcano that erupted earthshaking tens of thousands of years ago. Residual activity of this mountain trail can still be seen in Aek Rengat, the hot springs at the foot of the mountain Pusuk Buhit.

From the Medan, leading to a Friend TravelEsia to Pangururan area that is located right at the foot of Mount Pusuk Buhit. From the field we can use the public transport travel-travel that is in the area of ​​Padang Bulan. TravelEsia friend can find a variety of Inter-City Bus which has a stretch Medan - Pangururan costs around Rp 65,000. Need TravelEsia friend know that it is not the island of Samosir Island actually. So we can go to the island of Samosir is not just a ferry boat ride (The efforts of Lake Toba Parapat) but it could be a friend TravelEsia passing overland through the area that Tele.

To reach the top of the hill, visitors can take a bus or four-wheel drive two-wheeled vehicles. However, the bus can not be used until at the top so it had to walk around 500 meters from the end point of a vehicle parked in the village of Huta Ginjang, District Sianjur Early. However, a cautious attitude must remain installed, because it is a winding road on the right and left are always a steep ravine. Additionally before heading Pusuk Hill, from Pangururan area visitors can enjoy a full view of the hills and the foreground water of Lake Toba.

Meanwhile, a package with a trip to the summit Pusuk Buhit visitors can also enjoy the so-called seven wells flavor. Called seven flavors wells because these wells has seven showers that water taste different. Seven wells for communities around the everyday sense is used as the main source of clean water. So it is not surprising that tourists coming, many people who use the water that was there.

Seven wells in the village actually taste Sipitudai a hilly district with the Buhit Pusuk Sianjur Early. If we try to feel the seven existing fountain, the fountain of sources that we will feel the water tasted: salty, fresh, sour, rough and other flavors. While based on information from the local community, the fountain source of water out of the spring that is under the banyan tree. Indeed, under the North Sumatra location Seven Such large banyan tree grows very shady and create shade around the well site.

Seven wells sense of existence is long due to the existence of the settlement Sipitudai. Surrounding communities believe that the existence of these wells is inseparable from the story of Batak king who was in that location. If muncur story backwards, then the people said that the first diperkampungan there kingdom. To meet the needs of clean water, showers and other water sources they rely on this.

After moving through the streets of the existing range, then the tourists who visit will find a sacred site called Batu Hobon location, Sopo Tatean Month or Home Guru Guru Tatea Month and The King Of Batak village located not far apart. And if we draw a straight line, then the third position is still considered sacred location is exactly straight from the hills to hills beneath it. When in Sopo Teacher Tatea Moon will be found The King Of Batak figurines with their offspring.

At home with designs typical Batak society is also to be found as statues guard the house like elephants, tigers, horses. While the house that stood on the hill was designed from wood and stone stairs, but the roof is still made ​​of fibers. But even more important is when you want to go and observe in detail the ins and home, then you have to let go of sandals and shoes. In more detail in Sopo Teacher Tatea Month we will find the statues The King Of Batak descent, such as the Statue of 1,000 king pair with his wife, descendants Limbong Mulana Statue, Statue of Kings and the King Statue Glare.

Based on public confidence Batak clans that exist today are the offspring of The King Of Batak. Besides the existence of this house has also been inaugurated by Guru Pomparan Board of Trustees Punguan Center 1995 Tate month ago. It means that when we are there to be found also guards who will explain the existence of the statue that was in Sopo Teacher Tatea Bulan and summarily history.

In line with the legend, visitors will also enjoy Stone Hobo is said according to the story is the treasure storage location used by The King Of Batak. This stone is even lower hills of Sopo Teacher Tatea Month adjacent to the village community. based on the history of Stone Hobon can not be solved, but if you hit like there is room below. But until now could not be opened even if done with a mortar explosion. Furthermore, to complete reference on the history of Sopo Teacher Tatea month, it will be found The King Of Batak village. Location of this village in the hills above it at a distance that is not too far around 500 meters.

To complete the journey to Pusuk Buhit should at least pause on the hills in the village of Huta Ginjang. Why? Because of this location will be obvious Tulas Island adjacent to the island. Tulas island itself has no occupants but overgrown with shrubs and a variety of other wildlife live.

Whether it is complete our tour! Surely not, because we have to end it at the top Mount Pusuk Buhit. At least to get and feel the cool breeze at the top, looking at the panoramic view of Lake Toba real. Meanwhile, to eliminate fatigue and take a new spirit, visitors can enjoy the warm water after going down exactly are kakai Pusuk Buhit named Aek Rangat baths located in the Village Sihobung Hobungi. At least a sense of caprice and a new spirit coming back.

How In The accommodations?

Mount Pusuk Buhit Being In The Far From Settlements, usually Travelers Who Came Only Just Been And See The Beauty And History Of Enchantment Lake Toba Summit Pusuk Bukit.after Pusuk Buhit Exploring Beauty, usually Travelers Return to Pangururan region or to the island of Samosir Who Owns The Accommodation far more complete

When should I get there?

Having Mount Pusuk Buhit climate is influenced by the type of Monsoon, dry east wind. Rainfall ranges from 900-1600 mm / year and the air temperature is between 27 ° - 30 ° C dry months per year with an average of 9 months. Between August and December wind was blowing pretty hard from the south.

The rainy season in september-desemver, while the dry season in January - August, with the highest rainfall in the month of November-December

But in fact, these estimates are often changed in accordance with the conditions of the global best mempengaruhi.Saat to visit Mount Pusuk Buhit It is January - August

Know Before You Go

  • It is wise if you always provide safe water to drink in a portable package.
  • Protective cream or sunscreen should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot while the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • b.Tidak there are ATMs around Mount Pusuk Buhit so prepare cash before visiting Mount Pusuk Buhit this. It is advisable to keep your money in a safe place, especially when you are around Terminal And Terminal Kabanjahe Brastagih.
  • c.Telekomunikasi limited to Cellular provider. You can reload the village Pangururan
  • Novice climbers are encouraged to be more careful for safety.
  • The air condition Very Cold Can Achieve 16 Derejat you suggested Celcius.jadi bring tents, sleaping bad and thick gloves to avoid the disease ketinggian.Kedinginan mountain air in this not because of its height, but the virgin forest vegetation and undisturbed forest ecosystems makes weather conditions being so cold here
So How TravelEsia Friends, Are you interested to Exploring the Return History The King Of Batak.If you visit North Sumatra make Mount Pusuk Buhit , Lake Toba , Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan and Mountains Sibuatan.Lets As we support Indonesia as a world tourist destination

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