Cubadak Island: the Exotic Beauty Of West Sumatra

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Cubadak Island

whose name has become an icon of global and South Coastal District has an area of ​​5,749 square kilometers and is located 0-1000 meters above sea level. With the position stretching from north to south in the western part of West Sumatra, which has a 218 km coastal length of the beach does have potential in the field of tourism.

Cubadak Island neighborhood in the beginning was the former crater with an area of ​​approximately 40 square km. This island is not inhabited, but only a handful of fishermen's homes as a haven when benighted sea, and filled with dense forests. A number of species of birds and wild animals such as monkeys, deer, pigs live here.

Length its shores is more 1.5 km and land who mastered managers of Cubadak is approximately seven hectares. If Mentawai is a paradise the surfers, then the Cubadak is heaven the divers because of basic the sea who surrounds this island overgrown with reefs-reefs beautiful coral and fish ornamental color-iridescent.

Island Cubadak is one of the small island in Sumatera West. This island has a sand smooth and water sea who blue. More fun again, Island Cubadak deserted from the touristy inside and abroad. Suitable for you who want to calming self.

Among other European travelers, including a German citizen quite enthusiastic visit to the island, dubbed the Paradiso Village. All was not separated from the vigorous promotion of a number of media in Germany seven years ago. At that time, the team came to the Bavarian TV Cubadak Island to work on a documentary. They were shooting from different angles to describe the beauty of the island Cubadak.

After playing in Germany, the film's 30-minute wide acclaim and is able to become a magnet for people to come to Germany Cubadak Island. Hundreds of calls went into the station. They usually ask how to travel to the West Sumatra, Indonesia. So far they only know Bali or Lombok.

Why I Should That's where?

The entire building is made on the island Cubadak Island is made of wood and roof of leaves Palam. Villa so the building is named, laid out nicely without blocking views of the dazzling blue ocean. For all guests villa overlooking the sea, equipped with furniture made ​​of rattan and wood.

While carpets, table mats, made ​​of hand-woven blankets. To beautify the room there is a wall hanging designed with carved motifs Minang. So aesthetic.

Each villa consists of porch, bedroom, specifically on the second floor there is a bed with a mosquito net. Each villa comes with a large bathroom with hot and cold water. Water that can be taken in the sink can be drunk directly. So as not to burden or discourage travelers who come to this paradise village.

The sea in front of the wooden villas, calm water with the ocean floor is rich in coral reefs. Clear water looks more clear when sweeping white sand Cubadak Island. Underwater scenery here is stunning, the water is too clean for the swim.

Water sports such as diving is a excellent activity for the island visitors. For those who are very interested but have not had the experience, diving instructors who are internationally certified Paradiso ready to train and guide the guests. For those who want to wind surfing, sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, or canoeing, opportunity and similar facilities are also available complete.

Interestingly, all the facilities for water sports activities, all available here. Except for diving and water skiing equipment, all provided free of charge. Meanwhile, a tool for the jet ski was not located on this island, because it would interfere with the peace of the guests with the noise of the sea transport caused this one.

After that try to get around the island is no less exciting. Sports or beach soccer or beach volleyball with colleagues in the afternoon when the tide fell. Another activity that is not less exciting is exploring Cubadak Island which is about 40 square kilometers. Understandably the island still has a dense forest with spiky hills are not so high but has a texture that is relatively safe for the winding climb.

How Do I get there?

To reach the island Cubadak from Minangkabau International Airport in Padang Pariaman Then Companions TravelEsia Towards Carocok in Tarusan Pier, South Coastal District. From the airport to the pier to Cubadak Island is about 70 miles, is a 2 hour drive. And followed by a speed boat for 15 minutes to Cubadak Island.

How In The accommodations?

Natural conditions are quiet and clean air, ocean breezes accompanied beaches, and lush palm trees you can get here. Plus, unwind with a delicious fresh young coconuts from the island. Cubadak is arguably the island uninhabited island, you will feel you are the one owner of this beautiful island. On this island there are only a few houses after sailing stopover fishermen catch fish in the sea.

The existing inn, shaped resort run by a foreign citizen nationals of Italy. Some of the things that make the island special Cubadak among others resortnya the traditional nuances with walls made ​​of woven bamboo.

Guests who come are also limited and the average is a stranger. Some foreign tourists were dubbed the island "The Paradise of South". Is this place very strictly enforces the rules, especially the problem of waste. So do not be surprised if the place is very clean and almost no trash found along the coast.

You will feel calm quality. In fact, a print media in Germany, Bild de Rau, never claimed Cubadak Island as tersenyap island in the world. To maintain the quality of the visitor tranquility, Cubadak Island does not provide jet ski. Therefore, it is feared the engine noise would spoil the tranquility of this place.

When should I get there?

Having Cubadak Island Monsoon Climate type that is affected by the dry east wind. Rainfall ranges from 900-1600 mm / year and the air temperature is between 27 ° - 30 ° C dry months per year with an average of 9 months. Between January and August the wind blowing pretty hard from the south.

The rainy season in the month of September to December, while the dry season in January to August with the highest rainfall in the month of November-December

But in fact, these estimates are often changed in accordance with the conditions of the global best affect.moment to visit the island Cubadak It is from April to August.

Know Before You Go

  • It is wise if you always provide safe water to drink in a portable package.
  • Protective cream or sunscreen should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot while the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Wear shoes or sandals when walking the streets of coastal beaches to avoid sea urchins are sometimes unpredictable trampled.
  • Make sure you bring equipment for maritime activity in disni nonetheless available equipment can be hired. It will also greatly help to reduce the expenditure of money on location.
  • Arm yourself with food. Ranging from snacks for trips up a lot of mineral water. A little difficult to find the stalls on the beach mekaki
  • Each visitor is forbidden to interfere with, damage, take, or hunting flora, fauna and ecosystems.
  • Due to the minimal lighting without electricity, do not forget to bring a flashlight. Also bring personal medicines including antiseptic. Because clean water is rather difficult, to bring also antiseptic hand gel and wet wipes.
  • For the camera, you should take an underwater camera and telephoto cameras to capture dolphins. Bring waterproof plastic to put things in order not to get wet. Repellents also do not harm brought. As well as moisturizing sunscreen.
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