Wayag Islands: Explore The Beauty of Raja Ampat Underwater

Wayag islands - Raja Ampat Islands In When It Is Being Dream Destinations For Anyone Who Loved Underwater Beauty And Ecotism Of Our Country.There's Only One of Them Misool Island in Papua and West Bay National Park Cendrawasi With Flora And Fauna Diversity So the Fact As One the Ecosystems Center World's Largest Ocean

Wayag Islands

became famous since 2009.The most popular activities you can do in Wayag islands is climbing the cliffs for 30 minutes and see the beauty of the small islands off the top. You will see small rocks that extend in the clear blue ocean

Clear sky like an umbrella that keeps peace nan lonely island. The steep karst like fungus that irregular stands with varying sizes.

It's beauty is beyond measure. Wayag islands is a must-see destination. Book your holiday to Raja Ampat Islands incomplete without a stop at the island if Wayag. For photography enthusiasts, the beauty of the landscape Wayag be missed. From any angle, this island looks beautiful. Random arrangement of karst plus ocean that looked like velvet really tempting your camera lens.

Uniqueness is the essence of a tourist attraction. Not much of a tourist attraction has a different beauty when viewed from the eight directions of the compass, or any of the top and bottom surface. Wayag islands is one remarkable tourist destination with that privilege. Wherever outlook released with or without sunglasses so any color and shape are anchored in our perception of the Islands Wayag only able to give one meaning, namely satisfaction.

 Why I Should That's where?

Area of ​​the islands in the Raja Ampat is very broad, covering 4.6 million hectares of land and sea. This is where home to 540 types of coral, 1,511 species of fish, and 700 species of molluscs. Wealth of these species have made Raja Ampat Islands as a living library of the collection of coral reefs and marine life in the world's most diverse. In fact, according to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, there are about 75% of the world's marine species live in this amazing island

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago, the island entered the 610 recorded in this region and around the 35 islands are inhabited. The islands are unspoiled and the sea is still beautiful to make direct tourists hooked. Raja Ampat Islands Islands located northwest of the Bird's Head of New Guinea, with more than 1500 small islands and atolls as well as 4 of the main island, namely Misol, Salawati, Bantata and Waigeo. This then makes the Raja Ampat Islands largest marine park in Indonesia.banyak who said that Raja Ampat Islands marine tourism is the best place in the world.

Start your tour from here to dive in the most beautiful underwater. Explore vertical underwater walls that. In addition, note the details of marine animals that greet. Pygmy seahorses can be approached as if to greet your fingers shake hands. Mantaray and wobbegong will swim with you.

Tuna, giant trevaliies, snapper, and even barracudaturut welcome you under the sea. That's not enough, what if there is a new friend that is friendly dugong fish like to swim with you. Do not miss also observe the busy little fish keep its territory and forth. If you are lucky may be able to swim with sea turtles.

Beauty Wayag islands in the West Waigeo district, Raja Ampat, West Papua is one of them because it is in the world's coral triangle region is often called the Coral Triangle. making Raja Ampat, including this region, as the region with the richest biodiversity in the world.

Exoticism of the island can also be also be felt by boat. Of the boat that we can find a lot of fish and marine life are funny and we've never seen before, such as sea turtles, stingrays, and many more Kalabia

How Do I get there?

Journey that takes four to six hours of Waisai, capital of Raja Ampat, will require a fee of Rp 5 million to Rp 6 million for that trip alone. Quite expensive when compared at ease tansportasion in Java, but with the peerless obtains satisfaction.

To get to Sorong, you use the flight Batavia Air, Wings Air, and Air Express. Approximately USD 3 million tickets Jakarta-Sorong go-home and takes about seven hours for transit in Makassar about two hours.

Of the Domine Eduard Osok in Sorong, you can walk out of the airport. Outside the airport will be found the main road to the city and its port of Sorong. There a lot of public transportation to the Port of Sorong yellow color, enough with the cost of Rp 3,000.

At the port, you can ride the boat people to the capital of Raja Ampat. Ships of the people at a cost of Rp 120,000 per person per day sailing around 14.00 CET. Keep your plane arrive in Sorong before 12.00 CET so that you can rest now waiting for the ship to ship berangkat.Perjalanan people from Sorong to Raja Ampat take about two jam.Di Waisai, Waigeo Island, the capital of Raja Ampat,

How In The accommodations?

You can search for hotels with price Rp 300,000 to Rp 400,000 per night. For the purposes of exploration diving and sailing to the islands of Raja Ampat, you can rent a boat natives. In Sorong there are a lot of good two-star hotels and three that provide food with rice and various side dishes. The domestic tourists who want to stay stay in Sorong because the facility could make the trip one day without the need to stay in Waisai.

To do this, you need to hire a speedboat around Rp 8 million per day with a capacity of 20 people per vessel. You have to collect 20 people so pretty joint Rp 400 thousand per person was able to sail to the Raja Ampat for 12 hours straight during the day.

When you stay in Sorong, good seafood, such as fish, crabs, and shrimp grilled, maupunfastfood often found in restaurant and tent stalls in Sorong. Typical fish is fish budara Sorong. This fish has a lot of meat and bones of the so rare small spines that become lodged in the throat.

Typical souvenirs Sorong is taro or taro chips, shredded bread rolls of tuna, and grilled fish budara. For souvenirs, in Kampung Baru, Sorong, found many shops selling typical Papuan batik, like the pattern of arrows, birds of paradise, and drums. Suvernir form of penis gourds and Asmat carvings can also be found in some souvenir shops in Sorong.

There are many hotels in the form of small houses around the coast. You also can linger to enjoy the charming natural grain. In addition to the cottage, there are also a few restaurants serving seafood specialties Papua

From 07.00 CET until dusk you can sail to the four to five adjacent islands. Starting from the Strait Dampir, Pencil Island, Coral Cave's skull Raja Ampat ancestral graves, to resort directly to Sorido or Wayag islands.

Wayag archipelago of Raja Ampat is an icon that consists of several small islands are beautiful when seen from above.

When should I get there?

The lowest air temperature of 23.5 ° C and the highest temperature of 31.2 ° C with an average temperature of 27.4 ° C. Rainfall in the region of 2,000 mm / year, with variation between the dry season and the rainy season is not so clear as the Papua region in general. Raja Ampat region is influenced by monsoons; between Months from May to November Pasat Southeast wind blowing and the moon from December to April the wind blowing Northwest.

Know Before You Go

  • Prior to travel further into the interesting parts Wayag islands, you must purchase pin Raja Ampat entrance opposite the airport for Rp 250.000.di Dominik Eduard Osok, Sorong. With this pin, which is part of the system of nature conservation tag Raja Ampat, you can enter the Raja Ampat region-free for a year without having to buy it again.
  • However TravelEsia It Spares With It Like This, The number of exciting benefits unilaterally, it will make the beauty of the islands and the islands of Raja Ampat Wayag will die naturally by elements like this
  • Always wear sunscreen before the adventure, both in aquatic and terrestrial Wayag.althoughIslands are not part of Papua inland, you should still take quinine pills before coming to Raja Ampat.
  •  Transportation can be a component of the highest travel expenses when you are traveling in the Raja Ampat.Maka of it, visiting the islands Wayag cheaper when all costs are borne together with a traveling companion. Traveling in groups will significantly reduce the cost of travel.
So How TravelEsia Friends Are you interested to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Wayag islands, if West Papua into your travel destination, then visit sempatkanlah Wayag islands, Misool Island, Raja Ampat Islands archipelago, Lorentz national park, national parks and the bay cendrawasi.mari us support Indonesia as a world tourist destination

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