Beaches Lagundri And Sorake Beach: The World's Best Surfing Heaven There Is Indonesia

Beaches Lagundri And Sorake Beach - South Nias - Probably most of the Companions TravelEsia unfamiliar hear the name of this beach. But for surfing sports enthusiast or professional surfing and world class beach is like heaven Sorake provided by God for them on this earth.

Sorake Beach and Lagundri

located in the village Botohilitano, District Teluk Dalam, South Nias regency, North Sumatra Province. Distance yourself Nias island about 125 kilometers from the island of Sumatra. It is little remote, but because that's what makes this beach is still beautiful and a favorite of tourists, especially surfers.

Like the neighboring coast, the beaches Lagundri And Sorake Beach is famous for its huge waves and even among surfers, the best waves on the beach after beach in Hawaii. Wave height that reaches 3 to 5 feet, a challenge for surfers. In addition, the waves on the beach has 5 levels that are not owned beaches in the other hemisphere.

Lagundri And Sorake Beach  has several times the site of surfing competitions both nationally and internationally. Nias Open Championship is one of the regularly held where hundreds of surfers around the world especially from Australia so dominated the oceans.

Why should I get there?

Lagundri And Sorake Beach not only has a beautiful panoramic landscape but also famous as the location of surfing (surfing) international standard. Fame both beaches are now juxtaposed with challenging waves in Hawaii. The distance between the beach Lagundri And Sorake Beach and only 2 km, is located approximately 12 km from Telukdalam, the capital of South Nias regency, North Sumatra.

Surfing sports enthusiasts from around the world gathered in throngs beduyun-coast in April to September each year. They will try folds wave height was able to reach 7 to 10 feet with five levels. Some of them are very desirable surfers proffesional.

In addition, the length of the driving force in the region is in fact the waves can reach 200 meters. It would be more interesting and challenging waves upon arrival of the full moon

One that makes the waves ideal for surfing Lagundri This is due to its location facing the ocean Indonesia and is also a meeting place for the bay so the waves will flow.

In this beach surfers can ride waves as far as 200 meters, because the characteristics of the waves here is long and large, probably because the beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean. Another specialty of this beach is the waves are not affected by the direction of the wind or tides.

Since it was well known by the surfers, Sorake Beach often held competitions or international surfing championships, followed by surfers world-class professional surfer. Usually dominated by surfers from the United States and Brazil.

How Do I get there?

Towards Access What It Sure Is Nias Island City Sibolga.Ada two public transportation options into Nias, using land and air. For there are two airlines airways flight to Nias, the Pigeons and Wings Air.

Both depart from Polonia Airport (Medan) to Gunungsitoli (Nias). Both set off almost at the same time, around 7:00 am each day. Schedule of Gunungsitoli home both airlines around the clock 8:20.

Pengangkutan Ke Pulau NiasTransportation to island Nias two airline flights around Rp. 700.000, - for the first time penerbangan.Sementara If You Want Using Ground Transport Modes There Travel and Transport Fleet Inter-City Bus In The Provincial Inter-Cross Served By PT Antar Lintas Sumatera,

 PT Makmur And Every Day of the PO.Bintang Utarar, then proceed Using The Motor Ship Departure At 21:00 o'clock PM And Will Arrive In Nias Island the next day 07:30 o'clock

Get cheap transportation by ship or ferry. But a little time consuming as it takes 11 hours to cross to the island of Nias from Sibolga (North Sumatra). Ferry schedule at 8.00 pm every day, except Sunday no ships sailing.

Economy fares Rp69.000, - while the cabin tickets Rp103.000, -. Purchase tickets and reservations get in the way ODOT Gunungsitoli or dipelabuhan Sibolga (North Sumatra). There is an alternative ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday purpose Sibolga (North Sumatra) - Deep Bay (South Nias). Purchase and ticketing can be through the Port of Sibolga. Ticket Prices economics Rp80.000, -.

If you are from Jakarta, Nias In order to achieve, there is a weekly boat from Jakarta to Mount Sitoli, there is a ferry from Sibolga to Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam, or Lahewa every day Or Can Also riding Shuttle Bus PT Lintas Sumatra From Lebak Bulus Sibolga And Then Go On proceed Using the Motor Vessel Departure at 21:00 BST At And Will Arrive In Nias Island the next day 07:30 o'clock

How In The accommodations?

Prior to the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh and Simeulue, Nias is Favorite Travel Destinations In North Sumatra after Lake Toba Tourist Abroad For those who want berselancar.Nias is part of the famous Hippie trail of the 1960s, especially traveling with surfers, leading to Bali.

There are approximately 60 homestays lined up right on the lips Lagundri Sorake Beach. The fee is fairly economical starting from Rp75.000, - per night with trimmings are mattresses and pillows, bathroom inside, clean water, electricity, fans and mosquito nets.

Some claim that the waves on the south coast Sorake better than Maui. It has been the scene several international surfing competitions in the past, particularly prior to the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh and Simeulue

Despite the storied history of surfing in Nias, international surfing in Nias has slowed mainly (but not exclusively) by an earthquake recently. The situation is slowly changing.

Nias has now been clean up and Ready to Go The Glory.many echoing many inns in South Nias Lagundri And Sorake Beach, with a price range around 50,000 - to the most expensive Rp. 650.000.Mulai from makeshift facilities enabled Until Bungalow Luxury You Can Meet There

When should I get there?

To enjoy the beauty of the island of Nias In general Can Do Throughout The Year, but Should Do in Month from January to September in because for topographic conditions in North Sumatra Sign In Dry Season so sea water conditions and weather Good And towards the island of Nias In a hostile situation, however When you Including Surfing Sports Connoisseurs Come In April to September due to the high waves crease able to reach 7 to 10 feet with five levels

Know Before You Go

  • Best season to watch surfing competitions are between June or July.
  • If you want to capture the action of the surfers then have to carry binocular lens for photographing. To watch the action in the middle of the sea surfers also bring binoculars remotely adequate.
  • Nias is an internationally renowned surf destination. The area is best known surfing Sorake Bay, near the town of Deep Bay, at the southern end.
  • When you're waiting for waves, surfers can often see sea turtles swimming beneath you As you follow Surfing.
  • For an Existing Surfing Locations In The World And Admits Prove This Location Only Always On The Competition surfers make waves in the world is the nearby Hinako Islands, Asu and Bawa., High-quality surf spots await tourists to try out the high surf there.
  • For tourists who bring children under five, do not forget to bring the equipment to play sand. Grain of sand that makes the skin feel comfortable when in contact with him.

So how TravelEsia Friend Are You Interested To See The beauty of the island of Nias In General And Especially Lagundri And Sorake Beach, Hombo Rock, Dance Fataele, if North Sumatra Travel Destinations Being You, Then Pay a visit to the island of Nias, Indonesia let us support a world tourist destination

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