Seven Mountain Lake : Stepping on Caldera Lake High In Southeast Asia

Seven Mountain Lakes - Friend TravelEsia,Jambi be proud of the existence of Seven Lakes Mountain is the highest lake in Southeast Asia is. And there are several other small lakes with a unique natural beauty

Seven Mountain Lake

is a beautiful lake and unique in Indonesia. The lake is located at the summit of Mount Seven and became one of the highest caldera lake in Southeast Asia with an area of ​​approximately 960 hectares, 4.5 km long and 3 km wide. Its location in the village of Pelompek, District Ayu Aro, Kerinci regency, Jambi.

Seven Mountain Lake is located at an altitude of 1950 m from the sea surface (above sea level). With the height of the Seven Lakes Mountain is recorded as the highest lake in Southeast Asia. The lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Seven in hundreds of years. Former eruption formed a crater that eventually filled up by rain water.

Seven Mountain Lake water into the fountain of Mount Seven Falls, Waterfall Telun Berasap, and River Batang Sangir. Seven Falls Mountain and Waterfall Telun Berasap became another part of the prime tourist contained Kerinci.

The existence of this lake coincided with the story of local legend as a supernatural indwelling of two spirits who guard the Lbei Way and Saleh Sri Waiting with his followers in the form of a tiger. Another narrative tells us that the lake is inhabited by a pair of dragons.

Dragon inhabited male female dragons inhabit lakes and rivers upstream. Kerinci community recognizes as Lake.Seven Mountain Lake Way. It is associated with the lake water is always clean in which the leaves are falling from the trees around the lake is not visible in the water. Often described as the weather changes abruptly at this lake. Some local people call this lake as the Lake of the Gods mystery that holds the charm at the same time

Why Should I Get There ?

Because of its location at the top of the mountain, making the atmosphere of the lake is still beautiful and natural. Fresh air, green panorama, and deliver crystal clear lake water beauty capable of making you feel at home for long enjoyed the scenery. Besides being a place to relax and unwind, the lake is also used as a source of livelihood of local fishermen.

Seven Mountain Lake is a volcanic lake created by nan charming volcanic eruption process is Mount Seven in Kerinci district. Eruption caused the formation of a large crater that was then filled with rain water to form a lake. Seven Mountain Lake several rivers flowing in Jambi, one stream empties into the River Batanghari.

Seven Mountain Lake has an area of ​​approximately 12,000 m² and included in the Kerinci National Park Semblat so here you have the opportunity to climb after visit this lake. Named mountain lake surrounded by seven because seven surrounding mountain peaks. Mountains, namely: Upper Mount Tebo (2525 meters), Mount Hulu Sangir (2330 m), Mount Madura Iron (2418 m), Mount moss covered different types of moss (2,350 m), Mount Basil (2,230 m), Mount Jar Bake (2469 m), and Mount Seven (2735 m).

Not Only That, Seven Mountain Lake Natural conditions are still beautiful and unspoiled by people who are not responsible. So soothing natural ambience, a view so beautiful and natural, and the water is so clear. This condition provides peace and tranquility for those who visit it.

At some point in the lake, there are stretches of sand that resembles a beach. The site can be used by travelers to camp while waiting for the sun rising from the eastern horizon. By the time the sun showed his face, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Passing through the plantations and forests with a diversity of flora and fauna on the way to Seven Mountain Lake will be a memorable experience. Expanse of mountains look beautiful from a distance that will satisfy your inner after the climb. In this lake you can relax and enjoy the charming panorama around the lake.

How Do I Get There ?

Seven Mountain Lake is fairly easy to reach and become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Kerinci and Jambi. To reach Mount Seven Lake takes you about 3.5 hours from Edinburgh to River City and then to the Village Fully Pelompek.

Distance from city to village Pelompek Full River about 1.5 hours, or approximately 50 miles. Full of River City to the gate post TNKS Pelompek Village in the District of Kayu Aro is approximately 35 km. From the gate, you need to walk approximately 2 to 3 hours with the condition of the trail and uphill ramps.

There are two routes to get to the Seven Mountain Lake. The first route, from the gatehouse Seven Mountain area to the lake shore with a distance of 3 km approximately 2.5 hours. The second route, from behind the Seven Mountains guest house to the lake a distance of 2.5 km.

To reach the location there are 3 stages of the journey must be passed by the tourists. First, the trip can be reached through the three alternatives. (1) from the city of Jambi to Full River which is about 500 km, can be taken approximately 10 hours using public transportation, rental car or private car. (2) from the city of Padang to Tapan then proceed to Full River 278 km distance can be reached about 7 hours using public transportation, rental car or private car. (3) from the city of Padang to Muaralabuh continuing to Full River a distance of about 211 km can be about 5-6 hours using public transportation, rental car or private car.

Second, proceed from the River sold to District Kayu Aro or rather in the village Pelompek using public transport. Distance from the River sold to Pelompek about 50 km with a travel time of approximately 1.5 hours.

Third, from the village to the location Pelompek Seven Lakes Mountain, travelers only need to walk to reach the location of the two alternative routes.

(1) From the guardhouse Seven Mountains region to the edge of the lake with a distance of 3 km where the terrain is not so difficult and is a time of about 2.5 hours.

(2) From the back of the guest house to the edge of the lake Seven Mountains with a distance of about 2.5 km where the terrain is rather steep and is a time of about 3 hours.

How In The Accommodations ?

Not available hotels and inns around the Seven Mountain Lake but you can find some not far from the village homestay Pelompek still on location Seven Mountain Lake. Another option is that you stay on the river at the site full because there are budget class hotel with pretty good service. Anywhere from 100,000 - to 150,000, - per night.

For the tourists who come from outside the area and want to linger, to stay in some Kersik Tuo village homestay in the not so far from the village of Pelompek (location of the lake). As for the eating and drinking, the tourists can enjoy specialties Kerinci, Payo such as rice, fish curry semah, bateko jerky, nuts Tojin, lemang, or drinking coffee and tea Kerinci Kayu Aro's in Kerinci regency.

Other interesting places around the seven mountain lakes that are worth to visit is Mount Seven Falls. Waterfall water comes from Lake Mountain Seven. To get to the location you can use the track not far from the homestead resort near the guard post at the foot of the mountain.

When Should I Get There ?

The best time to visit Seven Mountain Lake That is the Dry Season Months Until January Agustus.Suhu Seven Mountain Lake on the afternoon and evening quite cold. Average of 16 º -17 º C during the day and 10 º -11 º C at night so requires that you bring a jacket when visiting here.

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Jackets should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very cold average 16 º -17 º C during the day and 10 º -11 º C at night
  • In Seven Mountain Lake there are no food vendors because it is better you take supplies and food. Especially if you plan on camping here.
  • Not far from Lake Mountain Seven are stalls that provide special food such as rice Kerinci Payo, Kayu Aro tea, nuts Tojin, semah fish curry, lemang, and jerky bateko. You can also feel the pleasure of Kayu Aro tea here.
  • For a different culinary experience why not enjoy freshwater fish caught from the Seven Mountain Lake were quite tasty. Enjoy these fish while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  • Other interesting places around the seven mountain lakes that are worth to visit is Mount Seven Falls. Waterfall water comes from Lake Mountain Seven. To get to the location you can use the track not far from the homestead resort near the guard post at the foot of the mountain.

So how TravelEsia Friends Are you interested to High Stepping caldera lake in Southeast Asia .If you visited Kerinci Regency in Jambi Especially, Coming For Visiting Seven Mountain Lake as a tourist To Your destination .Lets Go We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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