Riung 17 Island Marine Park : Cluster of Small Island The Exotic In Nature Flores

Riung 17 Island Marine Park is very suitable for routine while away from fatigue life.Beatifully And Sereneity Makes Us.Air seemed to live on the island and the clear blue sea, underwater beauty and the hospitality offered Flores Typical Earth makes anyone always wanted back there.

Riung 17 Island Marine Park

still hidden from the crowd. Only tourists without a shirt which is still frequently seen pacing in this small town. They seem half-way enjoy the adventure agenda in one of the best marine park in Flores.

It's far from their hometown in the country four seasons there. But the friendliness of its people who innocently made ​​the atmosphere like in their neighborhood are more quiet, not as Jakarta or Surabaya, especially Bali.

At first glance, such Riung city districts do not want to be touched crowd. In fact, this is so because access is so remote and challenging, many times over the hill that is almost beyond the word "stunning". In one part of the journey to Riung Bajawa on the south, the crowd of green tundra-covered hills some palm trees as a birthday cake, giving a sensation when it feels happy.

Riung coastal communities inhabited mostly Bajo Oting known as inhabitants of the sea in the archipelago. They had little to show themselves apart in a residential neighborhood on the edge of the beach and pier area Riung lonely. Some other community dryland farming and also opened a homestay for visitors.

Behind the silence into a berthing pier dozen fishing boats Bajo, there exists a marine tourist area known as the Seventeen Island. This area is a collection of small islands which comprise more than 20 beautiful islands.

Why should I get there?

Riung 17 Island Marine Park is a cluster of islands large and small spread extends from Toro Padang in the west to the east Pangsar Island. The whole of the islands are virtually uninhabited by humans. Island Marine Park Area 17 located in the District Riung Riung covering five villages, namely: Sambinasi, Nangamese, Middle Fort, Tadho and Lengkosambi.

Behind the silence into a berthing pier dozen fishing boats Bajo, there exists a marine tourist area known as the Seventeen Island. This area is a collection of small islands which comprise more than 20 beautiful islands. The name "seventeen" used to be easy to remember because the sacred value of 17 for our country (Red: Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia).

Major islands here are: Ontoloe Island (the largest), Pau Island, Borong Island, Two Island, Island Kolong, Lainjawa Island, Big Island, Halima Island (Pulau Nani), Patta Island, Rutong Island, Island Table, Bampa Island (Pulau Pulau Tampa or Tembang), Pulau Tiga (Long Island), Island Copper, Taor Island, Island and Island Sui Wire. Land area is dry forest region where most of the coastal shores of mangrove trees.

Not only that, there are a variety of typical animals: dragons, lizards timor, jungle fowl, ferrets, monkeys, porcupines, Timor deer, possum, crocodiles, eagles, bluwok, white stork, parrot, cuckoo, a bird or birds wontong scorched, and bat black storks and birds, lorikeets yellow chest.

Below you'll find a sea of ​​roses waving sea mesmerizing. What you'll see it's actually a collection of giant sea hare eggs are bound by membranes to form rumbaian colored red.

1995, Ngada in Ngada, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara was included in the tentative list of UNESCO as a world cultural heritage because people have an attractive and distinctive. Besides tradition, traditional village "wowed" natural attraction is also a complement to its insertion. One of the views from nature Ngada is Riung 17 Island Marine Park.

In this area there are terrestrial rare giant lizard Mbou usually called by the local people, or usually also called Mbou Riung. This Riung Mbou same kind as Varanus komodoensis on Komodo Island, only the color is more attractive. In addition, there is a stretch of white sand on the island Rutong and Thousand Island Bats Ontoloe attract enough visitors.

Tourists come to Riung sacrifice through space and time span that is not easy to see the stunning beauty of the region Riung 17 Island Marine Park. This area is both stunningly beautiful underwater beautiful and white sand was kept clean. The water is so clear, making swimming, snorkeling, and photographing underwater and diving will be very exciting.

You can use a boat or a speedboat which paved fiber glass to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of colorful and diverse so fascinating. The dives will be very impressive here, just as those who just want to swim and snorkel.

How Do I get there?

To arrive here can be reached via winding hill roads and up and down a narrow asphalt. Sometimes, visitors must dismiss the horror creeping street on the edge of the abyss. However, what is waiting there later was a dazzling beauty could lull anyone.

Riung route towards a network of the national tourism Bali-Lombok-Flores-Riung Labuanbajo. Aircraft operating from the Jakarta-Surabaya-Denpasar to Maumere or from Jakarta-Surabaya-Denpasar-Ende. Continue traveling by bus or rental car to Bajawa and Riung. Car rental is also available in Maumere and Ende.

To achieve Riung then you have to go through the whole 72 kilometers from Bajawa and takes about 4 hours. While from Mbay, Capital Nagekeo then travel by Cross Flores takes about 2 hours. When the journey starts from Ende then you need 3 to 4 hours.

Vehicles General of Bajawa is Gemini who drove 2 times a day ie morning and afternoon. Renting a vehicle may be the best alternative to get to Riung and do not walk alone if the vehicle does not know the condition of the path to Riung.

How In The accommodations?

Riung 17 Island Marine Park still counted as an area that needs to be developed. Currently public faslitas still minimal. Electricity is a most important public facilities are still supplied by a generator only works every day at 6 pm till 6 am. This makes Riung as a suitable place for the adventurous only.

Maybe Homestay is Best Option this Here.Not much to offer here except eat at a restaurant only to accommodate the interests of foreign tourists. Dishes are available in the form of Indonesian dishes and cuisines Eropa.Memanfaatkan a beautiful patio and yard ornamental trees makes the heat feel calm here.

When should I get there?

Visit Best Time To Visit Island Marine Park 17 Riung Is Up In June - August.Wgere weather conditions and sea water conditions Very Good At Month-Month Such

Know Before You Go

  • Kolong Trunk Island is a place served by divers who want to see the sea rose. Sea Flower is red and so beautiful flame, waving buffeted by ocean currents at a depth of 10 meter. In fact, the sea rose is a collection of the eggs of the red giant sea hare (Hexabranchus sanguineus) with a size of 30 centimeters. Eggs are bound by mucus and floated like flowers in the wind. Coral gardens stretching divers indicate that he was in big scaly turtle home.
  • Table or Copper Island are habitat for Acropora and soft coral in addition to the beautiful giant sea fans. Above the surface, the island has white sand yellow copper touches the sky blue color with exceptional charm.
  • Sui Island touted as underwater video production locations are ideal because of the gulf and underwater cliffs are stunning with beautiful Acropora.
  • Three or Bampa Island East is one of the island's most visited for its beauty either above or below sea level. Under the sea, divers will again see the bright red sea rose like Batang Kolong. Take to the hills in Pulau Tiga is because there will lay the seas with blue shades that diverse. An indescribable beauty.
  • Rutong Island or Tangil have sand that should not be missed because the grinning crescent arch crate at the end of his island. The view on top of a hill overgrown with shrubs and grasses a lovely golden color will not be a regret though thorn torn skin or sweat soaked body while climbing to the top. Parasol made for visitors who want to escape from the scorching sun at midday shock. Below the surface, there is a phenomenon of the thermocline, which is a drastic change of water temperature. On the surface, the water was warm, but now under one meter, water temperature suddenly cold. If lucky, divers can see whales playing in the west of the island.
  • Tanjung Toro Padang is part of Flores island jutting headland forming. Under the water there is a garden and a soft coral Acropora, whereas in land, you should get acquainted with riungensis Varanus lizards or local call mbou. This lizard often enter villages and stealing chickens, goats and even dogs.
  • Wire Island is a small island in front of the hometown Oting Bajo, where at the edge of the island is covered with mangrove forests are still extensive. Although the water is turbid, Acropora are found and feel of the village set in the mangrove forests is often the object of photography at sunrise.
  • Ontoloe Island is the largest island with a ring of green mangroves and clean. In the middle of the mangrove forest is home to the giant bats that live in large colonies. Seeing it can only be done at high tide because the coral reef at the edge of the mangrove forest is very shallow and if not possible at low tide approached. Tide occurred at 11 noon. Coral reefs and soft coral on the edge of the island is still clean and beautiful.
  • Lainjawa Island presents a collection of fish and surgeonfish or butane Anglefish goats or fish. Here too there is a napoleon fish and giant sea eel dikisar up to 2 meters in length. Since the first time to a fishing area with the bombs still many remaining reefs die.
  • Wongkoroe island located between Padang Ontoloe and Toro serves barrier reefs under the sea because there fault that extends as far as 10 meters.
  • East Barrier reef diving or dive serving up straight drop is part of a barrier reef that is in Riung than barrier barrier reef in the northern or north. At this location there is a sinking ship and into stone.
  • Other islands such as Borong and Taor which also has a mesmerizing sand.

Not only fascinating underwater, you are not interested then plunge down the water to witness the beauty of the blue ocean water, and clear-Wafes small. Large scattering of small islands around it is an amazing sight.

So how Friend TravelEsia Are you excited for Visiting Riung 17 Island Marine Park Who Owns cluster of Small Island Exotic.

If you visit Lombok Island Timur.Make Marine Park 17 Riung, Kanawa Island as a tourist destination anda.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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