Hoga Island: Enchantment Marine Tourism Like Heavenly

Hoga Island - enjoy the natural beauty and underwater are known as underwater paradise. Had an interesting cultural heritage, or see the attraction of the rare giant mammals around the teritory.This place is one of the many Natural Beauty Hoga Island

Hoga Island

has an area of ​​approximately 1.39 million ha. and is a combination of several islands. Land of palm trees waving in the wind beautiful ocean and white sand glistening like pearls touched light of the sun.

Here you will also find captivating atolls, lagoons, and reefs on the edge of the island with the sea water in the presence of blue stretched so clear.

Compared name may be less famous Bunaken or Raja Ampat. However, the Hoga Island in the Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi has a charm for divers. Beauty was a perfect sea.

Hoga Island is one of the islands in the archipelago national park Wakatobi In Wakatobi region, which is also the island's most beautiful underwater world.

The island is located in the eastern Kaledupa.Visit at Hoga Island, looked wooden buildings were simple but sturdy. Hoga Island Mainland greenish look gorgeous white sand surrounded by a shimmering on the cover sunlight. Fresh sea breeze fills the lungs directly. Sea water runs in front of the blue and clear.

Islands National Park Wakatobi indeed save a lot of beauty. Formerly known as the Junior Iron archipelago, consisting of the four main islands of the Wakatobi name: Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

Why should I get there?

The beauty of the island is renowned Hoga details up to foreign. Her wealth of marine life has attracted the attention of many researchers International.surprising that this place is like the underwater laboratory. Tourists who visit can stay for weeks devouring comfort and beauty.

Dwells comfortably approximately 750 species of coral from 850 of the world in these waters. In addition, it is also home to 83 species of fish are pretty colorful. Read some books on saltwater fish species and on arriving at Hoga Island dive to find a beautiful fish, such as: (Cephalopholus argus), takhasang (Naso unicornis), pogo-pogo (Balistoides viridescens), napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus), fish red (Lutjanus biguttatus), rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus), Amphiprion melanopus, Chaetodon specullum, Chelmon rostratus, Heniochus acuminatus, and Lutjanus monostigma.

Regions with an area of ​​1.39 million hectares, consisting of small islands and large, the ranks of the coral atolls and lagoons known density of reef habitat and diverse Fish. Whales and dolphins also often be found around Wangi-Wangi.

When diving, you will see 83 kinds of colorful fish are beautiful. Some types of fish that you can find in there like takhasang, pogo-pogo, napoleon, rabbitfish, and much more. No wonder the place is a favorite for divers.

On this island you will instantly treated to views of fish colorful swim on the beach and can be seen directly from perahu.Perairan Hoga Island is a diving paradise with stunning natural beauty. Diving under the sea like a giant aquarium is enjoying a marvelous seemed limitless.

You can enjoy it without having to dive deep into dalam.Moreover diving, you can also snorkel alongside Beach activities can also be found easily colored fish-warni.Watched big wave hit the reef also be interesting to do the afternoon. You can relax the body lay on the warm white sand or beautiful  around visiting places around the island of Hoga, such Kaledupa, Tomia Island, Wangi-scented, and Binongko Island.

The beach also has a seductive charm. Throughout the eye can see, the white sand beaches blanketed Hoga Island. With the land of palm trees and ocean breezes wave, not a few tourists who spend time to relax on the beach. lover can examine Runduma Island, north Kaledupa. On the island are difficult to be reached because the line wave sail cartilage, the green turtles (Chelonia mydas) always fall spawn.

Another one of the highlights of foreign researchers is a Bajo village. Community groups are often called sea gypsies actually live in the sea by building settlements on the reef lagoon. They are spread across the island of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, and Tomia.

Not Only That In Hoga Island, you can enjoy delicious fresh fish served differently than usual. Local people serving fish with special processed with the bath water and lemon juice for 15 minutes and then served raw (do not worry not overcooked). It is the name of the dish or sushi-style fighting Hoga Island.Processed other marine that you can enjoy are shrimp and calamari in a state that is still fresh.
Enjoy soft shells (pot) sauteed with a mixture of fried onions and shrimp paste. It feels supple yet so delicious.

How Do I get there?

To get to the island of Hoga, you need to go to Kendari then proceeded to Hoga Island by ship in the Port of Kendari. Travel to the island of Hoga approximately 15 hours.

Another option you can depart from Wanci in Wakatobi. At the dock you can then hire a speedboat cost Rp150.000, - the long journey of approximately 2 hours.

Sea conditions were winding takes you enjoy extensive coral reefs with animals roam ready to accompany you during travel

How In The accommodations?

Typically diving in Hoga Island need a few days. You do not need to worry because it can find hotels and inns Hoga Island at affordable prices ranging from Rp80.000, - thousand per night.

There are approximately 200 specialty simple like custom homes here are surrounded Buton path. You can imagine get up in the morning and then rushed to the beach to enjoy the air while waiting for the sun rises, it is wonderful!

For lodging, the Hoga Island there are several comfortable lodging and adequate. Specialty-inn here has a price range of IDR 200000-300000 per day. Most, lodgings made ​​of wood and no air conditioning or fan. It also will make you more calm in enjoying every second Hoga Island. In addition, there are also Hoga Island dive center for those who want to dive.

When should I get there?

The best time to visit the island of Hoga is April to June or October to December each year.

Generally Hoga Island water dives done in groups. Use to meet new friends.

A group of international researchers or students sometimes come to conduct marine research in researching here.

for Marine Ecosystems in Which There Wakatobi National Park, and especially Hoga Island

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • The only transport that you can use to get around around Hoga Island is a boat
  • If you want to visit Kaledupa, Tomia Island, Wangi-scented, and Island Binongko then you need to use the ship
  • However, if you just want to enjoy the mesmerizing land Hoga Island makacukup armed with your legs alone.
  • If you want to venture into the interior, it is wise if you use the services of a tour of the hotel or place to stay. Provide enough money because in this place where ATM is quite rare.

So how Friend TravelEsia Are you excited for Visiting Enchantment Marine Tourism Like Heavenly Island Maritime Hoga Island.If your visit to Southeast Sulawesi Make Hoga Island and Wakatobi National Park as a tourist destination .Lets A We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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