Cimaja Beaches: Beautiful Beaches Panorama And Waves Scrolls

Cimaja Beach - West Java - For those of you connoisseurs Special Interest As Surfing In High Waves, West Java is probably Alternative Youre Destination.Panorama Beach Waves And Scrolls Nan attractions Beautiful Being Admitted To Being On The Coast of West Java's

Cimaja Beach

Has a different contour to the beach shore in general, making the Cimaja Beach as beach attractions are worth visiting. Along the coast the rocks adorned times a round.

Cimaja Beach with waves roar is a perfect location for surfers to enjoy the waves on a board cradle selancar.Tidak only community or athletes from Jakarta and Bandung, but also expatriates working in major cities in the country and a direct coming from abroad to try this Cimaja wave. It also makes Cimaja bagging her Bali title Sukabumi.

For those of you who are not interested in the sport this one, Cimaja still has other charms, the beautiful scenery. Its beauty will pamper your eyes. You can walk around while breathing air that is very clean here. The sand beach is quite clean and rarely sharp rocks.

Why should I get there?

Panorama beautiful beaches and big waves make this beach a favorite place for surfers. Many foreign tourists who come to Surfer's Beach. On the beach is also often held national surfing events and pro. Panorama beautiful beaches and big waves make this beach a favorite place for surfers.

Although classified as having high waves, but the beach is still safe for beginners who want to learn surfing. If you want to learn, a lot of local people who offer services to learn surfing. If you do not have a surfboard, you can borrow loan board in the store as they become available

Towards dusk, beach Cimaja really interesting. The sky began to reddish dotted with surfers passing is still fun to play around in the waves. Those who would like to photography, the activities of the surfers can be a golden moment for capture.

Cimaja Beach in Sukabumi, West Java, can be used as an alternative tourist destination weekend. The distance is not too far from Bandung and Jakarta, it will not waste your time too long in transit. From Jakarta, this place is 120 kilometers while from Bandung beach within 203 kilometers.

How Do I get there?

Cimaja Beach located in the village Cimaja Cisolok district and is approximately 10 km from the port ratu.Hanya 3.5 hours travel time from Jakarta to Port Queen. Many interesting sights obtained in this way. Starting passed Lido with the cool air, pacing sellers and buyers in the market Cicurug, chaotic public transport lined the roadside, as well as several plants in this area, Adding exotic During Perjalan you.

To get to the beach Cimaja from Jakarta, you can use the bus majors Jakarta - Bogor, Bogor bus transit terminal, continue your journey by bus Bogor - Palabuhanratu, then get off at the bus station Palabuhanratu, then continue your trip using public transportation to the beach Cimaja. Then cometh Cimaja Coast.

If you depart from Bandung, you also have to use the bus to Sukabumi Sukabumi transit terminal, continue to use the bus majors Sukabumi - Palabuhanratu. After arriving at the terminal you ride public transportation to the beach Cimaja.

How In The accommodations?

Accommodation around the beach Cimaja sufficient. For lodging, in this place a few options available that provide different facilities, both of which use air conditioning or not. To fill the stomach, you can choose according to taste food stalls, ranging from food to seafood Sunda.

Accommodation ranges RP. 350.000/malam full ac or Rp. 250.000/malam non ac. Design unique villa like a tree house, the price is right for the backpacker.

For those of you who will stay with the family, Resort-Resort Also Available In This Beach Along with swimming pool and bar facilities. Bungalow with 3 rooms starts at RP. 700,000 and for 4 rooms starting at a price of Rp. 850,000.

On the beach there is a beach shack that offers surfing course Rp.250.000/hari rate, and surf board rental Rp. 15.000/hari for those of you who can not surf, can still enjoy Cimaja with bodysurfing beach waves

When should I get there?

Visiting Beaches For Year-Round Cimaja is possible, but those of you connoisseurs of March Special Interest As of August is the Best Choice for you.

Where the waves roll Conditions Happened On The Internet In Your Plan This Here.So This the Month.

Because On When This Many surfers Been To Stimulate Andrinaline

Know Before You Go

  • Beware of strong currents along this stretch of coastline.
  • Always be aware of tidal conditions.
  • Rocky beach here is also very slippery so be careful.
  • There is no rail or air service to Palabuhanratu, so if you do not have a budget, you should use the regular bus or minibus back and forth from Jakarta to Bogor Palabuhanratu either through or Sukabumi.
  • If you are a beginner, available courses Cimaja surf with experienced faculty.
  • Do not forget to take medicines.
  • Sea breeze usually begins around 11:00 am and 16:00. So surf in the morning and afternoon is possible.
  • The dry season is the best roughly from April to October.
  • Prohibited from wearing green clothes, because they believe in the spirit wasyarakat around South Beach Queen.
  • Restaurants are plentiful here, and seafood is a mainstay in every restaurant. Many vendors in Palabuhanratu, because of its location near the beach, do not miss to try the fish balls.
So how Friend TravelEsia Are you interested Cimaja Beach To Visit The Have Panorama Beach Waves And Scrolls So Beautiful It If you been to Java Barat.Maked Cimaja Beach as a tourist destination anda.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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