Baluran National Park: Stepping Cover Savana Widest In Java

Baluran National Park - Friend Opportunity TravelEsia At this time TravelEsia Will Introduce To Your Wealth Potential And There Neture In East Java Province, If  TravelEsia Been Friends Come here you'll find the widest expanse of savanna in Java, makes you who visit here feel like in Africa

Baluran National Park

is representative of a specific forest ecosystem dry in Java, consists of savanna vegetation types, mangroves, monsoon forest, beach forest, lower montane forest, swamp forest and evergreen forests throughout the year. About 40 percent of savanna vegetation types dominate Baluran National Park.

Baluran National Park area is located in District Banyuputih, Situbondo, East Java Province. North boundary is the Madura Strait, east of the Strait of Bali, south Bajulmati River, and west of the Klokoran. Air temperature 27 ° - 34 ° C, rainfall 900-1600 mm / year, altitude 0-1247 m asl, geography 7 ° 29 '- 7 ° 55' S, 114 ° 17 '- 114 ° 28' E, and breadth of reach 25,000 ha. In the middle of this area are Mount Baluran that is no longer active.

You will be presented in Baluran stunning real natural when hundreds of deer running towards the pool of water, a male peacock tail stretch to attract the attention of the female, dozens of very large buffalo, dozens of foraging eagles, monkeys and macaques.

Not to mention the trees that resemble typical Baluran nut trees and fruit of a lifetime by 1 ton to then die. Pilang the white-trunked trees and lush

You can watch closely the movement of a herd of animals such as elk, bison, as well as the beauty of a peacock. The park also has a stretch of savannah that promised coolness, also did snorkeling in the sea, on the edge of the savannah.

Why Should I Get There ?

Baluran National Park is representative of a specific forest ecosystem dry in Java, consists of savanna vegetation types, mangroves, monsoon forest, beach forest, lower montane forest, swamp forest and evergreen forests throughout the year. About 40% of savanna vegetation types dominate Baluran National Park. The soil is black from the volcanic and alluvial soils covering an approximately half of the land is low, grassy savanna. This area is a very fertile, rich diversity of food for grazing animals.Plants that exist in this park as much as 444 species, of which there is a native plant that is unique and interesting widoro bukol (Ziziphus rotundifolia), neem (Azadirachta indica), and Pilang (Acacia leucophloea).

Widoro bukol, neem, and Pilang is a plant that is able to adapt to very dry conditions (still looks green), although other plants have withered and dried.

Plants such as tamarind (Tamarindus indica), yam (Dioscorea hispida), pecan (Aleurites moluccana), gebang (Corypha utan), fires (Avicennia sp.), Kendal (Cordia obliqua), Manting (Syzygium polyanthum), and billowing (Sterculia foetida).

Not Only That In There
Baluran National Park including 26 species of mammals banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), deer (Muntiacus muntjak muntjak), deer (Cervus timorensis russa), leopard ( Panthera pardus melas), deer (Tragulus pelandoc javanicus), and mangrove cat (Prionailurus viverrinus).Animal bull is a mascot / characteristic of  Baluran National Park. In addition, there are about 155 species of birds including the rare such as kite fire (Hirundo rustica), tuwuk / tuwur asia (Eudynamys scolopacea), peacock (Pavo muticus), red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus), kangkareng (Anthracoceros convecus ), hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros), and stork barrels (Leptoptilos javanicus).

There are old wells that became legends surrounding communities. Legend has it that the city of Banyuwangi, Bali and Baluran both dug wells. If, wells in each of the city's first water out and fly the flag, meaning the city will be the central hustle / culture.

In the dry season the ground water in the ground to be very limited and the water supply in some of these springs is reduced. When the rainy season, little black soil impenetrable to water so that water flowed on the surface of the ground, forming many pools, especially in the south region that connects Talpat with Bama.

If you come during the rainy season the plants and the water was abundant, so that the residents of the park such as the Bull and Buffalo Wild chose to go into the interior of the park in the face with the visitors. But some groups of deer, peacocks, partridges and other beburungan can be enjoyed.
Dawn at about 4 or 5 in the morning you can watch a bunch of large animal crossed the meadow. You can be assured that they are typical bull Baluran to see white on all four legs and buttocks like wearing socks, well-built and slim horns pointing up as if it would meet the horns left and right.

You can also see the Buteo hawks and eagles flying snake foraging or perched in trees Pilang. Beautiful male peacock tail will look for food, and monkeys that move from one tree branch to another tree, and countless hundreds of species of small birds.
Dozens Dhole, a type of forest wolf tail black mane, brown body. If you are lucky it will look attractive deer that had drooped helpless. Doe usually just bitten the neck veins and the buttocks. Dhole be dragging, tearing and eating deer entrails. But you do not have to worry because ajag fear of humans, their record has never been attacked visitors and staff of the Park.Partridge will also be in action. Sometimes, partridge shows him around the rest house looking for food. In the afternoon when the tide is low, it appears stork casks or reef herons (Egretta sacra) and some tern birds foraging on the beach. While the typical chirp kingfisher (Halcyon chloris) seemed to never stop.

In Bama visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, snorkeling to see the coral reefs and fish as well as water sports such as canoeing. Baha Beach is also said to be a good beach for surfing although the facility has not been so complete.
In Popongan, Sejile, Sirontoh, and Kalitopo, you can canoe on a calm sea, look at the various types of ornamental fish, and observe birds are migrating.Rainfall activity in tears was climbing as high as 10-30 meters with a slope of up to 85%. In the bars you can see the remnants of the site in the form of Japanese cave, the tomb of the son of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. In Manting and there Kacip water springs that never dry throughout the year. Here is also a habitat for leopards. Do not miss also to the culture at Temple traveled Bang, Labuan Peacock, and Kramat.

How Do I Get There ?

The trip to the Baluran National Park takes approximately 6 hours from Surabaya. Located in the district of Situbondo and some Banyuwangi. Occupies an area of ​​22 500 hectares of forested and coastal meadows and flanked by three mountains, Baluran, and Ijen Merapi. Baluran National Park can be reached from Surabaya in East Java along the northern coast to the east, crossing the town of Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Situbondo and after Banyuputih, head south and do not keep going east to the village of Booths. Before turning to the left towards the village Wongsorejo Visitor Center.Access to and from the Baluran National Park very smoothly in the presence of cross-provincial highway connecting the island of Bali and Surabaya to Banyuwangi across Baluran National Park. Thus Baluran National Park can be reached by land vehicles from many major cities around it.

Nearest main line that you can use is a Banyuwangi-bars with a distance of 35 km to Bekol followed by 45 minutes or about 12 miles. Can also Situbondo-Batangandengan from a distance of 60 km by car.
Baluran National Park if you use a personal or rental vehicle heading Bekol the road passable for 2 cars. The road is paved thin but decent for a sedan, and is highly recommended should be similar SUV. Existing roads is a class 3 roads that connect the entrance to savanna Bekol-Bama along the ± 15 km. In addition to paved roads around Bekol and Bama a path interpretation for the usual tourist and educational tours.

How In The Accommodations ?

National Park lodging facilities can be found in Bekol Baluran and Bama coast, it is recommended that you confirm with the National Park officials are planning an overnight stay here, so be prepared for a bermalam.Di Bekol logistics facilities are houses on stilts with a capacity of 16 people. Pensions are enough to accommodate 6 people and researchers homeless capacity of 4 people.At the Bama stage there are four houses, each house stage consists of two rooms that can accommodate 4 people. Under the stage house can serve as a dining area, and a vehicle. It could be argued below that the room could be a wide range of functions. For illumination using diesel generators are lit from 18.00-24.00 pm. After that, kerosene lamps were used. Meanwhile, permanent homes for rent using solar power with limited wattage. For food, the cost is relatively inexpensive.

Everything will depend on the menu that you chose.When there Banyuwangi not so far from the National Park Baluran then can choose cost hotel Rp55.000, 00 to Rp571.500, 00. You just choose the complete facilities tailored to the needs and funds. This hotel's location adjacent to the Port Katapang Typical Banyuwangi ferry lines from and to the island of Bali.

When Should I Get There ?

Baluran National Park has a climate which is influenced by the type of Monsoon, dry east wind. Rainfall ranges from 900-1600 mm / year and the air temperature between 27 ° - 30 ° C dry months per year with an average of 9 months. Between August and December wind was blowing pretty hard from the south.

The rainy season in November-April, while in the dry season from April to October with the highest rainfall in December-January. But in fact, these estimates frequently change according to conditions that affect global.

The best visiting season is from March to August every year. You can watch the fights between male moose in July and August also saw a flock of gray macaque crab fishing with his tail during low tide. There are also attractions peacock dances in the breeding season between October and November.

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Before entering Baluran National Park you can visit the information center to get a brief explanation or Baluran National Park and can be seen in bars Slide Program.
  • Each visitor is prohibited disrupt, damage, take, or hunting flora, fauna and ecosystems.
  • Gas stoves can be hired and you should bring your own food because there are no facilities for eating
  • The supervisor was very friendly and willing to take you anywhere with your physical records fit enough.
  • For nature lovers, students, and those who want to camp, camping area is provided in bars around 500 m from the entrance. In addition to the installation of water, at the site are also available bathrooms.
  • For those of you who want to enjoy the panorama of savannah Bekol, available pandangn tower located on a hill just behind the Post Bekol.
  • For those of you who want to stay overnight to enjoy the panoramic Baluran night or enjoy the sunrise, there is a rest house in the savanna Bekol and Bama Beach.
  • For visitors research studies are required to make an application to the Park accompanied Baluran required to submit proposals and research reports as many as two (2) books to the Park Baluran.
  •  For more information please contact the Office of the National Park Baluran, Jl. General A. Yani 108 Tel. / Fax. (0333) 68 416 24 119-Banyuwangi. Located behind Central Office TN Baluran in bars. Here visitors can find a variety of information about Baluran and admission.

In view of the tower there Bekol hilltop Bekol with elevations of 64 m from the sea level, the tower can be seen from various types of animals such as the peacock, pheasant, buffalo, wild buffalo, deer, antelope, wild boar, etc. in the morning and afternoon as well as the beautiful scenery around the area Baluran. Other facilities are contained in three pieces Bekol Houses with a capacity of 28 people, shelter, musola, rangers barracks, gatehouse, canteen and parking.

Morning at sunrise, the scenery is so beautiful Bama. Boars often come in the morning while you're eating, also at lunch time and evening. In the morning, lizard also appeared to bask in the hot sun. Do not be too surprised if in the afternoon or evening lizard-lizard came back to look for food in the back of the kitchen. Boars and monkeys, if not fed, it will also scavenge the trash that is around the guesthouse. Bama is a gently sloping beaches and white sand, coral formations and has a beautiful ornamental fish. Bama beach flanked by mangroves and acacia fulfilled as far as 3 km. The beach is small but looks very natural. Here you can do marine tourism activities such as snorkeling, boating down

Some locations / attractions to be visited

Bars. Seeing heritage / web form Japanese cave, the tomb of the son of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, a peacock dance attraction in the breeding season between October / November and camping. Facilities: information center and camping.

Bekol and Semiang. Observation of wildlife such as pheasant, peacock, deer, antelope, bison, wild buffalo, birds.

Existing facilities: research house, guest house, the tower view.

Bama, Balanan, Booths. Marine tourism, fishing, diving / snorkeling, and fights between male moose in July / August, and a flock of gray macaque crab fishing / crab with its tail at low tide.

Manting, Air Kacip. The source of water that never dry throughout the year, leopard habitat.

Popongan, Sejile, Sirontoh, Kalitopo. Canoe in a calm sea, see different types of ornamental fish, migratory bird observation.

Brainstorming tears. Activities of rock climbing as high as 10-30 meters, with a slope of up to 85%.

Candi Bang, Labuan Peacock, Kramat.
Cultural tourism.

So how
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