7 Tips For Travel Photographers

Capturing great photos of a picturesque destination when traveling might seem easy and effortless, but other than basic knowledge in photography techniques, there are some tips that you can practice to take your skills to a higher level.Courtesy of TravelEsia, below are some of these tips; as always, share your own in the comment box.
Befriend a local
You will produce better photos if you get to know the local area and the local people. They can often help you out with great photo opportunities, show you things you would never otherwise see, and often make for great photo subjects themselves.
Time it right
The levels of light vary greatly according to the time of day (and the weather) and this will affect how and what you capture. Many photographers like the ‘golden’ hour' (early in the morning or as dusk approaches), so choose your timing wisely.
Don’t rush
Allow yourself plenty of extra time to find the perfect position for the photo. You might need to walk around a tourist attraction or climb a hill to get the perfect vantage point. Consider rising before dawn and being at your destination for first light if you want to get a clear shot at a popular attraction.
Pack spare gear
Check and double check your bag – you may not be able to buy the right battery/lens/memory card where you’re going. A good lightweight bag is essential to protect your gear and carry your accessories.
Take a tripod
Essential for night shots but also important for timer or remote-control based shots so you can be in the photo. Gorilla tripods can grip onto practically anything and will fit in your bag easily.
Get cloud storage
You never know when your gear might get lost, damaged, or stolen so choose a cloud storage platform and upload your photos regularly. Alternatively, a second external hard disk kept in a separate location will do the job.
Start a photo blog
Set up tour own travel photo blog to show off your work, build up your portfolio as you go and give focus to your travels.

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