Lovina Festival 2014 : Explore Culture and Tourism of Buleleng Regency

Lovina Festival 2014 - TravelEsia - Lovina Festival 2014 The festival is a cultural fiesta of the people of  Buleleng  in north Bali.Lovina Festival 2014 Various unique and classic traditional art and culture presentations will be featured during  the festival, that include Sapi Gerumbungan, the Sang Hyang Legong Dedari Ritual, the Sang Hyang Memedi Ritual, a  mass Selat Segara Dance performance, and more. There will also be a photography contest and handicrafts exhibition.

Lovina Festival 2014

Lovina Festival 2014

Buleleng Regency will hold 3rd Lovina Festival 2014 for 3 days (25-27 Sept, 2014) The theme of this festival is “The Sparkling of Lovina”. Head of Culture & Tourism of Buleleng Drs. I Ketut Warkadea, M.Si said before the event opened officially, first there will be cultural parade from 4 to 6 pm. The start of the parade will take place from dolphin statue in Kalibukbuk Village and finish at Seririt Street. The distance is approximately 500 meters.

In the parade Lovina Festival 2014, the local youth will wear Balinese dress and walk as long as the parade route. They will bring ceremony equipment such as gebogan, janur, tedung, umbul-umbul dan lontek. It is also followed by dance performances. Trance Dedari Dance from Kaliasem Village, Puppet show from Pemuteran Village, Ngelawang Barong from Tukad Mumbul Village, Ngelawang Sang Hyang Memedi from Anturan Village, Genjek Dance from Temukus Village and the parade of Jogeg Masal Buleleng.

Famous for its prime attraction to watch and get close to dolphins at sea,  the coast of Lovina Beach in north Bali will be highlighted with the  Lovina Festival 2014. This will be held from 25th to 27th September 2014 at the Aditya Resort, Lovina Beach, Kalibukbuk village, in the Buleleng Regency. Carying the tagline “the Sparkling Lovina”, the event is presented by the Office of Culture and Tourism of Buleleng Regency.

Lovina Festival 2014
The event will be attended by the Regent of Buleleng, tourism stakeholders, and participants of the Sail Indonesia 2014 yachts sailing from Darwin to Singapore,  who will have reached Lovina at the time.

Situated some 3 hours drive from Kuta Beach in south Bali,  Lovina Beach offers tranquility, incredible underwater  spectacles, and  opportunities to observe wild dolphins in their natural habitat. The Lovina tourist area stretches over 8km and consists of a string of coastal villages namely: Kaliasem,Kalibukbuk,Anturan, and Tukad Mungga. As opposed to  the vivacious south coast of Bali, Lovina is the perfect place to just lay back and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambience of nature.

"In addition to involving the local youth of Buleleng County, it also involved foreign tourists. It will put up four tour packages to destinations such as Pemuteran, Munduk, Sudaji Tourism Village and Sembiran," he explained. The Lovina Festival related to Sail Indonesia 2014 program, where one of the target areas is Lovina Beach. "Before the opening event, on September 22, there were 60 ships containing foreign tourists will rest in Lovina Beach special to witness the festival," he explained.

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