Rubiah Island: Paradise of Coral Reef In Western Indonesia

Rubiah Island - Sabang Island - The Rubiah Island Geographically Located Adjacent to the Weh Island Or More In The Know With The term  Sabang Island. Rubiah Island is located in the area of ​​Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The island is part of the city of Sabang, precisely in the northwest of the island of Weh. The island is 26 acres offers the beauty of this underwater paradise and marine tourism are very intriguing. Rubiah even dubbed as the paradise island marine park. This is because the island is like an aquarium containing a variety of ornaments in it.
Pulau Rubiah

Rubiah Island

surrounded by the Strait of Malacca in the North, in the South Indian Ocean, the Strait of Malacca in the Indian Ocean in the East and the West. Island with an area of ​​156.3 km ² consists of several small islands that formed as a result of the eruption of Weh Island (121 km2), Rubiah Island (0,357 km2), Seulako Island (0.055 km2), Klah Island (0.186 km2), and the Island Rondo (0.650 km2).

At the time of the Dutch East Indies government, the Sabang pier has become an important port as coal base for the Royal Netherlands Navy which later developed into trade in goods traffic.

Rubiah Sea Garden

Indonesian government in 2000 set Sabang Free Trade Zone and Free Port, shadow Companions TravelEsia with such determination that I will find the city busy with freight traffic and the midday time jasa.ketika came here to stop people's activities, they will rest until maghrib . Just enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty presented in every corner of the island.

Pulau RubiahPreviously, Rubiah Island is an island used as a transit for prospective pilgrims from Aceh who want to sail to mecca in the heyday of the Kingdom of Aceh.

During World War II, then, the island is a stronghold of the Dutch and the Japanese, and to this day the Dutch army's defense collapsed buildings were still seen in the Heritage Only There.One Such Seen At The Beach And Some Anoi Itam Warship That Has Become Home To Coral Reef and fish - fish point in Various Color colorful Throughout Diving Sabang Island

Why I Should That's where?

Pulau RubiahRubiah Island known as a paradise island marine park because of its shape like a giant aquarium. In it there are many types of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams, and many more.

Coral reef here consists of various types, shapes and colors that make interesting reef. To go to this area, can travel a road or waters using fishing boats.

If using a boat, you can ride a boat that has been provided (leased) by the citizens setempat.Pulau is perfect for travelers who have a hobby of snorkeling, diving or walking around with a glass boat (glass bottom boat) because in this island there are many different types of coral reefs a very colorful and assorted shapes.

Surely the rocks that form a very interesting group of these would spoil the eyes of lovers of nautical tourism. Not only coral reef marine park adorn this, various types of tropical fish like gigantic clams, angel fish, school of parrot fish, lion fish and many others add exotic underwater garden here.

Pulau RubiahRubiah Marine Park or Rubiah Sea Garden has an area of ​​approximately 2,600 hectares and smuanya beautiful here. The most beautiful marine life here is. The fish are big and colorful ready to tempt you with all its beauty.

Here the fish life colorful and interesting as the tiger fish or parrot fish. Great shape and color that attract divers make myself forget. Not to mention if diving deeper, will find a lot of fish such as manta rays, sharks, turtles and others.

For visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater park is no need to bother bringing their own equipment because the island has provided facilities for snorkeling gear rental. The price is quite affordable, which is about Rp 40,000 per person per day. Or can also rent a boat at a cost of Rp 150,000, - for a few hours. When it comes to the group can rent a boat (glass bottom boat) and costs Rp 300,000, - one way. This boat can accommodate 10-12 passengers.

In addition to local and international tourist destination, Rubiah Island was also used as a place to study marine life such as coral reefs and reef fish. Of the 15 species of marine life are protected by the Indonesian government, of which there are 14 marine life in this Rubiah Island Marine Park. It's a very inappropriate place to visit especially for tourists who have a hobby of diving. So, immediately put Rubiah Island in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam on your next trip list. Happy trip and always save our earth.

How Do I get there?

Pulau RubiahTravelers who want to Rubiah Island can use the route from Banda Aceh to Sabang Island by using the ferry or speedboat.

The travel time from Banda Aceh to Sabang Island using the ferry will take about 90 minutes with ticket prices ranging from Rp. 30,000 per person each way. While using the speedboat will be a little faster, which is about 45 minutes by rental fees ranging from Rp. 50,000 per person each way. Upon arriving on the island of Sabang, the tourists went on a trip to the island by boat Rubiah takes about 30 minutes.

Pulau Rubiahto enjoy the beauty of the island of Sabang, there are some deals if you do not rent a car then you are required to ride the official transportation of the car Organda L-300. Can be in between to Sabang town for Rp. 15.000 - Rp. 20,000 or with a negotiable price for escorted up to the inn.

Rate per person range from the harbor to the beach wells Balohan Three Rp. 25.000 - Rp. 30,000, up the coast of Port Balohan Gapang 40,000 - RP. 45,000, Port Balohan until Iboih Rp. 50,000

Sabang Island actually has an airport named Maimun Saleh, but the airport is only used for military purposes. To reach the island of Pulau Weh Sabang or you can wade through Ulee Lheue (Aceh) to the Port Balohan (Sabang).
  • Airport taxi fare Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport - Ulee Lheu: Rp. 100,000
  •  Labi-labi charter rates from the bus terminal - Ulee Lheu: Rp. 60,000
  •  Taxi fare Ulee Lheu - Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport (if you want a city tour, 1-2 hours): Rp. 150,000 - Rp. 200.000, -

How In The accommodations?

Penginapan Di Pulau SabangAlthough the facility has available rental dive gear, but still very minimal Rubiah Island other facilities such as the facility to stay, gazebo for rest, etc.. On this island there is only a small food stalls that only open in the morning until late at night alone.

One could even say this island is still inhabited, so completely unspoiled. Though uninhabited, but the beauty of this island, especially the beauty of the underwater park has many inviting tourists both domestic and foreign tourists to come here.

Around Rubiah Island Marine Park there are many cottage / lodge with a very low cost, ranging from 80 thousand dollars to 150 thousand dollars. You will get a discount if you stay longer. Foreign tourists generally stay mininal one week to 2 months.

When should I get there?

Best time to visit is April Sabang Island By August, The Clear Water Conditions Weather Conditions As well as a friendly and wave influence Peyebrangan Or Transportation Of And Will Towards Sabang.Pada Island In April As of August sea water condition in a very good condition for you use snorklink and dive there

Travel locations Anything Can I Visit There?

Peta Pulau SabangTo get around Sabang Pulau Weh or you can rent a car or motorcycle that adventure easier.

Touring by bicycle or motorcycle will be an exciting and memorable sensation.

Sabang is a municipality of Pulau Weh that can be explored within 1-2 days. 

If you wish to visit some interesting places are still undeniably the beach then visit also the following beaches.

Gapang beaches: Sabang Road - 21 KM Iboih
Love the beach: Jl.Hasanudin,
Teupin beach Layeu: Iboih Village Km 23
Ujung Kareung: Meulee Ie Village, Pulau Weh

Know Before You Go

  • To rent a vehicle such as a motorcycle, bicycle, or car then you can find at the lodge or from the Port Balohan.
  • Given the gas station in Pulau Weh is not much then make sure you regularly check the availability of local residents call it petrol or oil. At the roadside fuel sellers are usually available at any time if you need emergency.
  • Sabang as well as other areas in the province of Aceh to implement Islamic Sharia law here, although somewhat less restrictive because many foreign tourists.
  • The food at Sabang certainly lawful types including non-alcoholic beverages. In certain places and alcoholic beverages can be found exclusively for foreign tourists.
  • It is wise if you always provide safe water to drink in a portable package.
  • Protective cream or sunscreen should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot while the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Wear shoes or sandals when walking the streets of coastal beaches to avoid sea urchins are sometimes unpredictable trampled.
  • Make sure you bring equipment for maritime activity in disni nonetheless available equipment can be hired. It will also greatly help to reduce the expenditure of money on location.
  • Arm yourself with food. Ranging from snacks for trips up a lot of mineral water. A little difficult to find the stalls on the beach mekaki
  • Each visitor is forbidden to interfere with, damage, take, or hunting flora, fauna and ecosystems.
  • Due to the minimal lighting without electricity, do not forget to bring a flashlight. Also bring personal medicines including antiseptic. Because clean water is rather difficult, to bring also antiseptic hand gel and wet wipes.
  • For the camera, you should take an underwater camera and telephoto cameras to capture dolphins. Bring waterproof plastic to put things in order not to get wet. Repellents also do not harm brought. As well as moisturizing sunscreen.
So how Companions TravelEsia Are you interested in the Visiting Paradise of Coral Reef In Western Indonesia.If Friends TravelEsia Visiting Banda Aceh Province Make a Rubiah Island , Sumur Tiga Beach ,Beras Island , Aceh Tsunami Museum , Mount Leuser , Laut Tawar Lake As  Your Travel Destinations .Lets We Support IndonesianFor World Travel Destinations

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