Adonara Island : In the Land of Hidden Paradise Flores

Adonara Island - Adonara Island - Friend TravelEsia Opportunity This time In TravelEsia Will Introduce You To The Potential And There Natural Resources East Nusa Tenggara Province, Hearing Name Adonara possible to very foreign to us, because this island in the east of the island of Flores and entry in East Flores regency. Many people who have never heard the name of this island.

Adonara Island

Administratively, including the district of East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Adonara Island is one of the two main islands in the archipelago in the district of East Flores.

Adonara Island formerly was a kingdom that was established in the year was not only 1650.Exoticm beach owned Bali or the island. In East Nusa Tenggara, there are many locations that store a million pesona.Beach Neren Watotena still fairly virgin because it is located quite far from the city of Kupang. Seductive charm blue sea plus unique rock formations make this beach so exotic.

In general, people in Adonara Island farming. because the conditions here are geografisnya.pertanian dryland agriculture. The main result of this farm is .corn, potato or cassava and plantation crops like coconut, tobacco, vanilla, chocolate and clove.

Tourism Adonara Island undeveloped and unexploited. But on the one hand, this is a blessing for a trip to the store you want to enjoy nature is really still natural.Tourism Adonara Island nature has to offer in quite diverse, ranging from the mountains to the coast there. Adonara Island, has many beaches and have not even given a clear name and have not taken care of like a tourist spot.

Why I Should That's where?

Happy to walk down the beach? You will be pampered with white sand that stretches up to seven kilometers. It's God's creation loss if not enjoyed. But unfortunately, Neren Watotena difficult to reach from the city center. Watotena in terms of language means batukapal, this beach is located in the East Adonara Island coastline, with its white sand beach is filled with large rocks like a ship. This beach currently managed by Indigenous Waiwerang.

Many tourists who come to Adonara Island as additional tour while following Semana Santa event at Easter in Larantuka. There is also a transit traveler before going to the whaling village on Lembata. With a little effort into the forest and rocky roads, we are not going to regret it because the white sand beaches Adonara Island ready to welcome you

Because the island is not too large, we can enjoy the many beaches within a short time. However, it is not advisable for snorkeling or diving here. This prohibition exists because the existing offshore locations in the island of Flores and Lembata, often there are eddies and swift undercurrent.

Not only that, Adonara Island is a beautiful island consists of beautiful villages and prosperous. tourist attractions or recreation area is very beautiful, clean, comfortable and organized by traditional-coast in the south Adonara Island it be domestic travelers choice while enjoying the roar of the sea traffic in the form of motor ships carrying passengers from Larantuka

Fishing vessels and small boats up and down looking for fish in the narrow strait between Lembata and Adonara Island Adding Beautiful in Adonara

Adonara Island feels so wonderful when dusk when the sun slowly toward dusk. Coastal winds slammed coconut leaves are along the coast, making palm as if waving.

How Do I get there?

To be able to get to the Adonara Island, we must first transit in Kupang or Maumere. If time be one consideration, you can directly use the airlines to travel Transnusa or Susi Air aircraft that flew directly from Larantuka to Kupang, capital of East Flores Regency.

However, if your time is more flexible and want to enjoy the natural scenery is famous as the island of Flores Flowers, be boarding a plane to Maumere. Maumere-Larantuka trip takes about 4 hours.

Along the way, you will be presented with the natural beauty of the typical Si Flower Island. Where the road is winding stretch combined with yellowish green hills. Larantuka, you can continue the journey by boat to Waiwerang which became the largest city in Adonara Island.

Levy entrance fee is IDR. 2000, - per bike. Sundays are usually filled visited this beach, because it if you want to "date" with the white sand and the sound of the waves just come on weekdays, this beach will be deserted and increasingly breathtaking beauty.

How In The accommodations?

Do not expect any entrance decent place with many tourist facilities, such as food and beverages. All we have to prepare yourself. Road infrastructure in this location is also quite good, though not covering all daerahnya.Pilihan Homestay At Home Residents Is the Best Choice

When should I get there?

The best time to visit Adonara Island May to August

Know Before You Go

  •  Adonara IslandIt is wise if you always provide safe water to drink in a portable package.
  • Protective cream or sunscreen should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot while the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Wear shoes or sandals when walking the streets of coastal beaches to avoid sea urchins are sometimes unpredictable trampled.
  • Make sure you bring equipment for maritime activity in disni nonetheless available equipment can be hired. It will also greatly help to reduce the expenditure of money on location.
  • Arm yourself with food. Ranging from snacks for trips up a lot of mineral water.
So how TravelEsia Are you interested Companion To Visiting Hidden Heaven On Earth Flores.If you pay a visit to East Nusa Tenggara, have an opportunity Adonara Island For Visiting as a Your tourist destination.Lets We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations