Lorentz National Park : Heaven Biodiversity in Papua

Lorentz National Park - Lorentz National Park - Earth Papua Always Just Being Favorite Travel Destinations in parts of Indonesia once east part .Many Tourist Places in West Papua which can be an alternative destination. Its natural beauty is often overlooked because of its location in the eastern region of Indonesia. However, make no mistake, just because of its beauty captivate the tourists, including foreign tourists.

Lorentz National Park

Nature tourism in Papua and West are very diverse, but the best known is the beach tourism andMaritime there. Various beach with a very exotic atmosphere is a mainstay of the region. Even the tourists were willing foreign countries all the way there to enjoy the natural attractions that exist only in West Papua.One Of Them and Raja Ampat Islands And Misool Island

Lorentz National Park is located in the province of Papua Province 2 precisely in Jayawijaya, Paniai and Merauke and West Papua in Fak-Fak regency. This area was formerly still a Nature Reserve, only after the issuance of Decree of the Minister of Agriculture in 1978, the area was designated a National Park covering an area of ​​2,150,000 hectares which then expanded again in 1997 to the extent to 2.5056 million hectares.

In 1999, the National Park was designated a world heritage site in Indonesia in addition to Komodo Island National Park and Ujung Kulon National Park. Location of the National Park stretches from the top of the mountain with an altitude of 5,030 meters above sea level Jayawijaya are covered by eternal snow to coastal waters with mangrove forests in the Arafura Sea.

Therefore, it is not wrong if this national park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Lorentz National Park Authority is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. This area is also one of the three regions of the world that have glaciers in the tropics.

Why I Should That's where?

Location of Lorentz National Park that stretches from the summit of Mount Jayawijaya (5.030m asl) snow-covered, until the coastal waters with mangrove forests, making this region has a representative most complete ecosystem for biodiversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In the stretch, there is a spectrum of ecological stunning alpine vegetation of the region, sub-alpine, montane, sub-montane, lowland, and wetlands.

Most of this area is virgin forest has such a variety of natural beauty. Ranging from mangrove and nipa palm forests are located in coastal areas, to the virgin forest ecosystems in the zone of sub-alpine and alpine. Mangroves and palm, which is located on the south side

Lorentz National Park has mangrove roots neatly arranged above sea level. These roots, as a decoration surrounding seaside Lorentz National Park. Meanwhile, the western, eastern, and north, filled with lush trees, interspersed with rivers, both large and small.

This river flows, besides being able to decorate the edge of the mountain, also forms a waterfall at some point in the national park. Most of these rivers, flowing into the earth Papua, and forming an underground river.

The diversity of flora in the region, followed by the diversity of fauna as well. Presented, in this area there are about 42 species of mammals, most of which are endangered species, and two of which are new species.

Mammals in the region, among others, tree kangaroos, porcupines irian, water vole, brown wallaby and possum spots. In addition, this region is also home to around 45 species of birds, one of the most famous and rare is paradise.

Meanwhile, it is estimated there are more than 1,000 species of fish, among them the kaloso fish or fish that is popular with the name arwana.Office Lorentz National Park, designated as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO and Natural Heritage

ASEAN by the ASEAN countries In addition to having high biodiversity, another uniqueness of Lorentz National Park is where the glaciers atop Mount Jayawijaya. In Indonesia, there are glaciers like this only in the Lorentz National Park.

Around this same Jayawijaya mountain region, there are three large lakes, namely Lake Larson, Dyscovery Lake, and Lake Hoguyugu. Travelers who visit this park, not only can enjoy the natural beauty, but also can enjoy cultural tourism.

This area, also are home to tribes Nduga, Western Dani, Asmat tribe, tribal Sempan, and Amungme. Culture of people who live in this area has been there since about 30,000 years ago.

How Do I get there?

Lorentz National Park area itself, is administratively covers three districts in the province of Papua, Jayawijaya, Paniai and Merauke. While the western part of this region, is part of the Fak-Fak regency, West Papua Province, Indonesia.

To achieve the Lorentz National Park, visitors can use the pioneering aircraft from Timika city to the northern part of the Lorentz National Park is located in the district of Paniai. Moreover, by using the pioneering aircraft, visitors can also fly to the south, specifically to Merauke.

Of this district, visitors can use the ship through the Port of Sawa Erma, and continued with the path to several locations.

Ticket prices are still to be confirmed. However, for visitors who want visited Lorentz National Park, please contact first Lorentz National Park Authority, to confirm how to visit this park. Lorentz National Park office is located at Jl. Raya Abepura, Kotaraja, PO BOX 1217, Jayapura, West Papua

How In The accommodations?

Lorentz National Park has not provided a variety of accommodation and facilities that support. Tourists visiting the region are advised to bring appropriate camping equipment. In addition, visitors are also advised to make use of the facilities provided by nature for the rest, such as caves, plains, lakes, and so on.

When should I get there?

To enjoy the beauty of the Lorentz National Park is possible throughout the year, but during the rainy season (December to March) What's It's Cold And misty.Even In certain parts you kana find eternal snow peaks like in Jayawijaya

Know Before You Go

Most of this area is a forest untouched by human alias is still natural. A total of 34 types of vegetation located in this area include swamp forests, riverside forests, sago forest, peat forests, coral sand beaches, rain forests, mountains and other forests. Mangrove and nipa plants also adorn most of the south side of this area.
  • Because it is still natural for accommodation, so it is advisable to bring enough supplies such as tents or other equipment. Visitors can use the cave for rest or lowlands.
  • Lorentz National Park is the location away from residential areas, so it is advisable take Map, Handy Talky, which supports GPS and altimeter barometer and compass directions such that you do not get lost in there
  • Nearly 87% of vegetation there is rain forest, lowland forest to high mangrove forests and also have very high rainfall annually, so persipkanlah adequate supplies such as warm clothing, sleaping bed, insect repellent, shoes and of course tracking drugs sufficient for the first penanggulang when things happen that are not in want
  • Absence of ATMs around the Lorentz National Park, So Bring Money Suggested That's enough, so that your trip more interesting
  • Mobile Communications Limited In Lorentz National Park so bring your recommended Handy Talky was useful to monitor the latest information from the National Park Authority Lorentz
So How TravelEsia friend. for Companion TravelEsia who are curious and want to feel the beauty and diversity of the Lorentz National Park do not forget to apply to be honest with your tour guide, because their daily revenue only through the Lorentz National Park .Lets we support Indonesia become a world tourist destination