Karimun Jawa : Islands is Dangerously Beautiful

Karimun Jawa Islands  - Companions TravelEsia.For this occasion TravelEsia Trying to introduce you to the beauty of the Karimun Jawa Islands.TravelEsia that on previous occasions to discuss the beauty of Mount Bromo, Papuma Beach and Village Tourism Candirejo What's In East Java and Central Java.

Karimun Java Island

a cluster of 27 islands that have the type of lowland rain forest ecosystem, seagrass, algae, coastal forests, mangrove forests, and coral reefs.

Crystal clear sea water, cloud blue, white sandy beaches, and underwater biota, it is very tempting. Not surprisingly, his favorite beach Karimun Jawa Islands becomes local and foreign tourists during a visit to Central Java, Semarang in particular to region or java

Why I Should That's where?

Karimun Java language that is derived from kremun which means fuzzy or vague. Given the name because these islands faintly visible from the island of Java caused situated far enough from the island of Java.

Karimun Jawa Islands is a cluster of 27 islands that have the type of lowland rain forest ecosystem, seagrass, algae, coastal forests, mangrove forests, and coral reefs.

Plants that characterized Karimun Jawa National Park namely dewodaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla) contained in the lowland rainforest.

Group of algae that can be found consists of three groups: green algae, brown algae, and red algae. Coastal forest and mangrove forests are characterized by the presence of ketapan (Terminalia cattapa), sea pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), teak sand (Scaerota frustescens), Setigi (Strebus asper), sea hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus), and black mangrove (Rhizophora mucronata).

Coral reef species in the Karimun Jawa National Park is a fringing reef / edge (fringing reef), coral reef barrier (barrier reef) and a few taka (patch reef). Genus species richness reached 51, ​​more than 90 species of hard coral and 242 species of ornamental fish. Two types of biota that protected the roots bahar / black coral (Antiphates spp.) And red coral (Tubipora musica).

Other protected marine life such as goat head (Cassis cornuta), triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), a rock fight (Turbo marmoratus), and 6 types of clams.

Diversity of land animals in the park is not too high compared to aquatic wildlife. Land animals which are common among other deer (Cervus timorensis subspec), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis karimondjawae);

40 species of birds such as green Pergam (Ducula aenea), white-bellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), trocokan / alter the Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier), parakeet (Psittacula alexandri), hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), and edhor snake. White-bellied sea eagle is an endangered species in the world.

How Do I get there?

To reach the island of Karimun Jawa Islands takes about 4 to 6 hours of mainland Java using Motor Ship Fast from Semarang or Jepara harbor Jepara.Di then buy a ticket. Departure at 9 am for economy class with tariff 28,500 including taxes. The trip takes about 6 hours in when the water is calm and 7 hours if the waves. Ferry departs 2 times a week from Jepara. also means that 2 times in a week of Karimun. There is however a fast boat and takes about 2 hours to Karimun with the starting point at the port of Semarang. and charge around 100,000 individuals. This Only schedule speedboats about 2 times a month.

How In The accommodations?

On When Being In Karimun Jawa Islands you can swim with sharks in excess Karimun Jawa Islands.This Is hallmark of this island travel. In fact become a haven for divers (diver). You can do a variety of activities in the crystal clear waters. Swimming, diving (diving), or snorkeling will be fun.

Karimun Jawa Islands main dock is located on the island area of ​​4302.5 hectares, making it the first place to be visited by everyone who came. The island is also the site of most of the people live so that existing facilities are relatively better equipped than the other islands.

Homestay and hotels are more scattered to make most travelers choose this island as their home base, a place to go home and rest after spending the day snorkeling and exploring the small islands of the exotic. Many are not aware that Karimun Island also holds the potential of extraordinary beauty.

Around the island there Kemujan INDONO Panama shipwrecks that sank in 1955, which is the current habitat suitable for reef fish and dive sites (wreck diving). Of a cluster of islands totaling 27 pieces, five of which have inhabited the island of Karimun Island, Kemujan Island, Parang Island, Mosquito Island, and Island Genting.

Karimun Jawa Islands became the central districts within ± 83 km from the city of Jepara (center of wood carving craftsmen are famous in Indonesia).

Although small, this dock looks clean and tidy. A tourist information office stands in the center of the port complex. Tricycles, motorcycles, and pick up some cars are ready to be open to the homestay transportation or lodging. The intimate atmosphere of a small village so pronounced. Row houses flanking the narrow streets. Small smile and friendly hello as residents welcome anyone with a distinctive and homely familiarity.

Rows of green mountains standing firm in the center of the island. A lowland tropical rain forest, the mountains are the habitat of deer, dozens of bird species, long-tailed monkeys, and various other types of animals. Dewadaru tree (Mesua Ferrea L), a typical tree is considered sacred by the Publications locals also grown with the proliferation in the woods. Trekking trails are quite challenging to be the main attraction for those who have an adventurous spirit. Waiting for the sun on top of a hill or down to the shores of the beautiful virgin in the east of the island is well worth a try.

Although not too big, square Publications that are near the sea became the main venue for the citizens beranjangsana, sitting under a tree Walnuts while talking or watching the kids play football and cycling.

Some distance to the west, there is a fishing pier. Sitting relaxed on a boat moored while enjoying the calm sea that stretches in front feels very soothing. When dusk arrived and the sky slowly turned orange, bright rays of the sun began to subside and then go down and disappear behind the horizon, the beauty is difficult to express in words.

At nightfall, square back into the center of people's lives. Various stalls which sell unique culinary Karimunjawa filled by locals and also the tourists. Stopped at a souvenir shop complex alternative to hunting for souvenirs. Various key chains, bracelets and Kalimasada Stigi wood, t-shirts, to salted fish and dried seaweed sold here. Want to try something different? Fishing pier offers an unforgettable experience, sitting on a boat while enjoying a peaceful night and staring at thousands of twinkling stars.

When should I get there?

The best visiting season: April / d in October each year.

How to reach: Semarang-Jepara use the bus for 1.5 hours, Jepara (Port Kartini) towards Karimun Jawa Islands with rising Fery / motor boat with a long journey ± 6 hours, and only one time in a week (Monday). From Semarang (Achmad Yani Airport) to the island Kemujan (Bandar Dewodaru) by airplane, once a week (for a while the flight path is not activated).

Know Before You Go

you can snorkeling, diving here, there is a favorite diving spot in northern areas where there karimunjawa shipwreck there. the beauty of the islands there are also incredible. evening you can walk to the area 'food court' where most of the food served is fresh seafood.

Some locations / attractions to be visited:

Small Menjangan Island, Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Twins, Parang, Fir and Krakal. Marine tourism such as sailing, surfing, water skiing, swimming, sunbathing on the white sand beach, camping, cultural tours, observation of deer and birds as well as diving / snorkeling. Package tours to visit these islands can contact the travel agency in Semarang / Jepara (tour of one to seven days).

Cultural attractions outside the Park and Lomban Durian Festival in January / March in Jepara.
  • Karimun Java can only be accessed by boat, the first fast boat from Semarang, and KMP Muria from 
  • Jepara, which must be considered is the schedule of each vessel, usually ships will stop one day in the dock Semarang / Jepara,
  • then the next day there at the dock karimunjawa. so find information about keberangakatan schedule as accurate as possible. Do not forget to check the weather conditions for the ship's departure could be delayed due to bad weather.
  • bring more money, because it is not available in karimunjawa ATM or bank, so calculate the cost of round-trip, visiting the sights, souvenirs, and eat, shop and stay .... the amount depends on what kind you take, whether expensive or cheap
Fast ferry departure schedule express Bahari :
84,000 tickets excecutive RP
scheduled departure
senen Jepara Jepara karimun/10.30-karimun 13:00 (pp)
Tuesday Jepara karimun 10:30
Wednesday karimun Jepara 10:30

So How TravelEsia Friend, Are You Interested Been to Karimun Jawa Islands.If trellises Into You For Visiting To Central Of Java Maked Karimun Jawa Islands Your Tourist Destination. Lets We Support Indonesia Becomes The World Travel Destinations

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