Moyo Festival 2014 : Uncovers The Beauty Of The Island Moyo

Moyo Island is a beautiful island located in the north of Sumbawa Besar. The beauty and exoticism of the island has managed to bring Princess Diana to come to this island and to avoid Papparazi. In order to promote and further introduce Moyo Island, Sumbawa Besar regency Government will hold an event called Moyo Island Festival 2014 is a program that was held to make the program successful "Go Sumbawa".

 Moyo Festival 2014
Apart from Lombok and its stunning Gili islands chain, the natural splendor of West Nusa Tenggara Province also lies in the exclusive paradise of Moyo Island. From 27 September to 6 October 2014, the stunning marvels of Moyo Island will be unveiled at the Moyo Festival 2014, which will be centered at the Pahlawan Field in Sumbawa Besar, Moyo Island, in the Sumbawa Regency.

Forming an inseparable  part of the “Go Sumbawa” Campaign to promote tourism to the Sumbawa Regency, the festival will feature a number of exciting programs.

 Among major highlights of the festival are: the  Samawa Cultural Week, Sarembang Ratib, Expo, Maen Jaran (Horse Racing), Mountain Biking, Motorcycle Expedition, diving, Samawa Basarune, and Barapan Kebo (Bull Races similar to East Java’s Karapan Sapi and West Sumatra’s Pacu Jawi). There will also be a number of competitions such as the 10K Run and an ocean  Fishing Competition.

Situated some  three kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa, Moyo Island is an exotic pristine island surrounded by indulging white sandy beaches and unspoilt coral reefs, while  offshore  are green savannas inhabited by all kinds of unique wildlife.

Its sheer beauty and secluded location has made it a favorite exclusive retreat for some of the world’s renowned personalities, the likes of  legendary Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist Mick Jagger, and the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, former wife of Prince Charles,  British heir to the throne,  who stayed at the unique and luxurious boutique hotel here.

The main island of Sumbawa itself is famed for its top class surfing spots and is home to one of the most infamous natural disaster monuments in the world: the active Mount Tambora volcano. This is also an island blessed with the beauty of nature in its rugged terrain and picturesque coastline. The best example of a surfers’ paradise and beautiful coastline can be found at the fascinating Lakey Beach on Sumbawa’s east coast.
Pembukaan Festival Moyo 2014 27 September 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Sarembang Ratib 27 September 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Pawai Budaya 27 September 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Pekan Budaya Samawa 27-30 September dan 6 Oktober 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
MICE / EKSPO UMKM 27 September s.d 6 Oktober 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Maen Jaran (Pacuan Kuda) 27 September s.d 6 Oktober 2014 Arena Pacuan Kuda Angin Laut, Desa Penyaring
Sepeda Gunung / Sepeda Wisata 28 s.d 30 September 2014 P. Sumbawa dan P. Moyo
Barapan Kebo (Karapan Kerbau) 28 s.d 29 Semptember 2014 Kecamatan Moyo Hilir
Diving 2 s.d 3 Oktober 2014 Taman Wisata Laut P. Moyo
Jelajah Wisata Motor 4 Oktober 2014 P. Sumbawa
Fishing Contest 4 s.d 5 Oktober 2014 Tanjung Pengamas Lab. Badas
Lari 10 K 5 Oktober 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Samawa Basarune 6 Oktober 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besar
Penutupan Festival Moto 6 Oktober 2014 Lapangan Pahlawan Sumbawa Besa

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