Rote Island: Paradise on South Boundary Indonesia

Rote Island - From Sabang to Merauke. From Miangas to Rote Island "is actually quoting fragments Speech Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.Pulau Rote standing at the southern limit of the archipelago lies in the line of 11 degrees south latitude. Temperature of hot tropical air, perfect for those who are fond of beach tourism.

Rote Island

Tourism besides known as the southernmost Indonesia also has a specific palm cultivation, musical sasando, custom hats Ti'i langga, also surfing sports, especially nautical tourism. Sasando "is a stringed instrument music without chord (key) is how to play with two hands should be like" Harp ".

Music instrument produces sound combination of three devices at once that harp music, piano and guitar in a rhythem plastic. Music instrument is classified cordophone made ​​of woven palm leaves, bamboo and dark wood taken from the island ndana particular, (a small island near the island of rote) which type of wood is only found on the island and in Borneo. Irregular arrangement of the notes as a tool music in general, because wrapped resonator

Rote Island is a beauty that is difficult to find a counterpart, if only Rote is located near Bali foreign tourist surely be scrambling Visited.Rote Island itself has a population of about 120,000 people. The island is guarded by two bigger islands, the East Sea to the east and the west of Sumba. Rote Island is so far in the adventure map but was very close to when the foot has been grounded in the seaport city Ba'a.

Why should I get there?

Rote Island has been known to surfers as the location is perfect and the challenge to try the roll waves are spectacular. Bo'a beach is one place where the surfers used to follow the international level competition.

Renowned coastal areas, namely Nemberala the scatter point surfers to various surf spots are more challenging. Oriented to the Savu Sea in the western part, he was like a sandy square decorated with lush palm trees stood a long while during the dry season.

Although not surfing as his guests, local communities remain humble and joyful to receive and give greetings and regards to foreign tourists and adventurers.

T-Land located on the west is the island of 1,200 square kilometers and is known as one of the longest waves in Indonesia, which rolled to the left. The perfect beauty with a blend of natural landscape with farmers and fishermen are smiling. Colorful water depth that varies have petals encircling the elusive forest green matching its beauty.

Restaurant or cafe in the resort-resort locations and adventurous surfers accidentally exposed to the open sea. As a green landscape began awe visitors when release compound eyes toward the blue and transparent green. That's because the location is unobstructed, majestic atmosphere as the sun left the horizon over the ocean Savu be so spectacular and inviting admiration.

In front of the fence there is a natural roll of the waves below the sea surface in the form of coral reefs that can hurt when surfers not good at reading time. The length of the roll waves can reach hundreds of meters, this is the most appropriate path for those who are proficient.

On the track there Nemberala little waves moving slowly, ie at Break. High waves in this place three times higher reaches of Indonesia. Favored location Surfers coming proficient in July through September.

For those who like to track the direction of rotation to the left, there are two more that reached by cycling for 30 minutes of Nemberala, namely in Peanuts and Bo'a. Those who dreamed of surfing speed in the N'dau is option number one. Track similar waves provide spectacular water rolls right direction kirijuga.

Go to the Island is the place to be Do'o provider waves roll right direction longest IndonesiaBagi surfing enthusiasts the right direction, then go to Do'o Island, where the provider of the longest waves roll right direction in Indonesia. Only by Boat surfers can ride waves greatness. Unlike other places, on the island of Do'o the surfers go early in the season or at the end, because of the unique geography.

In short, while the other places closed, opened a surf Do'o Island in March and December.

Technically, in fact the southernmost island in Indonesia is N'dana island, but because it did not inhabited, the island of Rote, the parent island, crowned as the most southern island. Here, surfers can enjoy a two-way left and right direction because of its unique position, close to the island of Rote in the north.

When you are on the island of Rote, understand that it is important to know the specific origin of species Rote Island, the turtle neck snakes (snake-necked turtle).

This species is extremely rare and protected specifically remember a handful of its population living alone. Illegal sale of endangered animals that make these endangered species. If there is a bid to have it, shall apply wisely refused manner. Poaching will stop when we criticize the purchase.

If you love to swim and dive then Rote also offers some very elegant underwater.

Although far from the tumult in various cities across the country but Rote Island is not too far behind to availability exclusive tourist facilities.

However, the simplicity and tradition that is grown in the form of custom homes remain visible from the shoreline to upland hills. The similarity between the exclusivity and modesty has relied on building materials that originally came from the grace of nature, that palm tree poles for building materials up to the roof to protect it.

With small islands, mostly uninhabited coral reefs beneath the very beautiful and colorful fish live, including manta rays and sharks dugong.

How Do I get there?

To visit the island of Rote, fly to Kupang on Timor Island. You will land at El Tari airport where next to the Seaport Tenau. When the time is already late then you'll want to stay in Kupang.

From Tenau, you will cross the ocean to Ba'a Rote Island. The journey will be taken for 2 hours by fast ferry or about 4.5 hours by regular ferry.

Arriving at the port Ba'a Rote, you can see the coast was clear and watery mangrove trees adorn the surroundings. There is also a dock with the atmosphere of white sand beach, shops and houses several houses with typical fence made of palm leaf midrib that has dried up.

The road up and down and winding hills leads you enjoy a wide expanse with animals wild.From Ba'a take the public transportation with a 2 hour drive to arrive in the village Nemberala.

How In The accommodations?

Some of the best places that you can make a stopover to enjoy the splendor of nature or even to enjoy the beauty of Beach.The Resorts The place is so riveting and constructed on top of a hill looking toward the open sea. Resort is available for divers, surfers, and also adventurers who understand the meaning of exclusivity in the wild.

It's Not Just For you fans of sport fishing, as well as adventurous. The bungalows are like custom homes built with wood shades including restaurant manuscripts are deliberately designed to glue relations adventurous guests.

One of  Them is home to surfers. With materials from palm trees, building walls and wood spring is made into two separate houses that can accommodate 10 people surfers.

The restaurant provided a very nuanced nature ocean adventurers.

When should I get there?

Visit Best Time To Visit Rote Island from May to October.roller is provided nature.who dream of speed in surfing the Month Such is the best choice. Track similar waves provide spectacular water rolls from the right and left as well.

Know Before You Go

  • Very wise if you always provide water to drink in a portable package.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock should always be carried and used as needed in this area because it is very hot when the wind blows quite refreshing.
  • You should also carry protective anti mosquito.
  • Rote traditional musical instruments such as the regions of East Nusa Tenggara in general is sasando. This instrument is made from palm trees, especially the leaves and often played in the annual festival HUS
  • If you want to venture into the interior, it is wise if you use the services of a tour of the hotel or place to stay. Provide enough money because in this place where ATM is quite rare.
  • Rote traditional musical instruments such as the regions of East Nusa Tenggara in general is sasando. This instrument is made from palm trees, especially the leaves and often played in the annual festival HUS. Players sasando selalunya also wearing traditional hats from palm leaves.
  • As part of the Nusa Tenggara islands, Rote island into one of the ikat fabric with good quality. Look at the variety of motifs and designs are stunning.
  • Sugar palm trees sold to date from ancient times by the locals. That said, Bajo sailors often stopped to buy palm sugar Rote
  • Although large in size, various souvenirs from the many palm trees are provided on the island. Ember gin makers, namely arrack Rote of papyrus, made of dried palm leaves outstanding waterproof

So how Friend TravelEsia Are you interested Heaven For Visiting Southern Boundary of your visit to Indonesia.If You Visit To East Nusa Tenggara .Make  Rote Island, Kanawa Island as a tourist destination .Lets A We Support Indonesia To Become The World Travel Destinations

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